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Henderson High School
Pep Pac Yearbook
Class of 1924


Photo Name & Activities Comments
Annie Carolyn Blanchard Annie Carolyn Blanchard

Sigma Lambda Literary Society

Annie is one of those rare individuals who is happy to attend exclusively to her own business. Cheerful, industrious, persistent, she is sure to succeed. The best wishes of 1924.
Clementine Florence Brodie Clementine Florence Brodie

A. A., '24; Marshal, '23 '24.

Clementine is one who sticks close to steady work, takes life rather seriously, particularly when it comes to making 1's on her studies. She doesn't do much loafing, yet in her junior year she was accused of looking twice at on particular male -- shocking!

In seeking higher education we trust that meek, week, voice may develop into something kin, at least, to Billy Crowder's sonorous tone.

Thomas Lewis Brodie Thomas Lewis Brodie

A. A., '22 '23; Dramatics, '23 '24; Most Studious, '24; Class Donor, '24.

"No, I haven't time, I must study - Athletics? No, my work keeps me too busy. My! But I'd like to drop English and French, I'll never need them when I finish school." Yet, he's a scholar and a ripe and a good one. We present Lewis - the diligent.
Mary Elizabeth Carter Mary Elizabeth Carter

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Marshal, '23; Dramatics, '23; Sigma Lamda, '24; Class Prophet, '24.

Mary is one of the fairest and truest girls in the Senior Class. She has just enough wit and personality to make you love her. Always ready to do her share of the work for her school, no matter what the task maybe - that's Mary.
Mary Louise Edwards Mary Louise Edwards

A. A., '21, '22, '24

This young person, while studious, is never over-serious; takes life calmly and quietly and doesn't let things worry her. We are prone to believe that her heart lies buried in Virginia or why should she make such frequent and lengthy visits to the Old Dominion State?
Clemont Durward Evans Clemont Durward Evans

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24

To Durward there belongs the easy faculty of taking things as they blow him way. Easy going, quiet, 1924 has found him true.
Maude Estelle Evans Maude Estelle Evans

A. A., '21, '23, '24

Like the fishermen of Norway, eating and quarreling are Maude's occupations, but she is harmless and only complains for the fun of it. "Fail on history? I shall stop school tomorrow. Science examination? We, just can't take it Tuesday, etc., etc.,"  Yet with it all, Maude always passes and has won her coveted diploma.
Littlejohn Taylor Faulkner Littlejohn Taylor Faulkner

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Football, '21, '22, '23; Baseball, '23, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Secretary of A. A, '23; Advertising Manager, '23, '24; Last Will and Testament, '24.

Take a bushel of fun; add words of gaiety, mix in a jovial disposition, flavor with a smile for every one and bake with a few pranks, such as hanging old clothes over a standpipe, or breaking desks in school - you will produce Littlejohn of the Class of 1924.
Photo Name & Activities Comments
Alice Eugenia Faulkner Alice Eugenia Faulkner

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Basketball, '23, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Dramatics, '24; Statistician, '24; Best Natured, '24.

Alice is worth her weight in gold! 'Nough said! She is the genuine article - all wool, a full yard wide, guaranteed not to rip, ravel or fade. Stands a great deal - even Henry's babble.
Ruby Clare Faulkner Ruby Clare Faulkner

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Editor of Pep Pac, '24; Dramatics, '23, '24; Neatest, '24; V. Pres., '24.

Wanted - A girl with dark hair, hazel eyes; petite, winsome and pretty; capable and dependable. Signed, The Annual Board.

We have such a girl - Senior Class.

Ralph Finch Ralph Finch

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Dramatics, '24; Literary Society, '24.

Although small in stature is Ralph - not so in his accomplishments. We hastily rub up our rusty superlatives for use - enthusiastic, merry, funny, frisky, breezy, sincere - all this is Ralph and more.
Mary Lou Fuller Mary Lou Fuller

A. A., '23, '24; Basketball, '24; Picture Editor of Pep Pac, '24; Dramatics, '24; Most Influential, '24; Monogram Club, '24; President Sigma Lambda, '24; Chief Marshall, '23; Class Secretary, '24.

Scene - Her Christening. Characters - Fairy Godmother and four fairies. First Fairy - "She shall be good (Note deportment grades.) Second Fairy - "She shall be wise." (Note I's on all subjects.) Third Fairy - "She shall be an athlete." (Member of the Girls' Basketball Team.) Fourth Fairy - "She shall be popular." (Observe Senior Class meetings when officers are being elected.)
Dorothy Virginia Gaston Dorothy Virginia Gaston

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Basketball, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Sigma Lambda, '24.

