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Barbee, S.S. Co. Board of Education .
Benson, J.M. Co. Board of Education Chairman
Berry, Alex Clerk of Superior Court .
Bishop, J.C. Co. Board of Education .
Blount, John H. Solicitor 1st District .
Fulford, B.B. Commissioner .
Harris, John G. Commissioner .
O'Neal, A. Treasurer .
Roper, Banjamin F. Standard Keeper .
Smith, A.J. Commissioner Chairman
Swindell, L.M. Register of Deeds .
Tolson, W.N. Commissioner  .
Tunnell, A.B. Sheriff .
Watson, J.M. Supt. Public Schools .
Williams, N.C. Commissioner .
Balance, Wm Ocracoke .
Benson, James M Lake Landing .
Bragg, S.D. Ocracoke .
Carawan, Wm. R. Swan Quarter .
Carter, W.S. Fairfield .
Cartwright, Robert Swan Quarter .
Crary, F.A. Currituck .
Credle, George Swan Quarter .
Gibbs, H.S. Lake Landing .
Gibbs, T.H.B. Fairfield .
Harris, R.D. Currituck .
Jarvis, F.R. Currituck .
Jones, A. McC. Lake Landing .
Mann, W.D. Lake Landing .
O'Neal, Joseph Ocracoke .
Ross, L.S. Swan Quarter .
Sadler, S.B. Fairfield .
Scarboror, Thad Ocracoke .
Seindell, A.M. Currituck Swan Quarter
Simmons, J.C. Fairfield .
Snell, S.L. Currituck .
Spencer, Benj. G. Ocracoke .
Watson, J.M. Swan Quarter .
Watson, R.F. Lake Landing .
Watson, T.M. Fairfield .

(Source: Bransons North Carolina Business Directory, by Levi Branson, 1889)



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