Granville County, North Carolina
Branson's North Carolina
Business Directory

Granville County

Population in 1860........23,396
County Seat........Oxford

County Officers

Attorney, James S. Amis
Clerk County Court, A. Landis, sr.
Clerk Superior Court, John C. Russel
Chairman County Court, Lunsford A., Paschall
Clerk and Master in Equity, John W. Hayes
Coroner, John S. Jones and Col. S.S. Royster
Register, L.A. Paschall
Sheriff, Wm. A. Philpott
Surveyor, Rev. S.P.J. Harriss
Standard Keeper, L. Latham
Trustee, Wm. A. Philpott
Town Constable, Wm. Crabtree

Colleges and Schools
Female Academy, Rev., Mr. Hill
Oxford Mathematical & Class’l School, J.H. Horner
Henderson Math. & Classical School, Fred. A. Fetter
Classical School, Williamsboro, W.H. Graves
Male Academy, Tally-Ho, T.J. Horner
Preparatory School, Oxford, Mrs. S.A. Williams
Preparatory School, Oxford, Miss Tillett
School, Oxford, Rev. John L. Carroll
Pleasant Hill Female Academy, Oxford, Mrs. A.F. Cheatham

Churches and Pastors
Banks’ Chapel, meth., near Wilton, _____
Bethel, meth., near Kittrell’s, John Tillett
Bullock’s, meth., near Tally-Ho, John Tillett
Calvary, meth., Knapp of Reeds, John Tillett
Ebenezer, meth., near Oak Hill, John Tillett
Grey Rock, meth., near Kittrell’s, John Tillett
Grove Hill, meth, near Wilton, _____
Henderson, meth., Henderson, Ira T. Wyche
Hermen, meth., 6 miles west Henderson, J. Tillett
Moore’s, meth., near Tally-Ho, J. Tillett
Morrow’s, meth., near Williamsboro, I.T. Wyche
Oxford, meth., Oxford, J. Tillett
Perry’s chapel, meth., Rogers’ Store, J. Tillett
Rock Spring, meth., near Henderson, I.T. Wyche
Salem, meth., 3 miles NE Oxford, J. Tillett
Shady Grove, meth., 4 miles S.W. Oxford, J. Tillett
Tabernacle, meth., Townsville, Ira T. Wyche
St. Bartholomew, epis, Oxford, Maurice Vaughan
St. John’s, epis., Williamsboro, Maurice Vaughan
Holy Innocents, epis, Henderson, _____
Corinth, bap., near Wilton, J.J. Purefoy
Concord, bap., Dutchville, Mr. Lansdale
Brassfields, bap., Wilton, Dr. Wingate
Grove, bap., Mt. Energy, Mr. Lansdale
Grassy Creek, bap., Venable’s, _____
Henderson, bap., Henderson, _____
Hester’s bap., 5 miles N.W. Oxford, Mr. Beacham
Knapp of Reeds, bap., _____, Mr. Atkinson
Mt. Zion, bap., near Berea, _____
Mountain Creek, bap., Oak Hill, Mr. Stradley
Oxford, bap., Oxford, Mr.  Jno. L. Carroll
Poplar Creek, bap., Henderson, Mr. Jno. L. Carroll
Tabb’s Creek, bap., near Oxford, Mr. John L. Carroll
Harriss’ Chapel, prot. Meth., near Williamsboro;, S.P.J. Harriss
Midway, prot. Meth., near Williamsboro, S.P.J. Harriss
Rehobegth, prot. Meth, near Oxford, Mr. Gilbreth
Union Chapel, prot. Meth., near Kittrell’s, Mr. Gilbreth
Henderson, pres., Mr. Hill
Oxford, pres., Mr. Hill
Grassy Creek, pres., Mr. Hill
Shiloh, chris., Mr. Ferrell
Genevah, chris., Mr. Ferrell
Sardis, chris., Oak Hill, Mr. Hines

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Granville House, Oxford, Dr. S.A. Williams
Boarding House, Oxford, Rev. R.P. Hunt
Board House, Oxford, M.E. Washington
Boarding House, Oxford, Dan’l S. Osborne
Hotel, Henderson, J. Sweat
Hotel, Henderson, Mrs. Alley
Boarding House, Henderson, Mr. Smith

Amis, Col. James S. Oxford
Cantwell, Col. Edward, Oxford
Edwards, L.C., Oxford
Hargrove, col. T.L., Oxford
Harriss, Cicero W., Oxford
Harriss, George Badger, Henderson
Hays, John W., Oxford
Lanier, M.V., Oxford
Littlejohn, J.T., Oxford
Lassiter, R.W., Oxford
Rowland, James H., Oxford
Venable, A.W., Oxford
Venable, Maj. T.B., Oxford
Wortham, Col. George, Oxford
Williams, Samuel T., Oxford
Williams, John A., Oxford
Young, W. Hamilton, Henderson

