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Business Directory and Proprietors


Source: Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory, by Levi Branson, 1889


Post Office


Abernethy, C.F. Machpelah Farmer
Abernethy, D.F. Machpelah Farmer
Abernethy, G.D. Triangle Corn & Flour Mill
Adderholt, W.M. Lincolnton Farmer
Alexander, A.W. Lincolnton Central Hotel Proprietor
Alexander, A.W. Lincolnton Dentist
Anthony, G.C. Loyd Farmer
Armstrong, J.G. Triangle Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Armstrong, J.W. Iron Station Farmer
Asbury, John Reinhardt Farmer
Baker, Levi Lincolnton Farmer
Baker, W.L. Hull's Cross Roads General Store
Baker, Wm. L. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Ballard, J.M. Kidsville Farmer
Ballard, James H. Machpelah Farmer
Ballard, T.O. Kidsville Farmer
Ballard, William V. Kidsville Farmer
Barkely, J.A.C. Lincolnton Farmer
Barker, W.H. Lowesville Farmer
Barkley, H.C.   Denver Farmer
Barkley, H.C. Sr. Denver Farmer
Barnes, Frank Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Bass, Nelson Henry Farmer
Bass,. N.S. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Baxter, H.E. Orleans Farmer
Baxter, P.F. Lincolnton Farmer
Baxter, T.H. Loyd Farmer
Beal, B.V Lincolnton Farmer
Beal, C. Lincolnton Gold Mine Proprietor
Beal, P.S. Lincolnton Farmer
Beam, Jacob M. Loyd Farmer
Beam, John B. Orleans Farmer
Beam, Mrs. M.A. North Brooks Corn & Flour Mill
Beatty, C.C. Denver Farmer
Beatty, Coleman Denver Farmer
Beatty, Ed. Lincolnton Farmer
Bess, J.F. North Brooks Farmer
Bess, Lawson Orleans Farmer
Bess, P.B.  Orleans Farmer
Bess, P.B. & Bro Orleans General Store
Bess, Thomas Orleans Corn & Flour Mill
Bess, Thomas Orleans Farmer
Bess, Wm. B. Orleans Farmer
Biggerstaff, J.N. Loyd Farmer
Bisaner, J.H. Lincolnton Cluster Flour Mill
Bisaner, W.H. Reinhardt Farmer
Bivens, John Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Black, A. Crouse Farmer
Black, Alfred Crouse Farmer
Black, Alfred Iron Station Farmer
Black, E. Crouse Farmer
Black, J.S. Triangle Farmer
Black, Jo. Crouse Farmer
Black, L.D. Lincolnton Physician
Black, Matthew Orleans Farmer
Black, William Triangle Farmer
Blackburn, J.R. Lincolnton Wagons & C.
Blackburn, J.R. Lincolnton Farmer
Blackwood, Thomas Sains Farmer
Blanton, G.W. North Brooks Farmer
Bolick, B.D. Denver Farmer
Bolick, E.A. Lowesville Teacher
Bolick, Ed. Denver Teacher
Bolinger, L.R. Reinhardt Farmer
Boyd, R.W. Lowesville Presbyterian Minister
Boyles, Adolphus Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Boyles, D.A. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Boyles, David Sains Farmer
Boyles, J.B. Loyd Farmer
Boyles, Stanley Sains Farmer
Boyles, T.B. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Bradshaw, J.F. Iron Station Farmer
Brendle, J.H. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Brendle, W. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Brevard, A.F. Iron Station Iron Furnace Manufacturer
Brevard, A.F. Iron Station Iron Mine Proprietor
Brevard, A.F. Machpelah Corn & Flour Mill
Brevard, A.F. Machpelah Farmer
Brevard, Alexander Iron Station Lawyer
Brevard, Henry Denver Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Brnedle, M.W. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Brotherton, John Kidsville Farmer
