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Compiled and contributed by Paul Kankula

  • It's very common for a cemetery to be known by several different names.

  • If the cemetery's alternate name(s) is known it will be noted somewhere on the county webpage. 

FaG - Find a Grave

Cemetery                 GPS Map Source Notes
Academy     FaG Burnsville
Adkins Family &   FaG Bee Log
Adkins Family     FaG Big Creek
Adkins Family     FaG Sioux
Adkins Family, Elbert     FaG  
Allen Family #1 n35 48.850 , w82 18.983 Map USGS Clendell Allen?
Allen Family #2 n35 53.667 , w82 22.333 Map USGS  
Angle Family     FaG Swiss
Angle-Hensley Family     FaG  
Anglin Family     FaG Burnsville
Anglin Family     FaG Newdale
Anglin Family     FaG Rabe
Anglin-Evans Family     FaG  
Arwood n35 51.933 , w82 22.467 Map FaG-USGS  
Atkins-Ledford Family     FaG  
Austin Family, Alma     FaG-USGS  
Austin Family, Andrew     FaG  Price Creek
Austin Family, Clingman     FaG Burnsville
Austin Family, Wade     FaG  
Autrey n35 49.167 , w82 11.583 Map FaG-USGS  
Ayers Family     FaG  
Bailey Family #1     FaG Willis
Bailey Family #2     FaG Dewey
Bailey Family #3     FaG Roaring Fork
Bailey Family, James W.     FaG Burnsville
Bailey-Briggs Family        
Bailey Hill     FaG Green Mountain
Baker Family     FaG Burnsville
Bald Creek     FaG Burton, Cane River
Ballew Family #1 n35 50.067 , w82 09.800 Map USGS  
Ballew Family #2 n35 50.433 , w82 11.133 Map USGS  
Band Mill     FaG Ramseytown
Banks Creek     FaG Burnsville
Banks Family, Everette n35 54.050 , w82 17.633 Map FaG-USGS  
Banks Family, Motsinger     FaG Burnsville
Barnett-Bennett Family     FaG Whiteoak Flats
Bear Creek     FaG  
Bear Wallow     FaG  
Bee Log Hill     FaG Bee Log
Bennett Family     FaG Ramseytown
Big Creek     FaG Sioux
Blankenship     FaG Pine Creek
Blue Rock     FaG  
Boonford     FaG  
Boone Family, Ball n35 55.467 , w82 14.083 Map FaG-USGS  
Boone Ridge     FaG Burnsville
Bowditch     FaG  
Bracher n35 48.450 , w82 08.917 Map FaG-USGS  
Bradford     FaG Burnsville
Bradford Family, Lewis     FaG Ramseytown
Bradford Family, Milburn     FaG Lewisburg
Bradford Hill     FaG  
Bradshaw     FaG Green Mountain
Briggs Family     FaG Burnsville
Briggs Family, Allison     FaG-USGS Burnsville
Briggs Family, Marvel     FaG  
Brinkley Family     FaG Burnsville
Brinkley-Gillespie Family     FaG  
Buckner Family, Jess     FaG Swiss
Burleson n35 52.283 , w82 17.600 Map USGS  
Burton-Howell     FaG  
Brown's Creek Baptist     FaG Burnsville
Bryant Family     FaG  
Buckner Family     FaG Swiss
Burleson Family     FaG Burnsville
Burleson Family     FaG Pensacola
Burton-Roland Family     FaG  
Byrd Family, Bailey     FaG Burnsville
Byrd Family, Hannun     FaG Ramseytown
Byrd Family, William K.     FaG  
Byrd Family, Wilson     FaG Burnsville
Cane River Baptist n35 54.700 , w82 22.283 Map FaG-USGS Burnsville
Cannon Family     FaG Ford Cannon?
