Cumberland County, North Carolina
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Cumberland County

Population in 1860........16,369
County Seat........Fayetteville

County Officers

Attorney, French Strange
Clerk County Court, ___________
Clerk Superior Court, Neill W. Ray
Chairman County Court, David McNeill
Clerk and Master in Equity, James c. McRae
Coroner, ________
Register, A.M. Campbell
Sheriff, Robert W. Hardie
Surveyor, Duncan McCormick and Jno. B. Dowing
Standard Keeper, _______
Trustee, James D. Natt

Town Officers

Mayor and Commissioners appointed by Gen. Sickles, in place of those elected by the people, removed.
Mayor, James R. Lee
Commissioners, E.L. Pemberton, M.A. Baker, Jno. W. Lett, Wm. H. Tomlinson, J.W. Welsh, W.H. Porter, Jno. W. Hopkins
Town Clerk, A.M. Campbell
Auctioneers, Jno. N. Cook, A.M. Camppell, D.G. McRae
Post Master, G. Lander, Clerk, Jas. B. Smith

Colleges and Schools
Donaldson Academy, Fayetteville, R.H. Brown, Principal
Female High School, Fayetteville, Mrs. McNeill and Miss Ellison
Private School, Fayetteville, Maj. W.A. Banks
Private School, Fayetteville, T.J. Robinson


No. Ca. Presbyterian, Rev. J.M. Sherwood, Editor
Fayetteville News, H.L. & J.H. Myrover, Editors

Churches and Pastors
St. John’s, Epis, Jos. C. Huske
Presbyterian, J.M. Sherwood: (Resigned, Jan. 1, 1868)
Baptist, Jas McDonald
Methodist, T.W. Guthrie
Catholic, _________
African, J.W. Hood, (col.)

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Fayetteville Hotel, Fayetteville, Reuben Jones
Exchange Hotel, Fayetteville, J.B. Underwood
Jackson Hotel, Fayetteville, Mrs. Johnson
Boarding House, Mrs. McNeill, Hay St., Fayetteville
Boarding House, Mrs. Waddell, Dick St. Fayetteville

Lawyers in Fayetteville
Hon. R.P. Buxton, Judge Sup. Court, Fayetteville
Wm. B. Wright, Fayetteville
Hon. J.G. Shepherd, Fayetteville
Hon. T.C. Fuller, Fayetteville
Bart. Fuller, Fayetteville
Wm. H. Haigh, Fayetteville
Wm. M.L. McKay, Fayetteville
M.J. McDuffie, Fayetteville
Jno. W. Baker, Fayetteville
James C. Dobbin, Fayetteville
Jno. W. Hinsdale, Fayetteville
French Strange, Fayetteville
Jas. C. McRae, Fayetteville
Wm. J. Anderson, Fayetteville
George M. Rose, Fayetteville
Neill W. Ray, Fayetteville

Cotton Factories
Enterprize Man. Co., Geo. Brandt, President, Fayetteville
Beaver Creek Man. Co., Jno. Shaw, President, Fayetteville
Little River Man. Co., Duncan Merchison, Manchester

Owners Turpentine Distilleries
J. & N.A. Cameron, Fayetteville
T.C. Lutterloh, Fayetteville
J.D. Williams & Co. , Fayetteville
A.H. Slocumb, Fayetteville
W.A. Mann, Fayetteville
W.T. Rhodes, Fayetteville
A.G. Thornton, Fayetteville
J.S. Griffith, Fayetteville

In the County
D.H. Ray
McDaniel & Bullard
K.J. Bradly
J.C. Blocker
Duncan Shaw.
Cameron & Smith
Currie & Co.
Huskee & McDuffie
McDiarmid & McPherson
Jos. D. McArthur

