Henderson County,
North Carolina

Branson's North Carolina
Directory 1890


Henderson County
Area.......360 square miles

Population in 1890.........12,280   
(white.....8895, colored.....1385)

County Seat - Hendersonville

    Henderson County was formed in 1838, from Buncombe, and named in compliment to Leonard Henderson, late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State. Hendersonville, the county-seat, is 250 miles west of Raleigh. It is a beautiful and thrifty town, with a population estimated at 1,500. It is directly on the Spartanburg and Asheville Railroad.

    Surface -  Henderson County is situated on the head branches of the French Broad river, and embraces a beautiful valley on the west side of the Blue Ridge. The location could hardly be surpassed for elegant scenery and good land.

    Staples - Corn, wheat, cabbage, the grasses, rye, oats and live-stock. Hendersonville ships from two to three million pounds of cabbage annually.

    Fruits - Apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, melons, and almost every variety of the small fruits
    Timber - Oak, pine, black walnut, wild cherry, popular, ash, linden, hickory, etc.
    A good farming country and a desireable place to live.

Towns and Post Offices:

Angeline                   __
Green River                 25
Bat Cave                   75
Gypsy                          25
Bear Wallow             25
Hendersonville          680
Blue Ridge                60
Hillgirt                         __
Boilston                     35
Horse Shoe                  25
Bowman's Bluff        __
Maxwell                      25
Delmont                    25
Mills River                  80
Edneyville                 75
Pink Beds                    25
Flat Rock                 100 
Sitton                           __
Fletcher                     __
Splendor                      __
Fruitland                   30
Upward                       __

     County Officers:

Clerk Superior Court -  C.M. Pace
Commissioners - A. Cannon-chmn; B.F.Posey, Dr R.A. Freeman
Coroner - J.M. McMun
Register of Deeds - W.H. Stepp
Sheriff - T.C. Isreal
Solicitor 10th District - W.H. Bower
Surveyor - A.L. Patterson
Standard Keeper - M.T. Justus
Treasurer - Jonathan Williams
Supt Public Schools - C.J. Edney
Co Board of Education - C.J. Edney-chmn; J.J. Osborne, J.W. Morgan

Superior - Third Monday before the first Monday in March, and seventh Monday before first Monday in September

Town Officers:
Hendersonville Mayor - V.L. Hyman
Commissioners - P.E. Braswell, W.A. Hood, J.s. Barnett, H.Y. Gash, Jonathan Williams

Township and Magistrates:
Hendersonville - H.Y. Gash, B.B. Jackson, M.s. Johnson, W.D. Miller, J.W. Merrimon, A.E. Fletcher, E.J. Shipman (Hendersonville)
Edneyville - G.W. Conner, I.T. Laughter (Pump), J. H. Tinsley (Bat Cave), R.J. Brown (Fruitland), R. Edney (Edneyville)
Blue Ridge - A.W. McMurray, J.F. Jones, C.A. Case, L.H. Edney, S.J. Justice (Blue Ridge), John L. Potillo (Fruitland)
Green River - A.W. Garren, J.I. Davis (Saluda), W.c. Ward, J.w. Ward, P.J. Herd (Green River)
Clear Creek - James Jackson, T.A. Edney, J.A. Ross, J.W. Freeman, A.C. Maxwell, A.J.McMinn (Fruitland)
Hooper's Creek - C.M. Fletcher, J.N. Fletcher, Jesse A McMinn (Fletcher), J.R. Byers, H.C. Johnson (Hendersonville)
Crab Creek - J.W.C. Blythe, Samuel Sentell, W.P. Fletcher, James Thomas, Thomas Anderson (Bowman's Bluff), W.A. Merrill, James
             Kilpatrick (Pinacle)
Mills River - J.T. Oborne, N.W. Posey, T.L. Johnson, A.E. Posey (Mills River), J.Wilson Morgan (Horse Shoe)