Brown, C. North Brooks Farmer
Brown, C.L. North Brooks General Store
Brown, J.A. Iron Station Farmer
Bryant, J.A. Triangle Farmer
Bullard, J.F. Sr. Derr Farmer
Bullard, R.H. Derr Farmer
Burch, J.W. Lowesville Farmer
Burgin, S.D. Lincolnton Farmer
Burke, Johnston Derr Farmer
Burnett, A.F. Machpelah Farmer
Burton, F.C. Beattie's Ford Corn & Flour Mill
Burton, H.W. Lincolnton Gold Mine Proprietor
Burton, H.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Burton, Miss F.C. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Burton, Mrs. F.C. Beattie's Ford Gold Mine Proprietor
Bynum, J.A. Lincolnton Farmer
Bynum, W.G. Iron Station Farmer
Cahill, John Lowesville Farmer
Caldwell, Miss Angie Lincolnton Teacher
Campbell, Milton Lincolnton Farmer
Campbell, Philip E. Lincolnton Farmer
Canips, John Lincolnton Farmer
Carpenter, Dan'l Orleans Farmer
Carpenter, J.A. Lincolnton Saw Mill
Carpenter, J.A. Iron Station Farmer
Carpenter, Jacob A. Lincolnton Farmer
Carpenter, M.O. Pleasant Home Teacher
Carpenter, N.T. Lincolnton Farmer
Carpenter, P.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Carpenter, S. Lincolnton Farmer
Carup, L.B. Iron Station Farmer
Carup, W.P. Iron Station Farmer
Casler, G.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Cauble, Geo. Reepsville Farmer
Caudle, E.H. Lincolnton Builder & Contractor
Caudle, E.H. Lincolnton Saw Mill
Caudle, George Reepsville Saw Mill
Caudle, Hattie Lincolnton Teacher
Cherry, A.L. Triangle Farmer
Cherry, D. Triangle Farmer
Childers, Alfred Denver Farmer
Childers, W.C. Orleans Farmer
Childs, E.T. Lincolnton General Store
Clanton, D.F. Iron Station Farmer
Clark, Maurice Crouse Farmer
Clark, Morris Crouse Farmer
Clemmer, J.M.L. Iron Station Farmer
Cline, F.M. Derr Farmer
Cline, J.K. Lincolnton Farmer
Cobb, B.C. Lincolnton Lawyer
Cobb, J.C. Lincolnton General Store
Cobb, J.L. Lincolnton General Store
Conner, G.J. Loyd Farmer
Conner, Moses Lowesville Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Conner, Mrs. M.L. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Connor, Mrs. M. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Coon, Charles Reepsville Teacher
Coon, D.A. Reepsville Farmer
Coon, Marcus Reepsville Farmer
Cornwell, H.C Lincolnton Farmer
Cornwell, John Lincolnton Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Cornwell, Wade Lincolnton Carriage Manuafacturer
Costner, A. Lincolnton Foundry
Costner, A. Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Costner, A. Lincolnton Corn, Flour & Saw Mill
Costner, A. Lincolnton Farmer
Costner, Wm. Lincolnton Farmer
Crooks, H.J. Lincolnton Farmer
Crouse, R. Crouse Farmer
Crouse, Robinson Crouse Farmer
Crouse, W.L. Lincolnton Physician
Crowell, E. Lincolnton Farmer
Crowell, Eli Lincolnton Physician
Cullen, W. Crouse Farmer
Cushion, J.H. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Davis, J.A. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Davis, J.F. Lowesville Auctioneer & Livestock
Davis, John F. Denver Farmer
Dellinger & Puntch Kidsville General Store
Dellinger, A.P. Iron Station Farmer
Dellinger, C.D. Loyd Farmer
Dellinger, H.D. Iron Station Farmer
Dellinger, J.C. Iron Station Farmer
Dellinger, L.A. Iron Station Farmer
Dellinger, N.M. Lincolnton Farmer
Detter, C.C. Reepsville Farmer
