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North Carolina State Data

Biographies Biographies of person of unknown counties
Deaths Miscellaneous Deaths
North Carolina Lynchings
Families William Hunter, 1652
Stewart Family
History History of North Carolina in 1850
Counties of North Carolina in 1850
North Carolina Governors
1866 State Officials
County Boundary Lines 1741
Marriage Marriage Notices
Revolutionary War

1813 Revolutionary War Pensioners
1835 Pensioners living outside of VA in 1835 & were Granted for Services as VA Militiamen

War of 1812

Muster Rolls of Soldiers 1812-1814

Civil War

An Account of the Assassination of Loyal Citizens of NC for Having Served in the Union Army
North Carolina Regiments & Battalions
Today in History: Battle of Bentonville
History of Regiments Written by Respective Commands
Civil War Photographs
Medal of Honor Recipients

Spanish American War

North Carolina Volunteers 1898-1899 - 1st Regiment

World War I
World War I Casualty List
Bios ~ A ~ B ~ C-D ~ E-K ~ M-T 
North Carolina Women in the World War
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Distinguished Service Cross Recipients
Distinguished Service Medal Recipients

World War II

World War II Casualty List
USS Arizona Casualties

Iraq War

Operation Enduring Freedom Casualty List
Operation Iraqi Freedom Casualty List

Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa
North Carolina
From the Mexican War
Land Miscellaneous Articles
Military Reservations, National Cemeteries & Military Parks Land Records
Lost or Extinct Counties
Miscellaneous A North Carolina Poet
Emigrants from England and Scotland
Native Americans 1909 Census - Eastern Band of Eastern Cherokee Agency - Pages: 1-10 /
1835 Cherokee Census & Muster Roll
Cherokee History from Western North Carolina
Newspaper Gleanings Fatal Accident
Prison Escape
Sick List
Miscellaneous News
Obituaries Obituaries of Unknown Counties
Passenger Lists
Cape Fear - Sept. 1739 (Contributed by Raymond)
Schools Provision for the Education of the blind
Slaves Run Away Slaves
Wills Will Abstracts of Unknown Counties
John Arderne
Thomas Blount
William Blount
Edward Bryan
Charles Eden
Alexander Goolatt
Joseph Jenore
Gabriel Johnston
William Little John Lovick
Henry McCulloch
John Moncrief
Samuel Nicholson
George Phenney
George Pollock
John Porter
Susanna Robisson
*Thomas Whitehurst







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