North Carolina Genealogy Trails

North Carolina Genealogy Trails

Passengers Listed on Cape Fear Ship
September 1739


That arrived from Argyle, Scotland Sept 1739.
There were 6 gentleman from Argyle, Scotland and Patric Stewart from Perthshire with his wife and younger brother and Ship load of other from Scotland.
GENTLEMAN in this case means those
With the right to bear arms.This has to do with land 4 June 1740.
As promised to Brent. It also has number of acres granted. + other names Thomas Clarks N. Hanover co
James McLachaln Bladen
Hector McNeil Bladen
Duncan Campbell Bladen
Gilbert Pattison Bladen
Rich Lovett Tyrrel
Rd Earl N Hanover
Jno McFerson Bladen
Duncan Campbell Bladen
Neil McNeil {mastered the ship}
Arch Bug Bladen
Duncan Campbel Bladen
Jas McLachlen Bladen
Patric Stewart Bladen
Arch Campley Bladen
Dan McNeil Bladen
Neil McNeil Bladen
Duncan Campbel Bladen
Jno Martileer Bladen
Daniel McNeil Bladen
Wm Stevens Bladen
Jas McLachlen Bladen
Wm Speir Edgecombe
Jno Clayton Bladen
Sam Portevint New Hanover
Charles Harrison New Hanover
Robt Walker New Hanover
Jas Smalwood New Hanover
Wm Faris Craven
Richd Carlton Bladen
Duncan Campbel Bladen
Neil McNeil Bladen
Alex McKey Bladen
Henry Skibley Bladen
Jno Owen Bladen
Duncan Campbel Bladen
Douglas Stewart Bladen
Arch Douglass New Hanover
Robt Clark New Hanover
Duncan Campbel Bladen
James McLachlen Bladen
Arch McGill Bladen
Jno Speir Edgecombe
James Ferguson Edgecombe
Rufus Marsden Edgecombe
Hugh Blaning Bladen
Robt Hardy Beaufort
Wm Jones Beaufort

350 souls principally from Argyleshire. Mathew Rowan, Wm Forbes, Hugh Blaning, John clayton, Robert Hamilton, Griffeth Jones, James Lyon, Duncan Campbel, Dugold McNeil, Dan McNeil, Wm Bartram and Samuel Baker, appointed Justices for said county. Coll. McAlister, Brent-is your sur name Holcomb?
Patric Stewart is my 6 greats uncle.  James Mcougald is my 6 greats grandpa

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