Churches and Pastors:
(Name, Post office, Pastors, and Denominations.)
Brown's Chapel - Hendersonville, ___ Fanklin        Meth
Chapel - Mills River, C.m. Greer                              Meth
Church - Blue Ridge ____ Franklin                          Meth
Church - Edneyville, ___ Carver                               Meth
Cross Roads, Upward, ___ Carver                             Meth
Hendersonville, Hendersonville, I.W. Robinson      Meth
Holly Springs, Boilston, J.F. Woodfin                        Meth
Johnson's Chapel, Fletcher, ___ Carver,                     Meth
Mills River Chapel, Mills River, C.M. Greer             Meth
Shaw's Creek, Hose Shoe, C.M.Greer                        Meth
Beulah, Horse Shhoe, G.W. Mace                             Bap
Crab Creek Delmont, J.W. Anderson                        Bap
Ebenzer, Hendersonville, W.J. Wilkie                      Bap
French Broad, Hendersonville, G.W. Mace               Bap
Green River, Green River, E.M. Smith                      Bap
Hendersonville, Hendersonville, _____                     Bap
Holly Springs, Hendersonville, A. Beck                    Bap
Hooper's Creek, Shufordville, W.J. Wilkie                Bap
Mountain Page, Saluda (Polk Co), James Blythe     Bap
Mt Moriah, Edneyville, James Blythe                       Bap
Mud Creek, Hendersonville, Rufus Rhodes              Bap
Refuge, Blue Ridge, Jas. Blythe                                 Bap
Sycamore, Mills River, ________                               Bap
Hendersonville, Hendersonville, _______                Pres
Mills River, Hendersonville,______                          Pres
Flat Rock, Flat Rock, J.T. Drayton                              Epis
Hendersonville, Hendersonville, _____                    Epis

(Name and Post-offices.)
Carson, W.G.-      Hendersonville
Davis, W.M. -       Hendersonville
Erwin, W.E. -        Hendersonville
Ewart, H.G. -        Hendersonville
Hyman, V.L. -       Hendersonville
Menninger, E.R. - Hendersonville
Osborn, J.J. -  Mills River
Pickens, S.V. -      Hendersonville
Posey, A.E., Jr -    Hendersonville
Rickman, T.J. -     Hendersonville
Smith, W.A. -       Hendersonville
Suradley, D. -       Hendersonville
Whittaker, F.F. -   Hendersonville

Hotels and Boarding Houses:
(Names, Post-offices and Proprietors.)
Alpine, Hendersonville, W.C. Stradley
Arlington, Hendersonville, T.A. Allen
Exchange, Hendersonville, P.s.Brittain
Flat Rock Hotel, Flat Rock, M.S. Farmer
Fletcher House, Hendersonville, F.A. Sumner
Globe Hotel, Hendersonville, T.A. Allen
Judson College (open for summer boarders), Hendersonville, Rev J.B.Boone
Summer boarding, Fletcher, Dr G.W. Fletcher
Virginia House, Hendersonville, Mrs S.A. Isreal
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs M.E. Stradley
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs C.M. Pace
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs M.M. Patton
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs C.J. Hawkins
Boarding, Hendersonville, R. Leverett
Boarding, Angeline, W.T. Johnson
Boarding, Mills River, B.I.Allen
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs Mary Summey
Boarding, Hendersonville, T.M.Smith
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs M.J. Bowen
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs M.A. Ripley
Boarding, Hendersonville, Mrs B.Y. Taylor
Boarding, Flat Rock, Mrs Sarepta Hart
Boarding, Green River, Mrs Sarepta Davis

(Kinds, Post-offices and Proprietors.)
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Hendersonville, James Rhinehart
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Shufordville, G.W. Fletcher
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Flat Rock, J.C. Markley
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Hendersonville, W.N. Ficker
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Hendersonville, Elias Bradley
Building and Contracting, Hendersonville, Gideon Orr
Building and Contracting, Hendersonville, W.F. Edwards
Building and Contracting, Flat Rock, S.Farmer
Building materials and furniture, Hendersonville, T.C. Isreal
Building, Hendersonville, Jackson & Bro
Building, Hendersonville, Martin Justice
Carriages and wagons, Hendersonville, Gullick & Ficker
Fruit-canning, Flat Rock, Hart, Guerard & Co
Furniture Hendersonville, Buckner & Son
Harness & saddles, Shudfordville, Elijah McDowell
Lime-kiln, Boilston, I.H. Cantrell
Lime-kiln, Boilston, T.F. Bird
Shoes, Hendersonville, Charles Sunofsky
Spokes, handles, etc, Hendersonville, Hendersonville Mfg. Co.
Staves and barrels, Hendersonville, G.W. Conner
Tannery, Hendersonville, J.C. Morgan
Tannery, Shufordville, G.W. Fletcher
Tannery, Shufordville, Fletcher & Beale
Tannery, Mills River, A.Q. Moore
Tannery, Hendersonville, L.T. Williams
Tin-shop, Hendersonville, B.F. Staggs
Wagons, Mills River, T.J. Carland
Wool-carding, Flat Rock, Mrs H.A. Rhett