Merchants in Fayetteville
Baker, Jno. W., furniture dealer
Banks, Mrs. M., Toys and Confectionary
Beasley, A. Houston, Jeweler
Boon Sampson, Grocer
Brandt (S.) & Co., Dry goods
Brandt, Henry, Dry goods
Cohen, N.H., dry goods &c.
Culbreth, J., Grocer
Cavan, A.R., crockery & glass ware
Dangerfield, J.E.P., Grocer
Davis, I.B., tinner and Stove dealer
Dodd, Isaac, dry goods
Dye, Mrs. M.E., Milliner
Faulks, M., Grocer
Fishblate (S.H.) & co., dry goods
Faulks, I.F., Dry Goods
Gilchrist & Bro., dry goods
Glover, Edum, Jeweller
Gorham, B.C., Grocer
Haigh (Chas. T.) & Son, Grocer
Haigh, Charles, Grocer
Harris, James, Grocer
Hawley, J.T. & Son, Boots and Shoes
Heide, R.E., Variety Store
Hinsdale, S.J., Druggist
Hollingsworth, Joseph, Grocer
Horne, H.W., Druggist
Hale (E.J.) & Son, Booksellers and Stationers
Jordan, W.H., Grocer
Kyle (J.K.) & Co., Dry Goods
Lander, George, Marble Dealer
Lee, Jas. R., Dry Goods
Lilly, E.J., Wholesale dry goods dealer
Lutterloh, T.J. Grocer
Lett, J.W., dry goods and groceries
Martine, Theodore, Tinware & Stove de’ler
Mathews, W.G., Grocer
Mitchell, Robert, Grocer
Moore, A., Grocer
Moore, E.F., Grocer
McDonald, H. & D.M., Grocer
McKethan, A.A. & Sons, Carriage Manufacturers
McKennen, Murdock, Grocer
McMillen, Hector, Dry Goods
McMillen, W.B., Grocer
McRunman & Page, Grocer and Turpentine Dealer
McKethan & Johnson, Com. Merchants
Orrell, R.M., Grocer & Proprietor, steamers Haleyon and R.M. Orrell
Otterbourg, Joseph, Dry Goods &c.
Otterbourg, Mrs. Jacob, Dry goods &c.
Overby, Wm., Saddles and harness
Pemberton, E.L., Grocer
Powers, E.P.P. & Co., Grocer
Prior, Warren, Jeweller
Ray & Pearce, Grocers
Rhodes, W.T., Grocers
Smith, W.D. & Co., Grocers & com. Mer.
Smith, Jas. N., Druggist
Steel, A.W., Grocer
Strange, Jas.W. Grocer
Shaw, John, Grocer
Taylor, P., Dry goods and groceries
Thompson, J.C., Boots, Shoes and Hats
Thompson, George A., Grocer
Thornton, F.W., Fancy Dry Goods
Thornton, R.W., Dry goods
Troy, W.C., Grocer
Utley, Joseph, Grocer & Com. Merch
Vaun, Jas. M. Grocer
Williams, Jno. D. & Co., Grocer & com. Merchant
Williams, Jas. M., Dry goods and groceries
Woodward, A.J., clothing
Worth, Jas.A., Commission merchant & a’gt Cape Fear Steam Boat co.,
Whitehead, W.A. & co., family grocers
Weil & Oettenger, Dry goods
Williams, J.C., Jr., Grocer
Warden, Wm., Grocer
Wiley, P.A. & Co., Bankers

Fayetteville Mutual Ins. Company
David A. Ray, President
C.A. McMillen, Secretary
Hon. J.G. Shepherd, Attorney

Fayetteville Gas Light Company
Arch. McLean, president
W.N. Tillinghast, Sec &  Treasurer

Steam Boat Plying Between Fayetteville and Wilmington
Cape Fear Steam Boat Line, J.A. Worth, Ag’t
Gov. Worth, Capt. A.P. Hurt.
A.P. Hurt, Capt. Sam’l W. Skinner
Steamer No. Carolina Capt. Gree, T.J. Lutterloh, Owner
Steamers R.M. Orrell, Capt. Dailey and Haleyon, Capt. Orrell, Orell’s Line, A.M. Orrell, Owner
Steamer Marion, Capt. Phillips, J.W. & C.P. Mallett, owners

Clarenton Bridge company
A.A. McKethan, President

J.M. Sherwood, Editor N.C. Presbyterian, Fayetteville
David Finly, Pres. Manchester
D.D. McBryde, pres., Cumberland Co.
H.G. Hill, pres., Fayetteville
Jos. C. Huske, pastor Episcopal Church, Fayetteville
Jas. McDaniel, Bap., Fayetteville
Jno. M. Beasley, Bap., Cumberland co.,
T.W. Guthrie, Meth., Fayetteville
Geo. C. Bynum, Meth., Cumberland Cir’t
John d. Buie, Meth., (local) Fayetteville
Love Culbreth, Meth., (local), blockers

B.W. Robinson
Thos. D. Haigh
James A. McRae
H.A. McSwain
K.A. Black
W.C. McDuffie
Theodore Martine
Jno. W. Sandford

(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)



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