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Prior Updates


    March 2018

    Military Records: Roster of Company D Sixty-Fifth Regiment in the Civil War



    December 2017

    Cemetery Adds: Oak Grove Cemetery: E Allison; C Arnett; H Davis; M Galloway; S Galloway; I King; R Lackey; B Lankford; E Lankford; I Lankford; J Morris

    History Topics: Transylvania County - What It Was and Is (1917)

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Birth Announcements: Robertson
    Community News: Run-away horse
    Court News: Laws and ordinances of the town; Recorder's Court: State vs. Whitmire, Hoke, Robinson, Norris, Powell, Fisher; King vs. Hoke
    Fires, Accidents, Train Wrecks and Other Calamities: O Jones fell; Accidents happening in the Quebec community
    Sick List: P G Morris

    Obits: A E Reese; Resolutions of Respect - W W Zachary


    June 2017

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Community News: Electric lights on all night; Ice 50¢ per 100 lbs; Dog Tax
    Court News: Executors' Notice - Harry A E Jenkins Estate
    Fires, Accidents, Train Wrecks and Other Calamities: Train jumps track at Calvert station
    Gossip & Visiting: Senator Breese's daughter returns home

    Obits: Mrs Loretta Briggs

    March 2017

    Birth Records: Infant Bagwell; Infant Kilpatrick

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Accidents, Fire, Train Wrecks and Other Calamities: Fire claims house occupied by James Neill

    Marriage: Carrier/Barnum; Deaver/Porcher

    Military: Confederate Widow's Pensions

    Obit: Archie Lynch, submitted by Mary Weigandt

    December 2016

    Birth Records:
    Infant (girl) Davis; Infant (girl) Henderson

    Cemetery adds:
    Bishop Cemetery transcription
    Blue Ridge Garden of Memories: Clayton Osteen
    Enon Baptist: Francis Allison

    History Topics:
    Historical Highway Markers
    Transylvania's Great Industries

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Community: Hendersonville - Brevard Road
    Weather: Rainbow in December

    Announcements: Owen/Shepherd
    License Issued: Galloway/Newton; Hollingsworth/Neill; Maybach/Weilt; Osteen/Garren; Reid/Reid

    Civil War Soldiers Profiles: John M Aiken; L M Aiken; George Alexander; William Allen; Francis Allison; Sameul Allison; David Anders; Levi Anders; James Cox; Yancy Cox.

    Rosman School


    August 2016

    Birth Records: Annie Lee Golder

    Cemetery adds:
    Catheys Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: Littleton Aiken; Annie Miller
    Dunn's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: John Heath
    Rocky Hill Baptist Church Cemetery: Berry M Robinson

    County Records: Land Grants 1861-1877

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Accidents: T C Henderson caught in grist mill
    Community News: Business Locals for June 1912; Game Laws for Hunting Season
    Court News: Administrator 's Notice for R J Pickelsimer; Sale of Land for Taxes
    Crime News: Berry Robinson shot; brother arrested
    Gossip & Visiting: E C Kitchens in our city

    Marriages: Galloway/Corpening

    Obits: Mrs Hugh W Sigmon

    School: County Treasurer's Report for 1922


    June 2016

    Birth Records: Ballard; Crary; Macfie

    Cememery adds:
    Duckworth Cemetery transcription

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Community News: Clean Perry Orr Grave Yard
    Sick List: Lankford thrown; Paxton breaks ankle
    Politics:Town and County Government June 1910

    Marriages: McLean/Whitmire; Robinson/Smith; Taylor/Holden

    Military: Civil War Soldiers Records and Profiles:Adolphus E Allison; Benjamin P Barton; William A Bodenhamer: William Cantrell; James H Caul; J J Cox; Marshall M Dunn; William W England; Thomas C Galloway; Wyatt Hudson; Marion A Mull; Thomas Young

    Obits: Mrs Wash Allison; Flem Cison; Olus Dunn; Dora Galloway Kitchen


    March 2016

    Cemetery Adds:
    Davidson River Cemetery: Ephraim Clayton; Thomas D L Clayton
    Duckworth Cemetery: Alfred Duckworth; Isabella Jeffers
    Oak Grove Cemetery: Ellen Allison; Thomas Allison; Prof F J Cutter; Alexander England; Hezekiah Heath; Billie Hunt; Sgt Ernest Miller; Martin Orr; William Osborne
    Whitmire Cemetery: James Whitmire; William Wood

    History Topics: Lewis Redmond "Outlaw"

    Military: Civil War Soldiers Records and Profiles: Charles Allen; Jesse Allison; James Bowling; John Brown; Leonard Cagle; James M Case; Ephraim Clayton; Thomas Clayton; Alexander England; John Featherston; Henry Fletcher; Hasleston Gillespie; Flemming Harris; William Hogsed; John Lance; George Lockaby; James McCall; Martin Orr; Rufus Paxton; Christopher Raines; John Shipman; Samuel Tucker; James Whitmire; John Wilson.