Hail to the most attractive girl in the class! "To know her is to love her." She is a true sport and a good friend. Capable - mixes work with pleasure. "Dot" we're for you!
Helen Hilliard Hayes Helen Hilliard Hayes

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24: C. A. A. Treasurer, '23; Dramatics, '24; Sigma Lambda, '24.

Who'll stay and help clean up the class room? Who'll help arrange the auditorium for Halloween? Who can keep the flowers in good condition? Who's willing to help sell ice cream? Who'll help plan the Senior parties? One answer - Helen
James Sydney Harris James Sydney Harris

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Football, '21, '22, '23; Monogram Club, '24.

Academically speaking, James drifts along. By that we mean that cracking the books is not one of his favorite pastimes. Athletically speaking, James also drifts along - quite strongly. He says he's lazy! Imagine!
Lucy Isadoe Hoyle Lucy Isadoe Hoyle

A. A., '21, '23, '24; Class Musician, '24.

The first to reach the place to help. The most dependable for any undertaking. The best loved by her many friends. The least grumbler of all the class. The last to shirk a duty.
Photo Name & Activities Comments
Benjamin Harold Mixon Benjamin Harold Mixon

A. A., '21. '22, '23, '24; Football,'22, '23; Monogram Club, '24; Dramatics, '23, '24; Class Musician, '22,'23.

Harold is our musical "savior". He plays anything from a drum up. Never has been afflicted with an overwhelming desire to study, yet in the end has made good. His blush is like a red, red rose.
Frank Church O'Neil Frank Church O'Neil

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Editor-in-chief of Pec-Pac, '24; Dramatics, '23, '24; Hi-Y, '23, '24; Marshal, '22, '23.

Frank is a gentleman, an Irishman, a scholar and a friend. He is, to the Senior Class the very essence of brilliance, never making less than ninety-five on any subject. However, his brilliance does not keep him from being very mischievous. We know he will be successful in life.
Ethel Ray Puckett Ethel Ray Puckett

A. A., '23, '24; Most Accommodating, '24; Sigma Lambda, '24.

Ethel is one of the very few blessed with an even temper. She has never been known "to fly off the handle." "A friend in need is a friend indeed' and such is Ethel - quiet and unassuming.
Henry Thurman Powell Henry Thurman Powell

A. A., '21, '22' '23,'24; Dramatics, '24; Hi-Y Secretary, '23, '24; Literary Society, '24; Class Orator, '24; Inter-High School Declaimer, '23.

From a Lawyer's point of view -
He could turn black into white.
From a teacher's point of view -
Capable of splendid work.
From Cecil's point of view -
He's the Prince Charming!
From a philosopher's point of view -
    He has a good mind --it's keen
From his own point of view -
"I recognize few equals and no superiors."
William Greene Royster William Greene Royster

A. A., '21, '22 '23, '24; Football, '22, '23; Dramatics, '23, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Hi-Y, '23, '24; Best Natured, '24; Class Treasurer, '24.

If you want a boy who is ever ready to help, see William. If you want a boy who is always on the job - see William. If you want a boy is quiet - see William. If you want a boy who is always ready to push and boost good things - see William.
William Peers Stainback William Peers Stainback

A. A., '21, '22,'23, '24 Dramatics, '24.

Dear Mabel: - I'm graduatin'! I fell mighty proud of it. "Cause every one ain't smart 'nuff to do it - it takes eleven long years you no - and I've been the whole show this year too - rung every bell. Without me the class would be there yet. And the girls they like me too - 'slong.


Cecil Mae Rodwell Cecil Mae Rodwell

A. A., '22, '24; Class Poet, '24; V. President, '23; Sigma Lambda, '24; Dramatics, '24.

Cecil is the professor of a cheerful disposition. She believes in the saying, "Smile and the world smiles with you, weep and you weep along." Her winsome and attractive manner has won her many friends and they are not at all confined to the fairer sex.
Macy Hamilton Stewart Macy Hamilton Stewart

A. A., '21, '23, '24.

Take a crop of red curly hair and put it above an ear to ear grin and you will have Macy. It's almost impossible to make him mad but when you do, it is a memorable event. He is one of those folks who doesn't say much but keeps thinking.
Photo Name & Activities Comments
Doyle Hartwell Strange Doyle Hartwell Strange

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24.

The Senior Class would not be complete without Doyle. Never do we have a meeting or gathering of any sort but that Doyle's right there. While he is not a star athlete, he is a star supporter, always on the spot.
Charles Phillip Sturges Charles Phillip Sturges

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Dramatics, '23; Hi-Y, '23, '24; Marshal, '23; Secretary and Treasurer Sigma Lambda, '24; Reporter, '24.

