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Prior Updates




    March 2018 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Oakdale Cemetery: Julia English; Preston English; Dorothy Ashleigh Ray; Nina Rhodes; Samuel G Rhodes.

    History Topics: The Home Electric Company - Chapter V

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Birth Announcements: Dittmer; King; King; McCarson; Middleton; Rhymer; Robertson; Shenck.
    Crime News - Hill charged with burning barn
    Divorce - Minnie Holbert
    Military News - Henderson County Man has Congressional Medal of Honor
    Sick List - Barrows

    Obtiuary: Mrs N J Byrd; Mrs Will Clarke; Preston English; Mrs Ed Garren; Wexler Garren; Charles G Hyder; Judge M H Justice; Miss Ashley Ray; Mrs Gaither Rhodes; J H Sargent


    December 2017 updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Boylston Baptist Church Cemetery: A E Reese
    Mills River United Methodist Church Cemetery: William Posey
    Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: John Cagle; Charles Hefner
    Oakdale Cemetery: Andrew B Allen; Margaret Anne Bennett; Myrtle King; Amanda Morris; Cpt William Morris; John Powell Jr

    History Topics: The Home Electric Company - Chapter IV

    Marriages: Jones/Thompson

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Crime News: Old Burglarly; Constable took Thorne to Goldsboro
    Court News: Administrator's Notice - C C Maxwell
    Fires, Accidents, Train Wrecks & other Calamities: Burgess Killed by Tree; Grimball almost Drowned
    Other Interesting News: Lost pocket-book

    Obituary: Charles Hefner; Mattie Hyder; Abraham Jones; Niva Keisler; Mary C McDowell


    June 2017 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Oakdale Cemetery: Frank Morris; Olive French Eury Wilkins

    History Topics:
    The Home Electric Company - Chapter III

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Community News: John Mason appointed Assistant Postmaster

    Roy Lanning; Frank Morris; Mrs John T Wilkins


    March 2017 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Oakdale Cemetery: 1937 Survey of Colored Section; surnames Quinn - Williams
    Shepherd Memorial Park: Glen E Boyd; Euna Dalton

    History Topics:
    The Home Electric Company - Chapter II

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Other News - Hendersonville has...... ; Master Jonathan Jackson youngest office holder;
    Weather News - Flood damage in Mills River

    Glen Boyd and Euna Dalton, submitted by Mary Weigandt

    December 2016 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Oakdale Cemetery: 1937 Survey of Colored Section; surnames Barr through Quinn

    1850 Mortality Schedule - THANK YOU Secret Santa!

    History Topics:
    The Home Electric Company - chapter 1

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Community News: George Vanderbilt's tax bill - 1909

    Infant Nichols; Abner Shepherd; John Woodfin.


    September 2016 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Boylston Baptist Church Cemetery: Robert Patton
    Conner Cemetery: Bonnie Hill; Fred Hill
    Jones Cemetery, Mills River: James W Jones; Nancy E Jones; Rachel Jones
    Middle Fork Baptist Church: Ellen Cox; Infant Cox; Stacy Hill; Belle Huntley; Infant Rhodes
    Mills River Presbyterian Church Cemetery: Lt William W Anderson; Mary H Graves; William Graves; Mary Ann Jones ; Mary G McCoy
    Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: Alfred Drake; Estelle Drake; Robert R Kuykendall
    Oakdale Cemetery: Joseph Bailey; Peter E Braswell; Samuel Y Bryson; Dr Henry Carson; Emma Carson; Albert V Edwards; Alfred Hawkins, Mary R Johnston; Roy Johnston; Nemuel King; Wade King; Frank L Todd; Jno T Wilkins
    Pattys Chapel Cemetery: George Cunningham; Lila Cunningham; Capt Solomon Cunningham; Pvt Lola Owensby; Daniel Taylor

    Death Records: COD - Bell Huntley

    History Topics - Office of Mayor 1919 - Current

    Families: William Walker Family

    Marriages: Galloway/Corpening

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Accidents: Accident victim Drake in critical condition
    Birth Announcements: A Lewis; R S English; W E Griffis
    Crime: Homicide in Hendersonville - Whitted shot Hawkins

    Obituary: Lila Cunningham; Alfred F Drake; Estelle Drake; Roy Kuykendall;