Iron Foundry, Oxford, Jones & Hobgood
Tinnery, Oxford, Amon Cretcher
Cabinet Shop, Oxford, John L. Crabtree
Cabinet Shop, Oxford, Benj. F. Persons
Undertaker, Oxford, Wm. R. Hunter
Tobacco Factory, Henderson, Clark, Yancey & Co.
Tobacco Factory, Oxford, R.H. Kingsbury & Co.
Tobacco Factory, Oxford, Dan’l Osborn
Carriage Factory, Williamsboro, E. Haithcock

Merchants in Oxford
Beasley (W.R.) & Co., Druggist
Cooper & Williams, dry goods and groceries
Cox & Morris, gents furnishing house
Ellington, J.M., liquors and wines
Grandy, Landis & co., dry goods &c.
Herndon (H.C. & W.G), dry goods &c
Hunt, James T., dry goods &c
Hunt (R.L.) & Bro., dry goods &c
Harriss, Crews & Co., dry goods &c
Franklin, J.B., confections
Franklin, Mrs., J.B., milliner
Hinton, Abram, (col) family grocer
Jenkins, W.K., books and stationery
Mitchell, R.J., drugs and paints
Osborne, Dr. A.F., drugs and paints
Osborne, Job, confectioner
Parham, Sandy, blacksmith shop
Pool & Reavis, liquors, wines &c
Street, P.H., variety store
Smith, B., Tailor
Saterthwaite, T., tobacconist
Taylor & Kingsvbury, tobacconist
Spencer, John Jr., livery stable; also proprietor Henderson hack line
Grandy, Kingsbury & Co., tobacconists

Other Merchants
Burwell & Parham, Henderson
Betts, C., General M’d’se, Henderson
Harris, Hardy, Henderson
Vaughn, J.W., Henderson
Wyche, P.M., gen’l md’se, Henderson
Kettle, L.H., gen’l md’se, Henderson
Debnam, Dr. T.C., gen’l md’se, Henderson
Clarke, Yancey & co., gen’l md’se, Henderson
Laseiter (Jas) & Son, Henderson
Cheatham, Andrews & Co., drugs, Henderson
Lassiter, James, dry goods, Henderson
Youn, (D.E.) & Sons, dry goods, Henderson
Sanders, _____, confections, Henderson
Wyn, Mrs., confections, Henderson
Fasnach, Edward, jeweler, Henderson
Overton, Mrs. E.H., Kittrell’s
Yancey & Blacknall, Kittrell’s
Satterwhate, Stephen, Midway

Tillett, John, meth., Oxford
Wiley, Lewis K., meth., (local), Oxford
Brame, M.A., meth., (local), Kittrell’s
Wyche, I.T., meth., Henderson
Hunt, R.P., meth., (local), Oxford
Riddick, C.B., meth., Kittrell’s
Riddick, _____, meth., Kittrell’s
Smith, T.L.D., meth., (local) Kittrell’s
Homes, Wm., meth., (local) Henderson
York, John W., meth., (local) Oxford
Hester, Benj. B. meth., (local) Mt. Energy
Hester, Wm., meth., (local) Oxford
Joyner, Peter H., meth., (local) Henderson
Clark, J.S.R., meth., Kittrell’s
Vaughn, Maurice, epis, Oxford
Lansdale, J.J., bap., Henderson
Beacham, _____, bap., Oxford
Atkinson, _____, bap., Knapp of Reeds
Stradley, _____, bap., Oak Hill
Carroll, John L., bap. Oxford
Harriss, S.J.P., prot. Meth., Wms’boro
Gilbreth, _____, prot meth., Oxford
Hill, _____, presb., Oxford
Ferrell, _____, chris., Oxford
Hines, _____, chris., Oak Hill

Mills and Mill Owners
Eutaw, Wm. S., Skinner
Oxford, D.C.Herndon
Grist and Saw, Henderson, Baldy Davis
Flour, Henderson, Thos. Reavis
Flour, Henderson, Mr. Hart
Grist, Oxford, W. & D.T., Cheatham
Flour, Grist and Saw, Kittrell’s, T.G. Cheatham
Grist, Henderson, A. Davis

Booth, John, Tally-Ho
Blacknall, G.W., Kittrell’s
Hester, Wm., Oxford
Debnam, _____, Henderson
Hicks, Wm. R., Oxford
Cheatham, W.T., Henderson
Harriss, A.C., Sassafras Fork
Hicks, Robt., Henderson
Hines, Thos., Kittrell’s
Hicks, John R., Henderson
Peace (Pleasant) & Bro., Kittrell’s
Henderson _____, Williamsboro
Paschall, Z.M., Oxford
Taylor, L.C., Oxford
Wilson, Wm., Townesville
Young, P.W., Oxford
Young, Wesley, Henderson
Young, Samuel, Henderson
Orren, E.W, dentist, Oxford

Post Office & Post Masters
Oxford, Miss Pattie Jones
Henderson, Miss Bettie Reavis
Kittrell’s, Jerome Fuller
Tally-Ho, _____
Williamsboro, _____
Mt. Energy, Nat. Cannady
Sassafras Fork, ______
(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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