Franklin County, North Carolina


1840 Pensioners

Names of Pensioners for Revolutionary / Military Services Ages Names of Heads of Families with Whome Pensioners resided Jun. 1, 1840
Bartholomew, John 84 John Bartholomew
Carr, Moses 95 Moses Carr
Coggin, Robert 95 Robert Coggin
Conyers, Ephraim 85 Ephraim Conyers
Davis, Martha 70 Mrs. Martha Davis
Fawn, Elizabeth 78 Elizabeth Fawn
Hicks, Miles 70 Miles Hicks
Jones, William 81 William Jones, S.C.
King, John 102 John King
Leonard, William 79 William Leonard
Patterson, Tillman 79 James Dent
Saunders, William 94 William Saunders
Walker, Green 80 Henry Walker

Source: Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services. Published by authority of an act of Congress under the direction of the secretary of state. 1840


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