Craven County, North Carolina
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Craven  County

Population in 1860........16,268
County Seat........New Berne
Population of New Berne in 1860.....5,432

County Officers

Attorney, C.C. Clark
Clerk County Court, Wm. G. Bryan
Clerk Superior Court, Wm. G. Brinson
Chairman County Court, John D. Flanner
Clerk and Master in Equity, F.C. Roberts
Coroner, H.P. Whitehurst
Register, Rayner Brookfield
Sheriff, R. Flamming
Surveyor, W.H. Marshall and J.J. Brabble
Standard Keeper, ----------
Trustee, -------------

City Officers

Mayor Of New Berne.....Maj. Palmer
Commissioners, E.R. Stanly, B. Jacobs,  E. Hubbs, A.S. Seymore, Samuel Radcliff, A.H. Foster, H.J. Menninger
City Clerk, I. Edwin West
Post Physician, R. S. Primrose

Schools in New Berne
New Bern Academy, W.B. Gorden
Select Female School, A.D. Cohen
Female School, Miss L. Custis
Infant School, Miss Howard
German and English School mixed, Mr. Freeman
Male School, Metcalf St., Gordan & Forbs
Infant School, New St., Miss Su. Stanly
Female School, Muddy St., Miss Nannie Gibbs
Griffin School, Miss Hannah Harrison, (Endowed by Mr. Griffin)

Churches and Pastors in  New Berne
New Berne Station, Meth., R.A. Willis
Andrew Chapel (col.) Meth., Hancock St., E. Levender
New Berne, pres., C. Vass
Middle, St., Bap., A.D. Cohen
New Berne, (col), bap., ________
New Berne, Cong., Mr. Edridge
New Bern (col), Cong., Middle Street, ______
Christ Church, Epis., Pollock St., Mr. Forbs
Queen Street, (col.) epis., Mr. Gorden
Catholic Church, H. Northrop
Broad Creek, Free, near New Berne
Jackson, Meth., Jackson, J.B. Bailey
Smith Creek, Meth., Jackson, J.B. Bailey
South River, Meth., Wm. M. Jordan
Adam’s Creek, Meth., Wm. M. Jordan
Core Creek, Meth., J.B. Bailey

Hotels and Boarding Houses in New Berne
Gaston House, South Front St., W.P. Moore
Atlantic House, Middle St., J. Beal
Farmer’s Home, Market Wharf, J. Gardner
Boarding House, E. Front St.,  Mrs. Evans
Boarding House, Pollok St.,  Mrs. Caraway
Boarding House, Broad St., Mrs. Tucker
Boarding House, Broad St., J. Osgood
Restaurant, Middle St., J.O. Carmer
Restaurant, Middle St., J. Ulrich

Lawyers in New Berne
Bryan, H.R., Craven Street
Carpenter, ____, Broad Street
Clark, C.C. Pollok Street
Hughes, John, Broad Street
Haughton, J., Court House Building
Mentz, M.E., Court House Building
Justice, Alex, Craven Street
Lehman, R.H., Broad Street
Roberts, F.C., Pollok Street
Seymore, A.S., Broad Street
Washington, John H., C.H. Building

