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Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Population in 1860........7,925
County Seat........Snow Hill

County Officers

Attorney, _____ Isler
Clerk County Court, D.A. Spivey
Clerk Superior Court, J.Q. Jackson
Chairman County Court, R.C.D. Beaman
Clerk and Master in Equity, H.F. Grainger
Coroner, John Britt
Register, Haywood Dale
Sheriff, S.R. Harper
Surveyor, _____
Standard Keeper, Wm. Cobb
Trustee, W.E. Best

Colleges and Schools
Hokerton Female Academy, Hookerton
Snow Hill Academy, Snow Hill
Carolina Seminary, Dan’l Edwards

Churches and Pastors
Christian, bap., Hookerton, Geo. Joyner
Freewill bap., Hookerton, Thos. Moore
Hokerton, meth., Hookerton, T.P. Ricaud
Edward’s Chapel, meth., Hookerton, T.P. Ricaud
Jerusalem, meth., near Snow Hill, T.P. Ricaud
Lebanon, meth., Speight Bridge, T.P. Ricaud
Ormond’s Chapel, meth., near Carolina Seminary, T.P. Ricaud
Rainbow, meth., near Hookerton, T.P. Ricaud
Tabernacle, meth, Speight’s Bridge, T.P. Ricaud
Yelverton, meth., Speight’s Bridge, T.P. Ricaud
Union bap., Hookerton, B.W. Nash

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Boarding House, Snow Hill, W.G. Harper
Hotel, Snow Hill, J.R. Dail

Williams, J.B., Snow Hill
Isler, _____, Snow Hill

Aycocke, J.C., variety store, Snow Hill
Cox, S.P., variety store, Speights Bridge
Dail & Co., variety store, Snow Hill
Freeman, J.T. & Co., variety store, Snow Hill
Harper & Swinson, variety store, Snow Hill
Jones & Murphy, variety store, Snow Hill
Pittman, F.M., variety store, Speight’s Bridge
Patrick & Smith, variety store, Hookerton
Spivey, D.A. & Co., variety store, Snow Hill
Williams & Warren, variety store, Snow Hill

Cunninggim, W.H., meth., (local), Hookerton
Hooker, Nathan A., meth., Hookerton
Hardy, B.S., meth., (local) Hookerton
Ormond, Sam’l, meth., (local), Hookerton
Mahoney, James, meth., (local), Snow Hill
Ricaud, T.P., meth., Snow Hill
Moore, Thomas, freewill bap., Snow Hill
Dickson, _____, freewill bap., Hookerton

Mills and Mill Owners
Hookerton Flour Mill, J.M. Patrick
Tyson Marsh Mill, W.F. & J.C. Edwards
Rainbow, Mill, Lemuel Sugg

Harvey, John, Snow Hill
Jones, W.J., Snow Hill
Masters, Joseph, Hookerton
Rountree, F.M., Hookerton
Spicer, J.D., Snow Hill

Post Office & Post Masters
Snow Hill, _____
Hookerton, _____
Speights Bridge, _____
Carolina Seminary, _____
(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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