Guilford County, North Carolina
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory

Guilford County

Population in 1860........20,056
County Seat........Greensboro’
Population of Greensboro’ in 1860…..1,050
P.A. Ellis, Mayor of Greensboro

County Officers

Attorney, D.F. Caldwell
Clerk County Court, Lyuden Swain
Clerk Superior Court, J.W. Payne
Chairman County Court, J.H. Lindsey
Clerk and Master in Equity, Ralph Gorrell
Coroner, _____
Register, Wm. U. Steiner
Sheriff, R.M. Stafford
Surveyor, J.W. Gilmer
Standard Keeper, C.G. Yates
Trustee, Wyatt W. Ragsdale

Colleges and Schools
Male Acad’y, Greensboro, J.R. McLean
New Garden Academy, Johnath. E. Cox
Male and Female Seminary, Greensboro, T.L. & R.P. Troy
Greensboro Female Seminary (burnt in 1864) not yet rebuilt
Edgeworth Seminary, not in operation
Deep River Academy, _____, principal
Jamestown Academy, _____, principal
Monticello Academy, _____, principal
McLeansville Academy, _____, principal
Fem. School, Greensboro, J.R. Wharton

Churches and Pastors
Greensboro, presb., J. Henry Smith
Alamance, presb., (country), William B. Tidball
Buffalo, presb., (country), James C. Alexander
Bethel, presb., (country), James C. Alexander
High Point, presb., Mr. Johnson
Greensboro, meth., Wm. Barringer
High Point, meth., B. Craven, D.D.
Mt. Pisqah, Meth., John W. Lewis
Jamestown, meth., John W. Lewis
Friendship, meth., John W. Lewis
Oak Ridge, meth., John W. Lewis
Bruce’s X Roads, meth., Jno. W. Lewis
Pisqah, meth., John W. Lewis
Gethsemane, meth., John W. Lewis
Lee’s Chapel, meth., John W. Lewis
Mure’s Chapel, meth., John W. Lewis
Goshen, meth., John W. Lewis
Rehobeth, meth., C.H. Phillips
Pleasant Garden, meth., C.H. Phillips
Mt. Pleasant, meth., C.H. Phillips
Centre, meth., John W. Lewis
Mue’s Chapel, meth., W.B. Richardson
Boman’s Chapel, meth., W.B. Richardson
Bunker’s Hill, meth., W.B. Richardson
Oak Ridge, meth., W.B. Richardson
Shoemaker’s, luth., Sam’l Rothruck
Brick Church, Ger. Ref. G.W. Welker
New Garden, friends, periodical pastors
Dover, friends, periodical pastors
Centre, friends, periodical pastors
Deep River, friends, periodical pastors
Springfield, friends, periodical pastors
Hillsdale, prim. Bap., Mr. McNeely
Bruce’s X Roads, bap., J. Jones
Elm Grove, bap., Robert Gooly
Greensboro., bap., P.H. Fontaine
High Point, bap., ______
Flat Rock, prot. Meth., Mr. Linebury
Friendship, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Ahi, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Jamestown, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Hopewell, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Fair Grove, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Sandy Run, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Oak Ridge, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Hickory Grove, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Mt. Moriah, prot. Meth., A. Gray
Red Hill, , prot. Meth., A. Gray
Bethel, prot. Meth., Mr. Linebury
Union, prot. Meth., Mr. Linebury
Benedict’s, prot. Meth., Mr. Linebury

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Metropolitan, Greensboro, Black & Scales
Mansion House, Greensboro, Rees & Albright
Planter’s House, J.T. Rees
Railroad House, Greensboro, William E. Edwards
Hotel, High Point, W.G. Barbee
Hotel, High Point, M. Ferrell
Hotel, Jamestown, Dr. S.G. Coffin
Boarding House, Greensboro, Mary Hyatt
Donnell’s House, Oak Ridge, W. Donnell

Adams, Peter H., Greensboro
Caldwell, D.F.F., Greensboro
Dick, R.P. , Greensboro
Gorrell, Ralph, Greensboro
Gilmer, John A. Sr., Greensboro
Gilmer, John A. Jr., Greensboro
Hill, Wilson S., Greensboro
King, Walter W., Greensboro
Keogh, Thomas B., Greensboro
McLean, Jesse R., Greensboro
Morehead, James T., Sr., Greensboro
Morehead, James T., Jr., Greensboro
Mendenhall, C.P., Greensboro
McLean, James R., Greensboro
Payne, J.W., Greensboro
Staples, John N., Greensboro
Stanton, Benjamin F., Greensboro
Scott, L.M., Greensboro
Scott, Will L., Greensboro
Tourgee, Albion W., Greensboro