Carroway n35 51.033 , w82 11.817 Map FaG-USGS  
Chandler     FaG Ivy Gap
Chandler     FaG Swiss
Chandler-Hensey Family     FaG  
Chrisawn     FaG Newdale
Clay Mound Baptist n35 55.033 , w82 12.667 Map FaG-USGS Micaville
Clearmont n35 58.900 , w82 17.883 Map FaG-USGS  
Concord Baptist     FaG Concord
Cooper Family      FaG Burnsville
Cooper Family      FaG Sioux
Cooper Family, John W.     FaG  
Cooper Family, Ledford     FaG Ramseytown
Cooper-McAlister Family     FaG  
Cox-Hensley Family     FaG  
Crabtree Baptist n35 54.583 , w82 13.850 Map FaG-USGS Burnsville
Crain Family     FaG  
Crain-Webb Family     FaG  
Crisawn n35 46.850 , w82 12.133 Map FaG-USGS  
Dale     FaG  
Dellinger      FaG Riverside, West Burnsville
Dellinger-Ray Family n35 53.567 , w82 18.867 Map FaG-USGS  
Dellinger-Wilson Family     FaG Pensacola
Deyton Family, Levi     FaG Green Mountain
Doan     FaG Burnsville
Double Island Baptist     FaG Double Island
Dulaney Family     FaG Shoal Creek
Edge n35 54.617 , w82 14.083 Map FaG-USGS  
Edney Family n35 55.617 , w82 21.867 Map FaG-USGS  
Edwards n35 59.667 , w82 22.833 Map USGS  
Edwards Family, Dollie     FaG  
Edwards Family, James     FaG Elk Shoal
Edwards Family, Sarah     FaG  
Edwards Family, Thomas     FaG  
Edwards Family     FaG Bald Mountain
Edwards Family     FaG Burnsville
Edwards Family     FaG Green Mountain
Elk Shoal n35 56.983 , w82 23.817 Map FaG-USGS  
Elkins     FaG Price Creek
England     FaG Price Creek
Evans Family, Anglin     FaG Burnsville
Evans Family, James     FaG Burnsville
Evans Family, John     FaG  
Evans Family, Williams     FaG Green Mountain
Fairview n35 51.283 , w82 09.283 Map USGS  
Fairview Church n35 50.417 , w82 09.450 Map FaG-USGS Celo
Faith Fellowship     FaG Burnsville
Fender Family, Zack n35 59.250 , w82 24.317 Map USGS  
Ferguson     FaG Lower, Burnsville
Ferguson     FaG Upper
Ferguson-Wilson Family     FaG Cane River
Fields Family, Lee        
Flat Branch     FaG Green Mountain
Fox Creek     FaG  
Fox Family, John E.     FaG  
Gardner     FaG Burnsville
Gardner     FaG Pensacola
Gibbs Family #1 n35 49.933 , w82 12.117 Map FaG-USGS  
Gibbs Family #2 n35 51.450 , w82 12.000 Map FaG-USGS  
Gragg n35 46.183 , w82 10.517 Map FaG-USGS  
Griffith Chapel AME Zion Methodist     FaG Burnsville
Griffith Family, John O.     FaG  
Griffith Family, Lem     FaG Green Mountain
Grindstaff n35 51.167 , w82 10.267 Map FaG-USGS  
Gurley     FaG Celo
Hall     FaG Double Island
Hall-McKinney Family     FaG Riverside, West Burnsville
Hampton     FaG  
Hedrick Family     FaG  
Hensley n35 53.717 , w82 12.633 Map FaG-USGS  
Hensley Family, Clarence     FaG  
Hensley Family, Turner     FaG  
Hensley Family, Yult     FaG  
Hensley Family     FaG Bald Mountain
Hensley Family     FaG Bee Log
Hensley Family     FaG Burnsville
Hensley Family     FaG Cane River
Higgins Family, Andrew     FaG  
Higgins Family, John     FaG Micaville
Higgins Family, Max     FaG  
Higgins Family, Robert W.     FaG Ramseytown
High Pastures     FaG  
Hilemon-Hylemon Family     FaG Cane River