    Newspaper Gleanings: Community News: Pauper Accounts for 1917

    Schools: Carson Creek Roll of Honor Oct 1893

    Obits: Ellen Allison; Hascal Johnson



    October 2015:

    Bio: Charles H Taylor

    Cemetery Additions:
    Catheys Creek Baptist Church: Justus
    Davidson River Cemetery: Gash, Mills
    Dunn's Creek Baptist Church: Gray
    Evergreen-Gillespie: Shuford
    King-Old Town: Morgan
    Little River Baptist Church: Pridmore
    Mount Moriah Cemetery: Dempsey
    Oak Grove Baptist Church: Fisher
    Oak Grove Cemetery: Fortune; McMinn
    Orr Cemetery: Gash, Orr, Shuford
    Piney Grove Cemetery: Shipman

    History Topics: Reminiscences of J M Hamlin

    Newspaper Gleanings:
    Divorce Notices: Rogers vs Rogers; Shelton vs Shelton

    Marriages: Bacon/Henry; Lenderman/Heath; Lewis/English

    Miscellaneous: Prizes offered to pupils for county fair

    Obits: Sidney Fortune; Rev W A Hamet; Emily Mitchell



    July 2015:

    Cemetery Additions:
    Blue Ridge Gardens of Memory: Dickson, McCall, Merrill, Stiles, Tinsley;
    Cathey's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: Barton, Turner
    Cooper's Cemetery: Lynch;
    Davidson River Cememtery: Galloway, Miller
    Dunn's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery: Wilson
    East Fork Methodist Chruch Cemetery: Hubbard;
    Evergreen-Gillepsie Cemetery: Garren, Hampton, Jackson, Kilpatrick, Mull, Paxton, Sims
    Glazener Cemetery: Enloe, Glazner,
    Haskell Powell Memorial Cemetery: Powell;
    Lakeside Cemetery: Hinkle; McKinney
    Little River Baptist Church Cemetery: McCrary, Merrill
    Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery: Boley;
    Mount Moriah Cemetery: Conner, Ross;
    Oak Grove Baptist Church: McCall;
    Oak Grove Cemetery: Crary, Ray, Terry, Wilson
    Old Toxaway Baptist Church Cemetery: Chappel, Holcombe, Powell
    Reid Cemetery: Reid
    Rocky Hill Baptist Church Cemetery: Lee
    Round Top Cemetery: Wilson
    Whitmire Cemetery: Masters

    County Records: Township Formations

    Marriages: Buckner/Metcalf

    Military: Veteran's Memorial; WW II Draft Cards: Chappell; Hinkle; Metcalf

     Slaves: Slaves and Slave Owners



    March 2015:
    Births: Bosse

    Church/Religion: Firsdt Episcopal Service

    County History: National Register of Historic Places;
    Brief County History

    Marriage Records: Gidney/Galloway; Morgan/Justus

    Misc Data: Legend of Kana'sta - The Lost Settlement (Connestee Falls); Lawyers 1921

    Newspaper Data: Other News: Electric Street Lights; Politics: Municipal Election Results; Sick List: Deaver

    Obits: Jones



    December 2014:
    Accidents: Train Falls Through Trestle

    Bios: Aiken, Bryson

    Births: Meece, Summey

    Enon Baptist Church - Allison, Ball, Banks, Barnwell, Beck, Shipman. Little River Baptist Church - Talley

    Marriages: Justice/Osborne; Howell/Case; Williams/Case

    Obits: Pickelsimer, Talley

    Political Register for 1874

    Newspaper Data: Moonshine still, Notary Public

    September 2014:
    Bios: Campbell, Cantrell, Dermid, Fisher, Galloway, D., Galloway, J., Gates, Holcombe, H., Holcombe, K., Holcombe, R.

    Misc: Complete Branson's 1890 North Carolina Business Directory

    June 2014:
    Chemical Engine Explodes, James Aiken killed; Charley Hampton's horse fell; Drexel Brown dog bit; D B Hancock accident; Horrace Galloway killed by falling tree; J L Simpson escaped death.