Dettor, J.R. Lincolnton Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Dettor, Loula Lincolnton Teacher
Dixon, Lewis Lincolnton Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Dority, H. North Brooks Farmer
Eaker, Jesse North Brooks Farmer
Eason, Mrs. S.J. Iron Station Farmer
Edwards, G.W. Iron Station Farmer
Edwards, Robert Lowesville Farmer
Edwards, W.R. Lincolnton Grocery Store
Edwards, W.R. Lincolnton Farmer
Elmore, Ephraim Orleans Farmer
Elmore, Kelly Orleans Farmer
Evans, E.K. Lincolnton Hardware Store
Finger, J.C. Lincolnton Farmer
Finger, J.M. Triangle Shoe Maker
Finger, J.M. Triangle Farmer
Finger, T.L. Lincolnton Farmer
Finger, Thos. Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Finley, S.G.O. Lincolnton Lawyer
Fisher, David Lincolnton Farmer
Fostenberry, M. North Brooks Farmer
Fox, Francke Lincolnton Physician
Garland, Jos. Lincolnton Farmer
Gates, M.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Gilleland, H.A. Lowesville Farmer
Goins, P.P. Reepsville Farmer
Goode, B.F. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Goodman & Seagle Seagle's Store Pottery Manufacturer
Goodman, J.S. Henry Farmer
Goodnight, J.N. Sains Farmer
Goodson, Abner Denver Farmer
Goodson, Ephraim Derr Farmer
Goodson, G.W. Machpelah General Store
Goodson, M.A. Derr Farmer
Goodson, Milton Derr Farmer
Goodson, Mrs. B.K. Iron Station Farmer
Goodson, S.V. Lincolnton Farmer
Graham, Flora Machpelah Teacher
Graham, R.C. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Graham, W.A. Machpelah Farmer
Grigg, B.F. Lincolnton Grocery Store
Grigg, B.F. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Guion, B.S. Lincolnton Lawyer
Guion, B.S. Lincolnton Farmer
Hager, A.W.L. Triangle Builder & Contractor
Hager, D.A. Lowesville Farmer
Hager, L.S. Beattie's Ford General Store
Hager, M.S.P. Lowesville Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Hager. L.S. Machpelah Farmer
Hahn, Prof. G.W. Lincolnton Teacher
Hallman, J.D. Crouse Farmer
Hamrick, Mrs. M.A. Iron Station Farmer
Hannieth, J.C. Iron Station Farmer
Harrell, A.G. Lincolnton Farmer
Harrill, R.E. Lincolnton Teacher
Harris, H.W. Iron Station Farmer
Harris, L.L. Iron Station Farmer
Harris, M.L. Iron Station Farmer
Harris, M.S. Iron Station Farmer
Harris, Melchi Iron Station Farmer
Hart, John P. Lowesville Farmer
Hartzog, Dan'l Seagle's Store Pottery Manufacturer
Hauss, Andrew Lincolnton Farmer
Hauss, Geo. A. Reepsville Farmer
Hauss, John Lincolnton Teacher
Hauss, Levi Reepsville Farmer
Hauss, William H. Reepsville Farmer
Hayer, A.W.L. Triangle Farmer
Hayer, C.N. Triangle Farmer
Hayer, D.B. Triangle Farmer
Haynes, John F. Lincolnton Farmer
Haynes, L.D. Lincolnton Farmer
Hearner, George H. Reepsville Farmer
Hearner, George W. Lincolnton Farmer
Hearner, Julius A. Reepsville Farmer
Hearner, T. Lincolnton Teacher
Helderman, G.F. Iron Station Farmer
Helderman, Geo. G. Lowesville Farmer
Helms, P.A. Lincolnton Farmer
Henkle, W.O. Machpelah Teacher
Henkle, W.O. Machpelah Farmer
Henkle,S.C. Lowesville Farmer
Hervick, A. Lincolnton Farmer
Hilderman, G.G. Reinhardt Farmer
Hilderman, John F. Derr Farmer
Hines, Geo. Lincolnton Farmer
Hinsen, Ed. Lincolnton Farmer
Hinson, P.D. Lincolnton Grocery Store
Hobbs, Alfred Lincolnton Farmer
Hoke & Burton Lincolnton Gold Mine Proprietor
Hoke & Gilleham Derr Corn & Flour Mill
Hoke & Michael Lincolnton General Store
