Duplin County, North Carolina

Branson's North Carolina Business Directory


Duplin County

Population in 1860........15,784
County Seat........Kenansville

County Officers

Attorney, John D. Standford
Clerk County Court, Walter R. Bell
Clerk Superior Court, Alsa J. Brown
Chairman County Court, Jere Pearsal
Clerk and Master in Equity, Jere Pearsal
Coroner, James F. Shine
Register, James M. Sprunt
Sheriff, John W. Hinson
Surveyor, __________
Standard Keeper, ________
Trustee, John W. Hinson


Schools and Principals
Grove Academy, near Kenansville, ___________
Warsaw High School, Warsaw, I. Royale
Female Seminary, Kenansville, S.W. Clements
Webster’s School, Kenansville, N.B. Webster

Churches and Pastors
Carlton Chapel, meth., _________, B.B. Culbreth
Friendship, meth., _______, B.B. Culbreth
Kenansville, meth., Kenansville, B.B. Culbreth
Magnolia, meth., Magnolia, B.B. Culbreth
Wesley’s Chapel, meth., _____, B.B. Culbreth
Beaver Dam, bap., _____, Alfred Greg
Bearmarsh, bap., _____, J.W. Stallings
Chinquepin, bap., _____, G.S. Best
Concord, bap., _____, W.M. Kennedy
Flaggy Bottom, bap., J.R. Oliver
Hallsville, bap., _____, ______
Island Creek, bap., ______, G.S. Best
Johnston’s bap., _____, G.S. Best
Kenansville, bap., Kenansville, J.W. Stallings
Holly Hill, freewill bap., _____, Haskill Jones
Grove, presb., _____, J.W. Sprunt
Union, presb., _____J.W. Sprunt
Rockfish, presb., _____, Mr. Black
Mount Zion, presb., _____, Mr. Gibbs

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Duplin Hotel, Kenansville, _____
Magnolia Hotel, Magnolia

Allen, Wm. A., Kenansville
Hupoy, John B., Kenansville
Kenan, Thos. S., Kenansville
Stallings, John N., Kenansville
Standford, John D., Kenansville
Whitehead, W.W., Kenansville

Duplin Manufacturing co, Kenansville, S.A. Newell, Pres.

Bowden, Daniel, Bear Swamp
Brown (Isaac) & Bro., Warsaw
Baker (Jacob) & Co., Magnolia
Bradham, G.W., chinquapin
Boney (G.) & Sons, Duplin Road
Carr, (J.W. & D.T.) Teachey’s Depot
Devane, M.K., Magnolia
Evans & Register, Magnolia
Faison & Hicks, Faison’s Depot
Farrior (S.D.) & Co., Hallsville
Farrior (Wm) & Son, Kenansville
Hinson & Brown, Hallsville
Hinson, (J.W.) & Co., Kenansville
Kelly, Isaac B., Kenansville
Morisey, David G., Warsaw
Merriman & Newberry, Magnolia
McArthur, John A., Kenansville
Rivenbank & Brown, Warsaw
Southerland, R.J., Kenansville

Best, Geo., S., bapt., Kenansville
Guy, Alfred, bapt., Warsaw
Jones, Haskill, bapt., Kenansville
Kornegay, Henry R., bapt., Kenansville
Kennedy, W.M., Bapt., Magnolia
Oliver, John R., bapt., Mt. Olive
Stallings, John N., bapt., Kenansville
Herring, N.W., pres., Kenansville
Sprunt, James M., pres., Kenansville
Culbreth, B.B., meth., Magnolia

Armstrong, N.E., Kenansville
Blount, Jas. W., Warsaw
Cobb, Benj. F., Kenansville
Dickson, Jas. G., Faisons
Devane, M.K., Magnolia
Hill, Calhoun, Kenansville
Hussey, L., Kenansville
Hill, Thomas, Kenansville
Loftin, J.C.M., Kenansville
McGee, J.W., Magnolia
Moore, Nathan, Warsaw

Post Office & Post Masters
Kenansville, Miss Mary A. Watson
Magnolia, Mack Evans
Warsaw, _____ Blanchard
Teacheys, ________
Wallace, _________
Faisons, ______

(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)

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