Hilemon Family, Sam     FaG  
Holcombe     FaG Burnsville
Holcombe-McCracken Family     FaG Burnsville
Holloway     FaG  
Honeycutt       FaG Aka Bradford Hill
Honeycutt Family, Haskett     FaG Burnsville
Honeycutt Family, Haskett     FaG Bee Log
Honeycutt Family, Jeter     FaG  
Honeycutt Family, Styles     FaG  
Horton Hill Church n36 00.800 , w82 17.383 Map FaG-USGS  
Howard     FaG  
Howard Hill     FaG Cane River
Howell     FaG Burnsville
Howell     FaG Big Creek
Hughes Family #1 n35 55.717 , w82 12.967 Map USGS  
Hughes Family #2 n35 56.967 , w82 14.817 Map USGS  
Hughes Family #3 n35 57.200 , w82 13.817 Map USGS  
Hughes Family #4 n35 58.767 , w82 13.850 Map USGS  
Hughes Family     FaG Sioux
Hughes Family, Jones     FaG Green Mountain
Hunter Family, Grover     FaG Burnsville
Hurst     FaG Burnsville
Hyatt     FaG Windom
Jack's Creek Baptist n35 57.650 , w82 19.267 Map FaG-USGS  
Jack's Creek Poorhouse     FaG  
Jarrett-Sparks Family     FaG Burnsville
Johnson      FaG  
Jones Family     FaG Price Creek
King Family, Angle     FaG Cane River
King Family, King     FaG  
King Family     FaG Burnsville
Laws     FaG Green Mountain
Ledford Family  n35 50.983 , w82 23.333 Map FaG-USGS  
Ledford Family, Atkins     FaG Pensacola
Ledford Family, Arcemus     FaG  
Ledford Family, Cornelius     FaG  
Ledford Family, Wilson     FaG Burnsville
Lee Fields n35 46.783 , w82 11.067 Map USGS  
Letterman Family, John   v FaG On Pig Pen Rd
Letterman Family, John FaG Green Mountain
Lewis Family, Arvil FaG Little Creek
Lewis Family, Elzie FaG
Lewis Family, James FaG
Liberty Chapel FaG
Low Gap FaG Burnsville
Maney n35 50.383 , w82 24.783 Map FaG-USGS
Masters FaG Burnsville
McClellan Family FaG Burnsville
McClurd  FaG Aka Upper Bowlens Creek
McCourry Family, Tommie FaG Burnsville
McCracken FaG Burnsville
McCourry Family, Sid FaG Burnsville
McCurry Family, Mal FaG
McCurry Family, Sid FaG Cane River
McCurry Family, Talmage FaG
McCurry, Zeph  
McKinney Family, James W. FaG
McLaughlin FaG Barkers Creek
McMahan Family, Eddie FaG Micaville
McMahan-Vaughn Family+B289 FaG
McIntosh FaG Cane River
McIntosh FaG Price Creek
McIntosh FaG Swiss
McIntruff FaG Price Creek
McPeters FaG Burnsville
Met Family #1 FaG
Metcalf Family #2 FaG
Micaville FaG
Miller FaG Bolens Creek
Miller Hill FaG Ramesytown
Mitchell Family FaG Green Mountain
Morning Star Baptist FaG Micaville
Morning Star Baptist FaG Burnsville
Mount Mitchell Summit FaG Mount Mitchell
Mount Pleasant Church n35 54.800 , w82 26.617 Map FaG-USGS Swiss
Newdale Presbyterian FaG Newdale
Norton Family FaG Burnsville
Paints Gap FaG Aka Metcalf
Patterson Branch Freewill Baptist FaG Burnsville
Patton n35 49.617 , w82 11.517 Map FaG-USGS
Peake FaG Lewisburg
Peake-WallaceFamily FaG Green Mountain
Penland n35 52.083 , w82 18.600 Map FaG-USGS
Pensacole Circle of Faith FaG
Pete Family FaG
Peterson FaG Cane River
Peterson FaG Green Mountain
Peterson Family, Elbert FaG Ramseytown
Peterson-McCoury Family FaG
Peterson Hill FaG Burnsville
Phillips n35 59.600 , w82 22. 883 #### FaG-USGS Bee Log?