Hoke, Alexander Lincolnton Lawyer
Hoke, Frank Lincolnton Farmer
Hoke, J.B. Derr Farmer
Hoke, J.F. & Co. Lincolnton Gold Mine Proprietor
Holloman, J.D. & Co. . Corn & Flour Mill
Holly, M.A. Reepsville Farmer
Hooper, W.B. Iron Station Farmer
Hoover, A.E. Lincolnton Farmer
Hoover, A.J. Lincolnton Physician
Hoover, Edney Reepsville Farmer
Hoover, Jacob A. Lincolnton Farmer
Hoover, John T. Reepsville Farmer
Hoover, W.H. Lincolnton Farmer
Houser, Alexander Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Houser, Daniel Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Houser, Frank Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Houser, Henry Lincolnton Farmer
Houser, Jos. Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Howard, Banks Triangle Farmer
Howard, E.M. Denver Farmer
Howard, F.R. Denver Farmer
Howard, F.W. Denver Farmer
Howard, H. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Howard, H. Durant Denver Farmer
Howard, Henry Denver Farmer
Howard, J.E. Denver Farmer
Howard, J.H. Denver Farmer
Howard, O.M. Iron Station Farmer
Howard, W.G. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Howard, W.H. Denver Farmer
Howell, William P. Loyd Farmer
Hoyle & Co. Sains Corn & Flour Mill
Hoyle, J.A. Iron Station Baptist Minister
Hoyle, J.A. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Hoyle, L.W. Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Hoyle, L.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Hoyle, M.H. Lincolnton Methodist Minister
Hoyle, Mrs. E.W. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Hoyle, Samuel Henry Farmer
Huffsteller, Jeff. Lincolnton Whiskey Distillery
Huffsteller, L.J. Lincolnton Farmer
Hull, A.M. Orleans Farmer
Hull, M.M. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Hull, T.S. North Brooks Farmer
Hullman, Alfred Lincolnton Farmer
Hullman, J.M. Lincolnton Farmer
Hullman, Mrs. C.L. Iron Station Farmer
James, Ed. Lincolnton Planing & Flour Mill
James, Ed. Lincolnton Steam Saw Mill
Jenkens, Hugh Lincolnton Building & Loan Association
Jenkins Bros. Lincolnton General Store
Jenks, T.P. North Brooks Woolcarding
Jenks, T.P. North Brooks Farmer
Jetton, Ed. Reinhardt Farmer
Jetton, F.J. Triangle Farmer
Johnson, R.Z. Lincolnton Presbyterian Minister
Johnston, Bessie Lincolnton Teacher
Johnston, James Denver Farmer
Johnston, James H. Denver Farmer
Johnston, Lucy Denver Teacher
Jonas, Philo Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Jones, Elbert Derr Farmer
Jones, W.M. Derr Farmer
Kayler, L.A. Triangle Tannery
Kaylon, I. A. Triangle Farmer
Keener, L.W. Derr Farmer
Keener, Lewis Lincolnton Gold Mine Proprietor
Keener, Lewis Derr Farmer
Keener, Peter Lincolnton Farmer
Keever, A. Lincolnton Farmer
Keever, Jacob Kidsville Farmer
Keever, Jas. Lincolnton Farmer
Keever, R.A. Kidsville Farmer
Kelly, C.A. Triangle Farmer
Kelly, Charles Derr Farmer
Kelly, W.F. Denver Farmer
Kencaid, D.P. Lowesville Farmer
Kencaid, David Lowesville Farmer
Kidds, J.A. Denver General Store
Kidds, J.M. Kidsville General Store
Kidds, W.S. Denver General Store
Kids, J.A. Denver Farmer
Kids, J.M. Kidsville Sulphur Mine Proprietor
Kids, J.M. Kidsville Farmer
Kids, W.S. Denver Farmer
Killian, H.P. Derr Farmer
Killian, J.A. Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Killian, L.A. Denver Farmer