Sash and Blind Factory, Hancock Street, New Berne, Geo. Bishop

Merchants in New Berne
Amyett, J.E. variety & groceries, S. Front St.
Ashe (J.) & Co., Dry Goods, Middle St.
Augustine, J.M., confectioner, Pollok St.
Berry, R., Drugs, Craven St.
Baer & Eppler, Dry Goods, Pollok St.
Blagg, S., Grocer, Brick row, Craven St.
Bell, J.A., Grocer, Middle St.
Baer & Eppler, auction rooms, Middle St.
Berry, R.T., Grocer, Broad St.
Boesser, F., Grocer, Broad St.
Baer, L., Livery Stables, Broad St.
Baxter, J.W., Grocer, Middle St.
Clark & Co., Varieties, Middle St.
Cleves, E., Grocer, Middle St.
Duffy, R.M., Drugs, Middle St.
Emauel (H. & B.) Dry Goods, Pollok St.
Ellis (G.W.) & Bro., Grocer, Middle St.
Fulford, S.F., Grocer, Craven St.
Guion (j.A.) & Co., Bankers, Middle St.
Hutchinson, J., Insurance agent, Middle St.
Hellen & Williams, Grocer, Court House Building
Hudleston, J.H., Grocer, Broad St.
Hubbs & Bro., Grocer, Middle St.
Heaton, David, Pres. Nat. B’k, Pollok St.
Holland & Dickerson, Grocer, Middle St.
Henderson T., varieties, S. Front St.
Havens & Latham, Grocers, S. Front St.
Hall & West Books, Pollok St.
Hart & Lewis, hardware & farming implements, Middle St.
Jones, (H.W.) & Co., Dry Goods, Craven St.
Jones, (S.T.) & Co., Bankers, Cor. Middle S. Front St
Lorch & Bro’s, Grocers, Broad St.
McLean & Co., Dry Goods, Court House Building
Marks O., Dry Goods, Pollok St.
Mitchell, Allen & Co., Hardware & farming implements, Pollok St.
Mirvin (P) & Co., Wholesale Grocers, S. Front St.
Morehead (J.R.) & Co., Grainery & commission, S. Front St.
McCoy, F., Grocer, Broad St.
Mowers, F., livery stables, Middle St.
Nelson, (C.A.) & Co., Furniture, Middle St.
Nash, J.E., Books, Pollok St.
Near, A., confectioner, Pollok St.
Oliver, (W.H.) & Co., Com & shipping, Craven St.
Orr, C.,  Auction rooms,  Middle St.
Primrose, (R.S.) & Co., Drugs, Pollok St.
Pearce, W.C., Grocer, S. Front St.
Powers, T., Wholesale liquor, S. Front St.
Rountree, R.H., Banker, S. Front St.
Rossiter, J., Grocer & Cotton dealer, Craven St.
Romaine, H., Bar Room, Middle St.
Rixford, C., Grocer, Middle St.
Shlachter, ___, Grocer, Pollok St.
Styron & Ball, variety, Middle St.
Taylor, R.N., Grocer & Commission, Cor. Craven and S. Front St.
Webb, Louis, Grocer, Broad St.
Wolcot & Tinker, variety, Middle St.
Whitford, N., variety, S. Front St.
Williams, Thomas, variety & grocer, S. Front St.
Weinstein & Bro., dry goods, Pollok St.
Watkins, J., Drugs, Pollok St.
Walker, Farrar & Co., Tobac’ist, Craven St.

Vass, C., Pres., New Berne
Forbes, epis., New Berne
Gordon, Wm., epis, New Berne
Northrop, Henry, Catholic, New Berne
Ellsworth, _____, cong., New Berne
Cohen, A.D., Bap., New Berne
Willis, R.A., Meth., New Berne
Brinn, Joshua, Meth., (local), New Berne
Suydam, James A., Meth., (local) New Berne
Bailey, J.B., Meth., New Berne
Wilson, Ed. A., Meth., (local), Jackson
Levender, E., Meth., (col), New Berne

Mills and Mill Owners
Steam Grist, New Berne, Geo. Bishop
Water Grist, Long Creek, W.P. Stanton
Steam Saw, South River, Wright & Co.,
Grist, New Berne, Radcliff
Grist, New Berne, Howard & Co.
Steam Saw, Bay River, Dean & Co.
Water Grist, Bay River, F. Miller
Water Grist & Saw, Core Creek, J. Barrington
Steam Grist & Saw, Tuscarora, J. Bryan
Grist, Trent, J.L. Rhem
Water Grist, Swift Creek, Jackson & Co.
Steam Saw & Grist, N. Side Neuse, Edwards & Dixon

Physicians in New Berne
Duffy, Walter, Middle Street
Hughes, Isaac W., Middle Street
Hughes, Jas. B., Broad Street
Flemming, J.K., Pollok Street
Primrose, Robert S., Craven Street
Rice, P.B., Pollok Street
Smallwood, E., Craven Street
Watson, Ephraim, Pollok Street

Post Offices & Post Masters
New Berne, G.W. Nason
Swift Creek, W.H. Ellison

(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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