    Wills: George V Maybin; submitted by Cathy Finnie



    June 2016 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Bartlett Ward Cemetery: James M Ward
    Davis Family Cemetery: B Levi; C Levi; Capt John Levi; John Morgan
    Edney/Coston Cemetery: William Coston; Balous Edney; A Neely; V Neely
    Mill Pond Cemetery: Thomas Brittain
    Mills River Presbyterian Church Cemetery: James L Brittain; William Brittain; Susannah Stines
    Oakdale Cemetery: Johnnie Sherrill
    Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery: A Aiken

    Marriages: Maxwell/McGuinn; Shipman/Johnson

    Military: Civil War Soldiers Records and Profiles: A Aiken; N Allison; James L Brittain

    Newspaper Gleanings: Real Estate: Deeds filed since June 20, 1911

    Obituary: Mrs M A Pace; Johnnie Sherrill; Mrs Emily Hood Woodfin

    Wills: Robert Russell Townsend; William Wilson submitted by Cathy Finnie

    March 2016 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Crab Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: Levi Jones; Joseph Osteen; James Stepp
    Dana United Methodist Church Cemetery: Wm Blackwell; Nancy Blackwell; Charles Case; Hiram King; Matilda King; Dolphus Parris; Jasper Revis; John Young
    Ebenezer Baptist Church: John Collins; Avery Corn; Henry Corn; George Couch; Lemuel Dermid; James Dermid; Amanda Dermid; John Fletcher; Jonathan Maxwell; Infant Maxwell; Elizabeth McMinn; James McMinn; Edward Shipman; Thomas Shipman
    Mills River United Methodist Church: Emily Woodfin; Rev John Woodfin; Juliet Woodfin
    Mill Pond Cemetery: John Carver; John Fowler; Benjamin Lane; Henry E Lane; Henry W Lane; Capt John Lane; William Lane; Robert Leverett; Arthur McCarson, Margaret McCarson, Billy and Susan McCarson
    Mt Olivet Baptist Church Cemetery: David Osteen
    Shepherd Memorial Park: Robert Freeman; Joseph (John) McCarson

    Marriages: Copening/Summey sb Teresa Haines Rigney; Jordan/Brock. May 1910 Marriage Licenses Issued

    Newspaper Gleanings: Fires, Accidents, Train Wrecks and Other Calamities: Hendersonville's Big Hotel Burned

    Military: Civil War Soldiers Profiles and Records: Allen; Allison; Ballard; Barnett; Batson; Camp; Corn; Hensley; Posey; Quinn; Reese; Rhodes; William

    Obituary: David Osteen; Mrs Luther Reed

    November 2015 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Asa Edney Family: Conner; Calvin Edney; Marvel Edney
    Bayne-Bane Capps: Andrew Bane; James Bane
    Barnwell Baptist Church: Laughter; Lyda
    Barnwell Family: A Laughter; E Laughter
    Bat Cave Baptist Church: Dotson; Freeman; Hudgins
    Bearwallow: L Freeman; S Freeman; Suttles; Wall
    Beddingfield: D Beddingfield; Capps
    Berea Baptist Church: C Capps, E Capps, M Capps, J Capps; Mehaffey; O Ward
    Beulah Baptist Church: Blythe; Cantrell; Justus; McCall; Middleton; Mintz; Morris; Nelson; Revis; Shipman
    Boylston Baptist Church: Anders; Baynard; E Ledbetter; O Ledbetter
    Calvary Episcopal Church: Ballard; Blake; Dermid; Fletcher; Presley
    Macedonia Baptist Church: Parris
    Mud Creek Baptist Church: Gosnear
    Mountain Page Baptist: Sentell
    Oakdale: T Allen; C Brooks; B Egerton; Rev Egerton; J Garren; A King; K Morris; A Posey Jr; W Ray; T Rickman; M Schenck; W Smith; Mary Staton; R Staton
    Shepherd Memorial Park: M M Shepherd
    St Paul: J Lyda

    History Topics: Boeing-Cessna Crash Memorial; Office of Mayor 1873 - 1919

    Marriages: Bennett/Boyd

    Newspaper Gleanings: Crimes: J S Lyda killed by son

    Obituaries: Joe Capps; William P Fletcher; Mrs Chaffee Gosnear

    September 2015 Updates:

    Cemetery Adds:
    Bearwallow Cemetery: Merrell
    Campground Cemetery: Johnson
    Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery: Corn, Shipman
    Freeman Family Cemetery: Murray
    Jones Family Cemetery: Blackwell
    Maybin Family Cemetery: M Maybin
    Mills River Presbyterian Church Cemetery: Brittain
    Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: Kuykendall
    Oakdale Cemetery: Anders; Brookshire; Lyda; Tunstall; Walker; Young
    Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery: Henry
    Old French Broad Baptist Church Cemetery: Miller
    Sentell Family Cemetery: Wm Sentell
    Stepp Family Cemetery: James Stepp
    Williamson Patton Family Cemetery: Elijah Williamson

    Mariages: Ward/Lockabee

    Miscellaneous Data:
    Letter of receipt of insurance monies from Mrs Lewis Tunstall

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Accidents: Gilliam Infant killed by explosion
    Births: Case, Reed, Williams
    Crime: Execution of Columbus and Govan Adair; Barksdale, Brake, Drake, Mitchel, Mills and Mitchell charged with selling intoxicants; King charged with disorderly house
    Court: Jury list for May 1914 term of civil court
    Divorce: Howard vs Howard
    Military: Reunion of Confederate Veterans
    Other Interesting News: Hendersonville purchases fire wagon

    Obituaries: Wm (Billie) Anders; Infant Brookshire; Mr F Lyda; Erskine Rogers; Lews Tunstall; Capt John L Walker; Mrs Mary Pace Young


    March 2015 Updates:

    Bios: Justice; Lee
    Cemetery Adds: Edneyville Cemetery - Enloe
    County History: 1920
    Families: Brief Personal Sketches: Surnames: Allison; Bane; Barnett; Beddingfield; Brannon; Brock; Broyles; Conner; Forest; Gibbs; Grant; Hawkins; Israel; Lamb; Leach; Liverett; McCall; McDowell; McCrary; Middleton; Moore; Oosten; Ray; Rhodes; Robinson; Rogers; Seigle; Sentell; Smathers; Staggs; Stansell; Underwood; Vaughn; Wallace; West; Wexler; Whitaker; Wofford; Youngblood.
    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Crime: Trial of James Thomas; 17 year old girl commits murder
    Sick List: Jeudwine; Nora Justice
    Schools: Honor Roll 1916

    Marriages: Cox/Ward; Duncan/McCollough; Evans/Burdette

    Obits: Enloe; McCall, Tow


    October 2014 Updates:

    Cemetery adds:

    Ebenzer Baptist Church Cemetery: Flynn, Whitaker
    Fortune/Kuykendall Cemetery: Capps
    Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery: Whitaker


    September 2014 Updates:

    Cemetery Additions:

    Mount Olivet Baptist Church Cemetery - Capps
    Oakdale Cemetery - Russell
    Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery - Lyda
    Shepherd Memorial Park - McGuire 
    St John in the Wilderness - Lowndes

    Marriages: Anderson/Shuford; Grimes/Israel; Osteen/Ledbetter; Redden/Lewis; Tabor/Hudgins; Ward/Lewis

    Families:Brief Personal Sketches - Surnames: Blackwell; Brookshire; Bryson; Capps; Case; Edney; Hill; Holbert; Hutchison; Jackson; Jordan; Ledbetter; Orr; Plumbee; Reese; Spann; Stepp; Warlick; Williams/Merril; Young/Pace/Stanton

    Church News: Shaw's Creek Methodist Church's Gift

    Obits-Capps; Lowndes; Lyda; McGuire; Russell


    May 2014 Updates:

    Bios: G S Stansill, submitted by Christine Walters; transcribed by Kim Mohler

    Cemetery Additions:
    Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery - Williamson Garren
    Mill Pond Cemetery - William and Rachel Miller
    Oakdale Cemetery - Dixon, Garren, Ives, Pace 
    Shaw's Creek Methodist Campground Cemetery - Johnson, McClain 
    Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery - Elizabeth Gillespie, Harvey Gillespie, Henry Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, Martha Sitton, Silas Sitton