Merchants and Tradesmen:
(Names, Post-offices and Lines of Business.)
Bat Cave
Freeman, J.T.                GS
Freeman, B.F.                GS
Blue Ridge
Hyder, Hampton                GS
Johnson, W.T.                GS
Bowman's Bluff
Evans & J_wdwine            GS
Justus & Lyda                    GS
Mace, G.W.                       GS
Edney, Rufus                GS
Flat Rock
Patton, J.P.                 GS
Price & Patton            GS
Saltz, R.M.                 GS
Fletcher, G.W.                GS
Youngblood, Joseph        GS

Brevard, J.D. & Co.            GS
Justus, Issac                        GS
Maxwell, D.M.                   GS
          Green River               
Hart, P.J. & Co.                 GS
Barnett, Hood & Co            GS
Barnett & Liverett                  Livery Stables
Bracy, J.M.                         GS
Bryson & Son                         Livery Stables
Edwards, W.F.                         Lumber Dealer
Edwards, W.F.                Architect
Few, C. & Co            Drugs
Fletcher, A.E.              Grocer
Fletchere & Manders         GS
Fowler, Samuel (col.)      Barber
Hart, Mrs. A.E.                   Millinery
Hawkins, W.H. & Co.        Jewelers
Isreal, J.P.                       Livery Stables
Jackson, B.B.                General Trader
Jordan, Miss Florence            Millinery
Justice, S.J.               Surveyor
Justice, M.T. & Co.         Hardware
Justus & Staggs                Stoves, etc.
Maguire, R. H.                        Lumber Dealer
McGuire, R.H.                GS
Mills, Irwin (col.)             Barber
Morris, W.G.B. & Son          Bookstore
Morris, W.G.B.                  Postmaster
Orr, J.L.                                  Livery Stables
Posey, B.F.                     Furniture
Price, William & Co.       Drugs
Ray, W.H.                    GS
Rickman, J.P.               GS
Sheperd, M.M.             GS
Stevens, Jesse                        Livery Stables
                 Williams, J.                       Depot and So. Ex. Agt. and Tel. Op
Horse Shoe
Cannon, A.                GS
Mills River
Allen, J.L.                    GS
Corpening, J.A.            GS
Muriah, T.R.                 GS
Rhodes, T.A.                GS
Pace, R.C.                    GS
Waters, T.E.                GS

(Kinds, Post-offices, and Proprietors.)
Corn and flour, Green River, W.k. Ledbetter
Corn and flour, Green River, Levi Jones
Corn and flour, Hendersonville, H.C. Johnson
Corn and flour, Blue Ridge, Thos. Gibbs
Corn and flour, Shufordville, Mrs W.M. Youngblood
Corn and flour, Green River, S. Heatherly
Corn and flour, Shufordville, J.R. Garren
Corn and flour, Shufordville, F.B. Blake
Corn and flour, Hendersonville, Mrs. H.A. Rhett
Corn, flour and saw, Flat Rock, James Ward
Corn, flour and saw, Mills River, L.E. Brittain
Corn, flour and saw, Bear Wallow, G.W. Hall
Corn, flour and saw, Blue Ridge, J. Newman
Corn, flour and saw, Bowman's Bluff, I.W.C. Blythe
Corn, flour and saw, Hendersonville, Mrs Daniel King
Corn, flour and saw, Hendersonville, P.S. Corn
Corn, flour and saw, Hendersonville, Jno. Jones
Corn, Flour and saw, Hendersonville, Richard Allison
Corn, flour and saw, Mills River, H. Carland, Sr.
Corn, flour and saw, Hendersonville, H.G. Ewart
Corn, flour and saw, Blue Ridge, W.F. Jones
Corn and saw Hendersonville, J..A. Long
Corn and saw Hendersonville, T.C. Isreal
Corn and saw, Gypsy, Mrs Josiah Johnson
Corn and saw, Maxwell Riley Maxwell
Corn (steam), Mills River, T.J. Carland
Corn, Hendersonville, R.I. Barnwell
Saw, Blue Ridge, Mrs James Hamilton
Saw, Blue Ridge, James Case
Saw, Flat Rock, H.T. Farmer
Saw, Bowman's Bluf, Frank Valentine
Saw, Pink Bed, M.M. Stuart
Steam saw, Fletcher, Garren & Maxwell
Steam saw, Hedersonville, G.W. Love & Co.
Steam saw, Hendersonville, J.A. Garren