Kincaid, D. Lowesville Livestock
King, A.H. Triangle Farmer
King, Allan Denver Farmer
King, J. Allen Denver Farmer
King, J.H. Triangle General Store
King, J.H. Triangle Farmer
King, J.O. Triangle Teacher
King, John Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
King, Wm. Triangle Farmer
Kirksey, B.A. Lincolnton Farmer
Kistler, D.S. Reepsville Farmer
Kistler, Jacob Reepsville Farmer
Kizer, William Reepsville Physician
Lackey, J.M. Loyd Farmer
Lackey, T.O. North Brooks Farmer
Lander, Samuel Lincolnton Hotel Proprietor
Lane, J.W. & Co. Machpelah General Store
Lawing, J.M. Lincolnton Drug Store
Lawing, J.M. Lincolnton Physician
Lawing, W.A. Derr Farmer
Lawson, Keener Lincolnton Lime Manufacturer
Leatherman, __ Hull's Cross Roads Baptist Minister
Leatherman, Lawson Reepsville Farmer
Lee, W.O. Derr Farmer
Lehmans, Mrs. A.E. Derr Farmer
Leonard, C.A. Reepsville Farmer
Leonard, James Henry Farmer
Leonard, R.F. Henry Farmer
Linebayer, A.C. Iron Station Farmer
Linebayer, Jas. H. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Linebayer, M.M. Iron Station Farmer
Lingerfelt, J.A. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Link, Andrew Iron Station Farmer
Linton, A. Lincolnton Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Little, A.M. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Little, J.G. Lincolnton Farmer
Little, Martha Beattie's Ford Farmer
Little, Mrs. M.A. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Little, Mrs. V.E. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Lloyd, J.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Lockman, D. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Loftin, C.M. Lowesville Farmer
Loftin, H.W. Derr Farmer
Loftin, Langdon Reinhardt Farmer
Loftin, M.L. Derr Farmer
Long, W.T. Lowesville Farmer
Lowe, D.A  Lowesville Corn & Flour Mill
Lowe, D.A. Triangle Tannery
Lowe, D.A. Lowesville Farmer
Lowe, D.A. & Son Lowesville General Store
Lowe, J.R. Reinhardt Farmer
Lowe, Mrs.M.A. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Lowe, Rufus Reinhardt Farmer
Lowe, S.H. Lowesville General Store
Lowe, S.H. Lowesville Corn & Flour Mill
Lowe, S.H. Lowesville Farmer
Lowe, S.J. Lowesville Jeweler
Lowe, S.J. Lowesville Teacher
Lowe, T.C. Denver Farmer
Luckey, J.B. Triangle Farmer
Luckey, James Triangle Teacher
Luckey, John Triangle Farmer
Luckey, Miss S.M. Triangle Farmer
Luckey, Mrs. Kate Triangle Teacher
Luckey, William Triangle Farmer
Lutz, A.F. Lincolnton Farmer
Lutz, E.F. Henry Farmer
Lutz, M.M. Reepsville Farmer
Lynch, E.M. Denver Farmer
Lynch, E.M. Machpelah Farmer
Lynch, J.P. Iron Station Farmer
Massey, W.T. & Co Lincolnton General Store
McBee, V.A. Lincolnton Lawyer
McBee, W.A. Lincolnton Farmer
McCaslin, Alfred Reepsville Farmer
McCaslin, H.F. Lincolnton Farmer
McIntosh, J.H. Triangle Farmer
McIntosh, J.O. Triangle Teacher
McIntosh, J.W. Lowesville Farmer
McLean, J.Thos. Lincolnton Marble Works
McLean, Mallie Lincolnton Teacher
McLean, R.A. Lowesville Physician
McLean, R.A. Lowesville Farmer
McLurd, B.B. Sains Farmer
McLure, J.W. Crouse General Store
McLure, J.W. Crouse Farmer
McLure, Miriam Machpelah Farmer
McLure, W.B. Machpelah Farmer
McOrkle, R.L. Machpelah Farmer
Michal, J.M. Derr Farmer
Miller, C.P. North Brooks Farmer
Miller, Jacob Lincolnton Farmer