Cigar Factory, Greensboro, A. Brochman
Carriage & Buggy, Greensboro, James F. Pearce
Carriage & Buggy, Greensboro, George Ledford
Cabinet Shop, Greensboro, Jno. A. Poindexter
Saddle & Harness, Greensboro, James E. Thom.
Saddle & Harness, Greensboro, J.W. S. Parker
Saddle & Harness, Greensboro, J.G. Sullivan
Boots & Shoes, Greens., T.S. Hayes
Boots & Shoes, Greensboro, Richard Crittenden
Boots & Shoes, Greensboro, James Dean
Iron Foundry & Machine Shop, Greensboro, Jere. H. Tarpley
Florida Balm & c., Greensboro, George H. Livingston
Logan M’f’g Co., Jamestown, Thomas S. Cook, Agent
Tin & Copper Smithing, Greensboro, C.G. Yates
Tin Smithing, Greensboro, J.O. Sullivan
Cottong Fact’y, Jamestown, Mr. Hill, agt.
Axe Handle Factory, Greensboro, Mr. Snow, Superintendent
Tobacco Fact’y, Greensboro, E.P. Jones
Tobacco Factory, Greensboro, Joseph Haskins
Tobacco Factory, Grees., Jno Hoskins
Foundry  & Plow Factory, Greensboro, Mr. Tarpley
Foundry & Plow Fact., New Garden, Ad. Boring

Adams, Sarah, Milliner, Greensboro
Albright, Jas. W., confectioner, Greens.
Beville & Bowman, Hillsdale
Benbow, D.W.C., gen. md’se, Greens
Bogart & Murray, gen. md’se, Greens
Bowman, Waytt, F., High Point
Brown, Michael, Smith, Greensboro
Bouldin, J., Oak Ridge
Coal, D.W., smith, Greensboro
Church, I.J. M., High Point
Dodson, S.C., Greensboro
Dodson & Hudson, Monticello
Denny, Eli, High Point
Dickson, James R., High Point
Edwards, Wm. E., auctioneer, Greensboro
Efland, Jno. G., Tailor, Greensboro
Fowler, W.L., Merchant, Greensboro
Fisher, A.F., High Point
Foust, D.P., Gibsonville
Graham, Thomas, Oak Ridge
Farrar, Wm. B., jeweler, Greensboro
Glenn, R.W., drugs, Greensboro
Gilmer, A.L., Greensboro
Golding, S.J., house painter, Greensboro
Harrell & Hughes, tailors, Greensboro
Henderson & Co., High Point
Hughes, W.P., photographist, Greens.
Jerrell, M., High Point
King, Dr. E.B., drugs, High Point
Klein, J.D., ready made cloth., Greens.
Lindsay, A.H., Friendship
Lindsay & Campbell, High Point
Lindsay (R.J.) & Co., high Point
Lindsay, Ernest, confec., Greensboro
Moffit, W.D., grocer, High Point
Moore, Mrs. Caroline, milliner, Greens.
Maurice, Mrs. F.B., milliner, Greensboro
Maurice, Prof. F.B., music store, Greens.
Mendenhall & Sons, High Point
McAdoo & Bro., Greensboro
Mebane, W.M., Shaw’s Mills
McAdoo, W.D., Jamestown
Moore, W.S., Greensboro
May, L.R., Greensboro
Perry, Seborn, High Point
Porter & Eckle, drugs, Greensboro
Rankin, John C., High Point
Rhodes & Wilson, Summerfield
Routzahn, L.H., Greensboro
Smith & Gilmer, Greensboro
Smith, A.B., High Point
Sloan & Sons, Greensboro
Steel, Seymore, Greensboro
Smith & Isley, Gibsonville
Scott, David, Greensboro
Sterling (R.) & Son, books, Greensboro
Withers, Henry, Greensboro
Trotter, W.D., Greensboro
Weatherly, Andrew, Greensboro
Wall, P., Hillsdale
Willis, H.C., confectioner, Greensboro
Watt, R.A., jeweler, Greensboro
Wilkes Y Wiley, barbers, Greensboro
Yates, C.G., gen. md’se, Greensboro

Kellog, Henry G., Greensboro
Wilson & Shober, Greensboro

Westbrook & Albright, Greensboro
Lindley, Joshua, Greensboro
Lindsay, J.V., 5 miles west Greensboro
Mendenhall, C.P., Greensboro
Fentress, J. Milton, Greensboro

Editors, Agents, &c
Albright, J.W., editor Greensboro Times and job printing
Bumpass, Mrs. Francis M., editress of the Weekly Message
Caldwell, D.F., ed. Greesnboro Patriot
Gretter, J.B., agt. Guilford Land Agency, Greensboro