(Names and Post-offices.)
Allen, T.A. Hendersonville
Carson, Henry (dentist) Mills River
Egerton, Thomas, Hendersonville
Egerton, J.L. Hendersonville
Few, C. Hendersonville
Fletcher, G.W. Fletcher's
Hutchison, W.G., Fletcher's
Johnson, L.L. Mills River
Jones, Henry C., Mills River
Jones, Levi, Green River
King, M.C. Flat Rock
McDowell, C.H. (dentist), Hendersonville
Memminger, Allard, Flat Rock
Reese, W.H. Hendersonville
Smathers, Wexler, (dentist), Hendersonville
Taylor, J.F., Blue Ridge
Waldrop, J.G. Hendersonville
Whittenback, John, Hendersonville

(Names, Post-offices and Principals.)
Blue Ridge Academy, Blue Ridge, J.H. Merchant, Prin
Clear Creek Academy, Blue Ridge, R.I. Brown, Prin
Hendersonville Academy, Hendersonville, Mrs K.M. L_gie, Prin
Holly Springs Academy, Boilston, J.M. Stepp
Judson Female College, Hendersonville, Western North Carolina Educational Co,
 G.S. Jones, Pres; C.M. Pace, sec and treas.; Rev Needham B Cobb, financial agent
Mills River High School, Angeline, Prof A Osbourne, Prin
Oak Forest Academy, Horse Shoe, Miss Nanny Greer, Prin
Primary School (col.), Hendersonville, Mrs S.L. Carson and Miss J.M. Rabb, Prins.

(Names and Post-offices.)
Allen, Miss N.A., Hendersonville
Allison, Miss L.R., Horse Shoe
Anderson, J.W., Hendersonville
Blackwell,J.B., Blue Ridge
Blythe, O.E., Hendersonville
Blythe, O.V.F., Hendersonville
Brown, Miss Chrissie, Hendersonville,
Brown, Miss Alice, Hendersonville
Brown, R.J., Fruitland
Buckner, Miss Clemmie, Hendersonville
Buckner, R.G., Hendersonville
Cagle, J.F., Blue Ridge
Carson, W.G., Hendersonville
Case, S.A., Blue Ridge
Entoe, T.A., Maxwell
Fletcher, J.A., Hendersonville
Freeman, R.A., Pump
Freeman, A.B., Fletcher
Gash, Miss Nita, Hendersonville
Griffin, H.F., Hendersonville
Gurley, E.W., Hendersonville
Hamilton, Miss Pearl, Hendersonville
Hudgins, S.H., Bat Cave
Jones, F.R., Flat Rock
Jones, J.S., Hendersonville
King, A.F.P., Hendersonville
King, S.M., Hendersonville
Ledbetter, W.K.L., Edneyville
Logie, Miss K.M., Hendersonville
Lyda, J.M., Edneyville
Manders, Miss Minnie, Hendersonville
Maxwell, James, Horse Shoe
McKinnie, Miss J.P. Boilston
Merchant, J.H., Blue Ridge
Morgan, J.W., Boilston
Morgan, Miss Lucy, Mills River
Morris, H.L., Angeline
Osborne, W.A., Angeline
Osborne, Miss Hattie, Angeline
Osborne, Prof A., Angeline
Pace, R.J., Hendersonville
Plemmons, Rev. L.H., Hendersonville
Shipman, Miss L.L., Hendersonville
Spann, Miss Minnie, Hendersonville
Stepp, J.M., Hendersonville
Stepp, J.A., Hendersonville
Stepp, J.B., Hendersonville
Farmer, R.M., Hendersonville
Waters, T.J., Upward
Young, W.S., Blue Ridge

Allen, C.A., Fruitland
Herren, Mrs. M.E., Fletcher
Herren, B., Fletcher
Whitesides, R.F., Hendersonville

Local Corporations:
Ochlawaha Land Co - Hendersonville
W.A. Smith, pres; D.M. Hodges, sec;J. Williams, treas

State Bank of Commerce - Hendersonville
George H.P. Cole, pres; M.C. Toms, cash; J.A. Maddry, asst cash; capitol $30,000

The Times - Hendersonville; ind; weekly; J.D. Davis, ed and prop.





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