Mooney, G.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Mooney, T.H. Crouse Farmer
Moore, A.F. Derr Farmer
Morrison & Cherry Triangle Corn, Flour & Saw Mill
Morrison & Reinhardt Reinhardt's Corn & Flour Mill
Morrison, J.G. Reinhardt Farmer
Moss, N.H. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Moss, Noah Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Mosteller, Israel Reepsville Farmer
Motz, C. Lincolnton Farmer
Motz, C.   Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Motz, C. & Sons Lincolnton Furniture Factory
Motz, Caleb Lincolnton Fertilizers
Motz, W.H. Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Motz, W.H. Lincolnton Farmer
Motz, W.W. Lincolnton Ice Saloon
Mullen, James Derr General Store
Muller, Jas. Derr Farmer
Munday, F.P. Denver General Store
Munday, J.D. Denver Physician
Mundy, J.A. Kidsville Farmer
Mundy, Jo. Denver Teacher
Mundy, Jo. Denver Farmer
Mundy, Jo. F. Denver Farmer
Mundy, O.W. Denver Farmer
Mundy, Os. Denver Farmer
Mundy, R.M. Denver Farmer
Mundy, Wm Denver Farmer
Nantz, A.C. Lowesville Farmer
Nantz, W.J. Lowesville Farmer
Nixon, A & Co. Triangle General Store
Nixon, Alfred Lowesville Farmer
Nixon, Brevard Lowesville Teacher
Nixon, J.A. Triangle Farmer
Nixon, John H. Triangle Farmer
Nixon, Robt. Triangle Farmer
Nixon, Sallie Triangle Teacher
Noland, W.W. Crouse Corn, Flour & Saw Mill
Noland, W.W. Crouse Dentist
Norwood, Rufus Reinhardt Farmer
Odell, Sallie Lincolnton Teacher
Pain, I.E. Kidsville Farmer
Pain, J.W.A. Kidsville Farmer
Parker, D.H. Machpelah Builder & Contractor
Parker, D.H. Machpelah Farmer
Pendleman & Smith Iron Station General Store
Perkins, Lee Derr Farmer
Petrie, Michal Reepsville Farmer
Phifer & Smith Lincolnton Elm Grove Cotton Mill
Phifer, G.L. Lincolnton Farmer
Plank, J.J. Lincolnton Farmer
Plank, Jos. Crouse Farmer
Pool, T.J. Kidsville Farmer
Pool, W.S. Orleans Farmer
Poovey, D.S. Lincolnton Farmer
Pressley, J.M. Lincolnton Physician
Proctor, A.M. Denver Drug Store
Proctor, H.O. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Proctor, H.S. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Proctor, H.S. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Proctor, J.P. Beattie's Ford General Store
Proctor, J.P. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Proctor, R.G. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Proctor, R.S. Beattie's Ford General Store
Proctor, R.S. Denver Farmer
Proctor, T.H.   Denver Saw Mill
Proctor, T.H. & Bro Denver General Store
Proctor, W.C. Denver Farmer
Punch, J.T. Kidsville Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Quickle, J.C. Lincolnton Farmer
Quickle, Lee Lincolnton Farmer
Ramseur, T.J. Lincolnton Farmer
Ramseur, William Lincolnton Farmer
Ramsey, John Lincolnton Carriage Manuafacturer
Ramsey, W.W. Lincolnton Farmer
Ramsour, H.E. Lincolnton Leather Goods
Ramsour, J.B. Lincolnton Leather Goods
Ramsour, P.W. & Co Lincolnton Tannery
Rankin, Elizabeth Beattie's Ford Farmer
Rankin, H.D. Derr Farmer
Ranseur, Eli Lincolnton Farmer
Reedy, A.W. Lincolnton Grocery Store
Reedy, J.A. Lincolnton Physician
Reel, W.L. Machpelah Farmer
Reep, P.A. Sains Farmer
Reep, Wm. F. Reepsville Farmer
Reep. A.M. Lincolnton Farmer
Reeps, P.A. Reepsville General Store
Reinhardt, J.E. Iron Station Iron Furnace Manufacturer
Reinhardt, J.E. Iron Station Iron Mine Proprietor