    Marriages: Banning/Allen, Cartner/Allen, Freeman/Lyda, Hawkins/Pace, James/Cochram, Kuykendall, McKinney/Edwards, Truly/Shepard, Waldrop/Russel

    Newspaper Data - Accidents - James Drake scalded; Mrs Frank Walker burnt

    Newspaper Data - Crimes- Joe and Monroe Carson arrested

    Newspaper Data - Fire - Fire destroys Hillgirt

    Newspaper Data -Other News - 29 acres sold

    Newspaper Data - Politics - Candidates 1840

    Newspaper Data - Sick Lists -Hefner

    Obits- Burnett, Dixon, Evans, Featherstone, Garren, Elizabeth Gillespie, Harvey Gillespie, Henry Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, Godfrey, Ives, Jackson, Johnson, McClain, Miller, Pace, Sitton, Ward, Young

    : Report of the Superintendent - Judson College


    April 2014 Updates:

    Cemetery Additions:
    Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery - Erwin
    Pleasant Grove Cemetery - Allison, Cooper, Gray, Orr, Price
    St John in the Wilderness Cemetery -Fowler, Trenholm, Little Willie,Willis
    Newspaper Data - Accidents - Train Derailed near Etowah; Trainman injured at Hendersonville

    Newspaper Data - Crimes- Irwin Victim of Brutal Assault; Acused Held
    Newspaper Data - Sick Lists-Yellow Fever on Train from Jacksonville

    Obits- Trenholm


    October 2013:

    Bios - Williams

    Cemetery Additions:

    Calvery Episcopal Church Cemetery - Lambert
    Jones Cemetery (Hville) - Justus
    Mud Creek Cemetery - Patton, Brookshier
    Oakdale Cemetery - Arledge, Dillard, Williams
    St John in the Wilderness Cemetery - Parker

    Marriages- Fuller/Pearson, Hawley/McCarson

    Newspaper Data - Crimes- Deserter/Bigamist, Jones kills Brookshire, Mrs Ben Hood Shoots Husband

    Newspaper Data - Fire- Hotel at Flat Rock destroyed

    Obits- Quick, Parker, Phinizy, Patton, Toms

    Office of Sheriff 1848 through 1900


    July 2013:

    Cemetery Additions:
    Bearwallow Cemetery - Sinclair
    Calvary Episcopal Church Cemetery - Blake
    French Broad Baptist Church Cemetery - King
    Mill Pond Cemetery - Hooper
    Mills River Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Fulton
    Samuel King Family Cemetery - King
    Shepherd Memorial Park Cemetery - Hooper, Webster
    Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery - Sitton
    Engagement Announcements- Few/Hodges
    Marriages- Whitmire/Deaver, Brown/Holden, Cliff/Hart, Barbour/Fuller
    Military- WWII Honor List

    Newspaper Data - Accidents- Child killed in auto accident
    Newspaper Data - Crimes- Dry Agent is killed near Hendersonville, Henderson county man under arrest for arson, Courier dispatched to ascertain wounded man's condition

    Obits- Blackwell, Blake, Dittmer, Gash, King, Rhodes, Singletary, Sitton
    Wills- H C Jones


    June 2013:

    Anderson, Forest, Gover, Moore, Sample, Satterwaite, Shipp, Steedman, Wright

    Cemetery Additions:
    Ebenezer Baptist Church - Wright
    Mountain Page Baptist Cemetery - Forrest, Yount
    Oakdale Cemetery - Anderson, Gover, Johnson, Sample, Shipp

    School Records:
    Judson College Catalogue of Students 1887-1888

    Newspaper Data:

    Politics - Vote on Prohibition
    Other -  Property Valuation


    April 2013:

    Civil War Amnesty Papers
    Fruitland Cemetery - Justus
    Oakdale Cemetery - Hawkins
    Misc Data - Bransons North Carolina Directory 1890
    Crimes - The Mystery Surrounding the Death of Myrtle Hawkins
    Other Newspaper:
    Henderson and Brevard Railroad Train Time Table
    Henderson County Mines Output 1912
    Henderson County Fears Destruction by Volcano


    December 2012:

    1870 Mortality Schedule
    1852 Rejected or Suspended Pension Applications




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