O femmes and fair damoseles, take warning! We know not whether Charles has taken many hearts, but we do know that he is an admirer of the ladies. News, oh yes, he's an information bureau. A good student and friend.
Emmie Sue Strickland Emmie Sue Strickland

A. A., '24; Literary Society, '24.

Emmie Sue hails from Georgia, "the land of the crackers."  We are very glad that she decided to complete her high school course with us as she has proved a true and loyal member of 1924.
Baker Upton Baker Upton

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Football, '21, '22, '23; Basketball, '22, '23, '24; Baseball, '22, '23, '24; Business Manager of Pep-Pac, '24; Dramatics, '23, '24;; Most Athletic, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Captain Basketball, '24.

This business manager of ours is a most amazing creature. Do you want a champion football player at the sight of whom opponents quake - a baseball specialist or '"a goal-man from whose hands the ball goes straight into the basket" - then call for "Deacon." And this is not at all the limit of his accomplishments. He is a splendid actor and a student when he want to be.
Jack Willis Upton Jack Willis Upton

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Football, '22, '23; Basketball, '24; Art Editor of Pec-Pac,'24; Dramatics, '24; Best All-Round, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Class President, '24; Hi-Y, '23, Sec. A. A., '24.

Jack surely believes in getting all the joy possible out of life, yet he always seems to know all of his lessons - especially geometry. He is one of the most popular boys in the class, not only with the pupils but also with the teachers. As president of the class, Jack has mead us desire the ability he has - to stand on his feet and speak like a man.
Leon McCollum Vick Leon McCollum Vick

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Baseball, '22, '23, '24; Monogram Club, '24; Dramatics, '24; Hi-Y, '23.

Leon's head will always be a bright spot in the memory of his classmates - thanks be to "Pure Compound Lard." His hair is really a thing of beauty and joy forever. We could not do without Leon. He is a very important part of the Senior Class and also the basketball team.
Carey Petty Waddill Carey Petty Waddill

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Cheer Leader, '21, '22, '23, '24; Dramatics, '23, '24; Class Historian, '24.

Petty is our wide-awake cheer leader and a good one, too, always keeping us from appearing "rural" on most auspicious occasions. Social stuff - well he's right there, ready for every dance and party.
Lucy Grace Walters Lucy Grace Walters

Watkins High School

Grace shares honors with Emmie Sue in being youngest member of our class in point of years since she only came to us this fall. The little we know of her makes us feel that a deep friendship with this most earnest student would be worth while.
Photo Name & Activities Comments
Marvin Daniel Watkins Marvin Daniel Watkins

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; President A. A, '22; Football, '21, '22, '23; Captain, '23; Basketball, '21, '22, '23, '24; Captain, '22; Baseball, '22, '23, '24; Dramatics, '23, '24; Hi-Y, '22, '23, '24; President Hi-Y, '22; Monogram Club, '24.

Marvin, who is ever quiet, well behaved, and good when a teacher is around, changes entirely when the class is left to itself, even for a few moments. He then endeavors to prove to us, in more than one way, that his nickname is truly well chosen. He is, however, our star athlete, having, made every team possible for the past four years. He is one of our best and most popular students.
Sam M. Watkins Sam M. Watkins

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Football, '21, '22, '23; Basketball, '24;; Athletic Ed. of Pep-Pac, '24; President A. A., '24; Monogram Club, '24.

"Sky, the hard little guy from Henderson that even Oxford couldn't knock out." As star quarter-back on the football eleven Sam has led us on to victory and we are going to miss him too. Books, at least text books, have been among the least of his worries. Nevertheless he manages not only to pass but often to make excellent grades. 1924 has always found him a courageous, sincere, and good pal.
Emma Josephine Wortham Emma Josephine Wortham

A. A., '22, '23.

The casual observer might look at Emma and think her quiet, gentle "goody-good." But those of us who know her, find hidden beneath her abundance of marvelous curls a good mind, capable of serious work. Is is only lately that she has begun to spell love with a capital L.
Edwin Tyler Young Edwin Tyler Young

A. A., '21, '22, '23, '24; Dramatics, '24; Literary Society, '24.

Tyler is an all-round favorite with the ladies. His spare hours are always spent in planning a good time for whichever "her" he's taking to the next party. However, we warn him against his craving for "Miss Fatima." Academic work seldom bothers him, yet he always seems to get by. And his attitude toward work is characteristic: "What's the use of knowing that stuff?"

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