Reinhardt, J.E. Iron Station Corn & Flour Mill
Reinhardt, J.E. Iron Station Farmer
Reinhardt, J.F. Reinhardt's Gold Mine Proprietor
Reinhardt, J.F. Reinhardt Farmer
Reinhardt, R.S. Iron Station Owen Flour Mills
Reinhart, R.S. Iron Station Farmer
Rendleman, J.M. Iron Station Farmer
Reynolds, Caleb Crouse Farmer
Rhinehardt, R.S. Iron Station General Store
Rhinehardt, R.S. Iron Station Corn & Flour Mill
Rhinehardt, R.S. Iron Station Saw Mill
Rhodes, H. Henry Farmer
Rhodes, Jacob Lincolnton Farmer
Rhodes, M. Lincolnton Farmer
Rhyne & Abernethy Lincolnton Laboratory Cotton Mills
Rhyne, A.A. Machpelah Farmer
Rhyne, M.J. Reinhardt Farmer
Rhyne, Wm. H. Reepsville Farmer
Richardson, J.D. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Richardson, Mrs. M.A. Lincolnton Farmer
Rinck, Jesse Reepsville Farmer
Roberts, Eli Lowesville Painter
Roberts, J.A. Reepsville Farmer
Roberts, J.M. Lincolnton Lincoln Courier Newspaper Editor & Proprietor
Robinson, J.A. Lincolnton Farmer
Robinson, J.H. Machpelah Farmer
Robinson, L.G. Lowesville Farmer
Robinson, M.W. Kidsville Nursery 
Robinson, M.W. Kidsville Teacher
Robinson, M.W. Kidsville Farmer
Robinson, W.F. Machpelah Farmer
Roseman & Robinson Lincolnton Fertilizers
Roseman, R.M. Lincolnton Farmer
Royster, J.H. Iron Station Teacher
Rozzell, C.S. Denver Physician
Rudasill, J.C. Iron Station Farmer
Rudasill, John Lincolnton Farmer
Rudasill, Logan Reepsville Farmer
Rudasill, M.L. Iron Station Farmer
Rudasill, M.L. Loyd Farmer
Rudasill, Solomon Iron Station Farmer
Rudisill, John Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Rudisill, L.M. Reepsville General Store
Rutledge, R.G. Lincolnton Farmer
Saddler, Alex.  Machpelah Farmer
Saddler, Alexander Iron Station Farmer
Sain, A.C. Henry Farmer
Sain, B.M. Reepsville Farmer
Sain, D. Jr. Sains Farmer
Sain, L.E. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Sain, L.E. Sains Farmer
Sain, Samuel Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Sain, Samuel Sains Farmer
Saunders, T.J. Derr Farmer
Schenck, Alex. Lincolnton Shoe Maker
Scronce, Conrad Lincolnton Blacksmith & Wheelwright
Seagle, J.F. Henry Farmer
Seagle, Jacob A. Reepsville Farmer
Seagle, Munroe Lincolnton Farmer
Self, I. Lincolnton Farmer
Shelton, H.D. Denver Farmer
Shelton, J.B. Denver Farmer
Shelton, J.B. Denver Farmer
Shelton, J.P. Lowesville Painter
Shelton, L.M. Denver Farmer
Sherrill, C.F. Denver Teacher
Sherrill, Dr. J.A. Denver Methodist Minister
Sherrill, J.A. Reinhardt Farmer
Sherrill, J.J. Machpelah Farmer
Sherrill, J.P. Lincolnton Farmer
Sherrill, M.W. Beattie's Ford Farmer
Sherrill, M.W. Denver Farmer
Sherrill, S.P. Lincolnton Insurance Agent
Shittle, Martin Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Shronce, Conrad Reepsville Farmer
Shrum, Daniel Derr Farmer
Shrum, Henry Lincolnton Farmer
Shrum, John Lincolnton Farmer
Shuford, Lawson Lincolnton Farmer
Shuford, Sidney Henry Farmer
Shull, C.W. Loyd Farmer
Shull, Moses Loyd Farmer
Sifford, A. Lowesville Farmer
Sifford, J.A. Triangle Farmer
Sifford, J.P. Kidsville Farmer
Sigman, J.A. Reinhardt Farmer
Sigman, J.W. Machpelah Farmer
Smith, Augustus Iron Station Physician
Smith, C.P. Iron Station Farmer
Smith, F.T. Kidsville Saw Mill
Smith, F.T. Machpelah Farmer
Smith, J.B. Iron Station Farmer
Smith, J.M. Iron Station Iron Mine Proprietor