    Bios: Allison, E; Bell, A; Brown, J; Brown, W D; Ramsey, R.

    Cemetery Adds: Blue Ridge Gardens of Memory - Allison, E; Brown, J 
    Catheys Creek Baptist Cemetery - Harkin
    Enon Baptist Chuch Cemetery - Blythe 
    Hooker-Moore Cemetery - Moore
    Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery - Galloway
    Oak Grove Cemetery - England
    Rocky Hill Baptist Church Cemetery - Hooker; Jones, Infant 

    Marriages: Sammons/Batson; Thrift/Frady.

    Obits: Aiken; Blythe; Croswell; England; Gallaway; Hooker; Jones; Moore.

    Other News: Oak Grove Cemetery Beautification; Painting Bridges; Canning Tomatoes; Expert sent from Ajax Fire Engine Works.

    Politics: County Tax Assessors; County Government 1911

    School Records: Brevard Institute; Public School; Schools of 1878.

    March 2014:

    Accidents: Train No 8 Derailed near Selica; Rogers drowned in Lake Toxaway; Mattheson drowned in Toxaway; Fire at Toxaway Inn.

    Crime: Woman Assaulted

    Cemetery Adds: Enon Baptist Chuch Cemetery- Townsend 
    King-Old Town Cemetery - Morgan.

    Obits: Gallamore; Grimshawe; Hunt; Townsend; Wilson.

    Other News: Judge Day has not purchased land

    School Records: Brevard Institute; Transylvania Teachers Association.

    October 2013:

    Accidents: Gentry shot near Cherry field; Moffitt struck in the head.

    Bios: Wood

    Cemetery Adds: Mount Moriah Cemetery - Whitmire, John C 
    Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery: Whitmire, Delsie
    Old Toxaway Baptist Church Cemetery: Reese
    Union Cemetery - Reid

    Crimes: Mrs J H Reid case dismissed

    Divorce: Terrell vs. Terrell

    Marriages- King/Davis

    Obits- Reid; Whitmire, John C ; Winthrop

    Politics: County and Town Government Officials 1909

    Other News- Local Happenings

    School Records: Mount Moriah Academy

    Sick List: Morgan, Kimzey, Wiley

    August 2013:

    Cemetery Additions:
    Blue Ridge Garden of Memories - Queen
    Catheys Creek Baptist Church - Bryant, Glazener, Orr
    Connestee Cemetery - Lankford
    Davidson River Cemetery - Neill, Poor
    Evergreen-Gillespie Cemetery - Galloway, Misenheimer
    Enon Baptist Church Cemetery - Blythe
    Greenwood Cemetery - Paxton
    Mount Moriah - Moore

    Marriages- Alexander/Alexander, McMinn/Greig, 

    Obits - Blythe, Byrant, Dunn, Lankford, Moore, Neill, Paxton, Poor, Wilson

    Other News - Quarantine Notice

    June 2013:

    Newspaper Data - Accidents:
    Lad (Dorsey Hamilton) Killed by Train
    Brevard Depot Burns

    Newspaper Data - Crimes:
    Mountain Duel Caused by Reporting a Still

    Newspaper Data - Politics:
    Gash - Candidate for re-election to the State Senate
    Voting on Prohibition
    Col. T N Cooper to be envoy for Transylvania County

    Newspaper Data - Other:
    Valuation of Property
    Railroad to be Sold

    Dr W C Fisher

    Davidson River Cemetery - Patton
    Evergreen-Gillespie Cemetery - Daniels
    Little River Baptist Church Cemetery - Hamilton
    Old Toxaway Baptist Church Cemetery - Robinson

    NC Marriage Bonds additions: N thru P ( dated in the 1860's)

    March 2013:

    Marriage Announcements:
    Mr Logan Ball and Miss Olivia Allison
    Prof T C Henderson and Miss Sallie Osborne
    Mr Joseph A Miller and Mrs Louise W Norwood

    Killed by a train - Van Breese
    Fire at Cherryfield

    Hendersonville and Brevard Railroad Train Time Table

    NC Marriage Bonds - A thru M (most dated in the 1860's)

    December 2012:

    Confederate Soldiers Petitions for Pardon
    WW II Honor List

    Newspaper Items:
    Accidents - Water Spout in Transylvania
    Wade Patton Drowned in French Broad River
    Falling Tree Kills Gaston Neil

    Other News - Steamboats on the French Broad River
    George Vanderbilt's Game Preserve




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