Barringer, Wm., Meth., Greensboro
Thompson, Felming, meth., (local) Green.
Wilson, N.H.D., meth, Greensboro
Wilson, W.C., meth., Greensboro
Westbrook, C.W., meth, (local) Green.
Stevenson, Berry, meth., (local) Green.
Long, John, meth, (local) Green.
Philips, chas. H., Meth., Greensboro
Richardson, W.B., meth., Jamestown
Bodenheimer, J., meth, (local) Green.
Welker, J.W., ger. Ref., Gibsonville
Rothrock, Samuel, luth., Gibsonville
Fontain, P.H., Sr., bap., Greensboro
Fontain, P.H., Jr., bap, Greensboro
Narsh, _____, bap., Greensboro
Jones, J.,  bap., Greensboro
Tidball, wm. B., presb., Greensboro
Alexander, J.C., presb., Greensboro
Smith, J. Henry, presb., Greensboro
Gray, A., prot. Meth., Friendship
Lineberg, _____, prot. Meth., Bethel
Dean, Ch., prot. Meth., Greensboro
Holten, quinten, prot. Meth., Greensboro
Peoples, Hubbard, prot. Meth., Greensboro

North State (gold and copper), J.P. Oats, agent
Guilldford Mine (gold and copper)
Cambridge Mine (gold and copper)
Gardner Hill (gold and copper) Capt. Staples
Fisher Hill (gold and copper)
Deep River (gold and copper)
Lindsay Gold Mine

Mills and Mill Owners
Armfield’s, Greensboro, E. Armfield
Clapp’s, Gibsonville, J. Clapp
Carter’s, Jamestown, John Carter
Chipman’s, Jamestown, J.A. Davis
Donnell’s, Greensboro, W.A. Donnell
Davis’, Centre, James Davis
Donnell’s, Greensboro, George Donnell
Donnell’s McLeansville, H. Donnell
Davis’, Jamestown, J.A. Davis
Elliott’s, Jamestown, H.C. Lamb
Fulk’s, Monticello, J.T. Dodson
Hamburg, Greensboro, J.T. Morehead
Hudson’s, Brick Church, William Hudson
Lomax’s, Mr. Lomax
Ingle’s, Gibsonville,  David Ingle
Mendenhall’s, Jamestown, Mrs. D.C. Mendenhall
Orrell’s, Greensboro, L.D. Orell
Pritchett’s, Monticello, Webb, Pritchett
Parsons’, Jamestown, J.W. Freeman
Robins’, Jamestown, J.F. Holton
Sander’s, Oak Ridge, J.N. Nelson
Summers’, Gibsonville, L.W. Summers
Shaw’s, Shaw Mill, F. Shaw
Stuart’s, McLeansville, J.A. Stuart
Wheeler’s, Jamestown, William Wheeler & Co.
Wilson’s, McLeansville, T.B. Donald
Woody’s, Shaw’s Mill, N.D. Woody
Young’s, Greensboro, Wm. M. Young

Albright, Wm. M., Greensboro
Alexander, _____, Greensboro
Coble, W.A. in country
Campbell, _____, High Point
Coble, Wesley A., in country
Cook, _____, Oak Ridge
Cole, John L., in country
Coffin, S.G., Jamestown
Denny, R.K., Monticello
Cumming, J.T.F. in country
Hall, James K., Greensboro
Eaton, _____, Friendship
Glenn, R.W., Greensboro
Kerner, _____, Oak Ridge
Hoover, A.S., Jamestown
Logan, John E., Greensboro
McNairy, W., in country
McLean, Joseph A., McLeansville
McDaniel, A.P., McLeansville
Porter, A.S., Greensboro
Pugh, W.P., High Point
Powell, S.A., Summerfield
Phipps, L.A., in country
Plunkett, Wm. R. in country
Robbins, J.L., Friendship
Sapp, B.F., Friendship
Sapp, A.J., High Point
Staples, H.H., Greensboro
Winchester, J.W., Hillsdale
Wright, W.F., in country
Howlett, J.W., dentist, Greensboro
Jones, W.O., dentisit, High Point
Scott, Rufus, dentist, Greensboro

Post Office & Post Masters
Brick Church, ______
Centre, Miss Murrow
Monticello, _____
Deep River, ______
Fentress, Miss E.C. Fentress
Friendship, J. Russell
Gibsonville, ______
Summerfield, C. Wilson
Gilmer’s Store, Thos. Reagan
Greensboro, John D. White
High Point, Eli Denny
Hillsdale, W.D. Archer
Jamestown, Julia A. Harriss
Oak Ridge, _____
McLeansville, _____
Monticello, Mr. Pritchett
New Garden, J.E. Cox
Shaw’s Mills, R.P. Shaw
Westminister, _____
(Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1867-68)


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