Smith, R.A. Machpelah Farmer
Smith, W.A. Kidsville Corn, Flour & Saw Mill
Smith, W.A. Kidsville Saw Mill
Smith, W.A. Kidsville Farmer
Sowers, Robert Lincolnton Con. & Grocery Store
Stacy, T.F. Denver Farmer
Stamey Bros. Henry General Store
Stamey, Henry Henry Farmer
Stamey, J.H. North Brooks Farmer
Stamey, John North Brooks Farmer
Stamey, Joseph Henry Farmer
Steele, J.W. Lowesville Builder & Contractor
Stowe, Jasper Lincolnton Gold Mine Proprietor
Stroup, Bartlett Iron Station Farmer
Stroup, M.P. Crouse Farmer
Stroup, Peter Iron Station Farmer
Sullivan, I.J. Lincolnton Farmer
Sullivan, R.B. Lincolnton Teacher
Sullivan, R.B. Lincolnton Farmer
Summerow, Geo. Lincolnton Farmer
Summey, J.P. Machpelah Whiskey Distillery
Summey, J.P. Lowesville Farmer
Summey, J.P. Reinhardt Farmer
Sumner & Ramsaur Lincolnton Fertilizers
Sumner, B.H. Lincolnton Farmer
Sun, W.C. & Bro Denver General Store
Taylor, Monroe Orleans Farmer
Taylor, W.C. Lincolnton Farmer
Thompson, D.G. Kidsville Farmer
Thompson, D.M. Denver Teacher
Thompson, Holland Denver Teacher
Thompson, J.C. Denver Farmer
Thompson, L. E. Lincolnton Lawyer
Thompson, Miss Julia L. Lowesville Teacher
Thompson, Mon. Lincolnton Shoe Maker
Thompson, Mrs. L.R. Denver Teacher
Thompson, O.C. Hull's Cross Roads Teacher
Thompson, O.C. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Thompson, P.A. Denver General Store
Thompson, Prof. D.Matt. Lincolnton Teacher
Thompson, Samuel Orleans Physician
Thompson, T.J. Denver Farmer
Thompson, Thos. Denver Farmer
Thompson, W.A. North Brooks Physician
Thompson, W.A. North Brooks Farmer
Thompson. L.E. Lincolnton Farmer
Tiddy Bros. Lincolnton Paper Mill
Tiddy, Wm. Lincolnton Farmer
Toby, F.A. Lincolnton General Store
Troutman, Wm. Iron Station Farmer
Tucker, C.G. Kidsville Farmer
Tucker, W.S. Kidsville Farmer
Upton, Samuel North Brooks Farmer
Ward, C.W. Iron Station Farmer
Warlick, John Lincolnton Broom Manufacturer
Warlick, Max Lincolnton Corn & Flour Mill
Warlick, Max Lincolnton Farmer
Weaver, W.L.C. Crouse Farmer
Wehunt, W.S. Orleans Farmer
Wells & Love Lincolnton Saw Mill
Wells, Thomas Lincolnton Builder & Contractor
Wetmore, Thomas Lincolnton Jeweler
Wetmore, Thos. Lincolnton Books & Stationery
Wetmore, W.R. Lincolnton Episcopal Minister
Wilkie, L.T. Lincolnton General Store
Wilkinson, D.C.K. Denver Teacher
Wilkinson, D.C.K. Derr Farmer
Wilkinson, L.A.H. Denver Teacher
Wilkinson, L.A.H. Denver Farmer
Wilkinson, Nancy Denver Farmer
Williams, Ransom Sains Farmer
Williams, Wesley Sains Farmer
Williamson, J.M. Lowesville Farmer
Williamson, W.E. Lowesville Farmer
Willis, J.C. Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Wilson, C.L. Henry Farmer
Wilson, Jacob Loyd Farmer
Wilson, Maxwell Loyd Farmer
Wilson, Sylvanus Orleans Farmer
Wingate, N.A. Kidsville Farmer
Wise, Absalom Reepsville Farmer
Withers, W.C. Lowesville Boarding House Proprietor
Withers, W.C. Lowesville Saddle & Harness Manufacturer
Womack, Starling Lowesville Farmer
Wood, A.C. Henry Farmer
Wood, John H. Henry Farmer
Yoder, Wm. Lincolnton Farmer
Young, Solomon Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Yount, D.P. Henry Farmer
Yount, Samuel Hull's Cross Roads Farmer
Yount, Solomon Sains Farmer
Yount, Timothy Henry Farmer

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