Philips FaG Burnsville
Phillips FaG Coy
Phillips FaG Franklin
Phillips Family, John FaG Bent Creek
Phillips Family, John W. FaG Bald Creek
Piercy FaG Burnsville
Piercy FaG Double Island
Pine Forest Baptist FaG
Piney Hill Freewill Baptist FaG Cane River
Pleasant Grove Church n35 59.017 , w82 12.667 Map FaG-USGS Burnsville
Proffitt Family FaG Bald Creek
Proffitt Family, David FaG Higgins
Radford Family FaG Cane River
Ramsey Family FaG Bee Log
Ramsey Family FaG Burnsville
Ramsey Family, Johnnie FaG
Randolph Family, C.E. FaG Burnsville
Randolph, Jasper (grave) FaG
Rathburn FaG Paint Gap
Ray Family, Baccus n35 51.867 , w82 19.300 Map FaG-USGS Bachus?
Ray Family, Cornelius FaG Burnsville
Ray Family, G.D. FaG
Ray Family, David M. FaG
Ray Family, Jess FaG
Ray Family, King FaG Cane River
Ray Memorial Park FaG Concord
Ray-Riddle FaG
Renfro Family, Jessie FaG Green Mountain
Riddle n35 59.783 , w82 14.100 Map FaG-USGS
Riddle FaG Pensacola, Upper
Ridgeview Presbyterian FaG Green Mountain
Roberts Family, Henry H. FaG
Robertson Family, Charles FaG Blue Rock
Robinson Family #1 n35 46.733 , w82 12.500 Map USGS
Robinson Family #2 n35 51.567 , w82 10.267 Map USGS
Robinson Family #3 n35 51.567 , w82 11.433 Map USGS
Robinson Family #4 n35 53.133 , w82 11.517 Map USGS
Robinson Family #5 n35 53.800 , w82 23.267 Map USGS
Roland n35 55.267 , w82 20.683 Map FaG-USGS Henry Halle Roland
Scott n35 51.867 , w82 23.117 Map FaG-USGS
Shepherd FaG Swiss
Silver n35 54.433 , w82 14.800 Map USGS
Silvers Family, Jack FaG
Silvers Family, Silar FaG Burnsville
Silvers Cliff FaG Micaville
Simms Fork Baptist FaG
Simmons n35 47.383 , w82 12.883 Map FaG-USGS
Smith Family, Lucius FaG Burnsville
South Estatoe Baptist FaG
Styles Family, J.M. FaG Price Creek
Swiss FaG Bald Creek
Thomas n35 59.400 , w82 11.867 Map FaG-USGS
Tipton Family, Joseph FaG
Turner FaG Bee Log
Union Grove Baptist n35 52.617 , w82 17.600 Map FaG-USGS
Victory Baptist FaG Burnsville
Warrick FaG Whiteoak Flats
Watts FaG Bee Log
Webb FaG Green Mountain
West Burnsville Church n35 54.800 , w82 19.133 Map FaG-USGS
Westall n35 48.667 , w82 12.183 Map FaG-USGS
Wheeler n35 48.767 , w82 21.200 Map FaG-USGS John B Wheeler?
White Oak FaG
Whitson Family FaG Ramseytown
Whitson Family, Naff FaG Burnsville
Whittington n35 55.017 , w82 22.600 Map FaG-USGS
Will Young n35 54.933 , w82 11.150 Map USGS
Williams   FaG Cane River
Williams Family, Issac FaG Bee Log?
Wilson Family #1 n35 54.667 , w82 12.167 Map FaG-USGS
Wilson Family #2 n35 55.367 , w82 12.533 Map FaG-USGS
Woodby Family FaG Burnsville
Woody Family #1 n35 58.833 , w82 12.700 Map FaG-USGS
Woody Family #2 n36 00.483 , w82 12.683 Map FaG-USGS
Worrick n36 02.717 , w82 20.833 Map FaG-USGS
Wright Family, Lark FaG Jack's Creek
Wright Family, Lark FaG Burnsville
Wyatt n35 54.933 , w82 12.217 Map FaG-USGS
Young's Chapel FaG Aka R. Grover, Newdale
Young's Chapel Freewill Baptist FaG Burnsville
Young Family #1 n35 55.383 , w82 10.167 Map USGS
Young Family #2 n35 55.483 , w82 15.367 Map USGS
Young Family #3 n35 56.367 , w82 12.817 Map USGS
Zion Baptist FaG


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