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Population in 1860........8,448
County Seat........Gatesville

County Officers
Attorney, John Gatlin
Clerk County Court, Mills H. Eure
Clerk Superior Court, Roswell Cooper
Chairman County Court, A.J. Walton
Clerk and Master in Equity, __________
Coroner, H. Hoffler
Register, Robert Walton
Sheriff, F. Willey
Surveyor, Isaac Williams
Standard Keeper, _________
Trustee, F. Willey

Colleges and Schools
Holly Grove Female, Miss Margaret Parker
Sunsbury male, M. Kellog
Gatesville Male, Mr. Pearce
Hazzlett’s Female, Mrs. Hazzlett
Babb’s Male, Lewis Babb
Hays’ Academy, James Hays
Morriss’ Female, Miss Penny Morriss
Parker’s Male, B. Parker
Middle Swamp, John Williams
Renison Academy, Baptist, ________

Churches and Pastors
Sandy Cross, bap., Sandy Cross, Mr. Knapp
Gatesville, bap., Thomas Babb
Middle Swamp, bap., Bucklin, Mr. Bailey
Piney Grove, bap., Renison, Thos. Babb
Cool Spring,  bap., Gatesville, Thomas Babb
Lasiter’s Chapel, epis, Sunsbury, Mr. Pearce
Gatesville, epis, Gatesville, Mr. Pearce
Jerusalem, prot. Meth., Sunsbury, Ed. Parker
Kittrell’s, meth., near Renison, Mr. Allen
Gatesville, meth., Gatesville, Mr. Allen
Fletcher Chapel, meth., near Gatesville, Mr. Allen
Savage’s, meth., near Renison, Mr. Allen
Philadelphia, meth., Sunsbury, Mr. Allen
Zion, meth., Sunsbury, Mr. Allen

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Brady’s Hotel, Gatesville, John Brady
Southern Hotel, Gatesville, J.B. Dowd

M.L. Eure, Gatesville
John Gatlin, Gatesville

Cross, Jos., Renison
Cross (J.F.) & Co., (S.R. Norfleet) Sunsbury
Eure (M.H.) & Gatlin (R), Lumberton
Green, L. (col), confectioner, Gatesville
Darden, R.M., Holly Grove
Everett, James, Holly Grove
Harrell, (R) & Wilkins (W), Sunsbury
Manning, W.H., Mintonsville
Riddick & Bro., (R. & R.) Gatesville
Russel, E., Sandy Cross
Williams, (H.C. & R.) Cross (Thos) & Co., Merchant Mills
Williams, (R) Harrell (S) & Co. Gatesville

Allen, _____, meth., Gatesville
Jordan Costan, meth., (local), Sunsbury
Harrell, Nat., meth., (local), Gatesville
Parker, Ed., prot meth., Sunsbury
Babb, Thos., bap., Renison
Speight, Henry, bap., Bucklin
Pearce, _____, epis, Gatesville

Mills and Mill Owners
Goodman’s near Holly Grove, B. Goodman’s Estate
Jones’ near Sandy Cross, Dan’l Jones
Jones’, near Lumberton, Wm. Jones
Norfleet’s, near Sunsbury, Norfleet & Cross
Trottman’s, Mintonsville, Trottman & Only.
Walton’s, Mintonsville, A.J. Walton
Williams’, at Merchant Mills, H.C. Williams

Lee, Henry, Renison
Louther, S.J., Sunsbury
Morgan, Henry, Holly Grove
Nixon, _____, Mintonsville
Savage, C.B., Gatesville
Williams, Elisha, Sunsbury

Post Office & Post Masters
Gatesville, Mrs. Zilla Gatlin
Sunsbury, W.T. Cross
Mintonsville, _________
Holly Grove, _____
Bucklin, _____
Renison, _____
(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)



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