Dakota Forts

Fort Abercrombie. Established August 28, 1858. Located on the left bank of the Red River of the North at Graham's Point, twelve miles north of the confluence of the Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail rivers. Established by Lieutenant Colonel John J. Abercrombie, 2nd U.S. Infantry, for whom the post was named, it was intended to protect settlers in the Red River Valley from the Sioux Indians. It was the first permanent U.S. military fort established in what was to become North Dakota and was also the only post in the area besieged by Dakota warriors for more than six weeks during the Dakota Conflict of 1862. The fort served to guard wagon trains and steamboat traffic on the Red River and was also a supply base for wagon trains headed to the Montana border. Latter on in its life, Fort Abercrombie was the terminus of the military mail routes from Fort Stevenson via Fort Totten and from Fort Wadsworth (Ft. Sisseton) via Fort Ransom. Because of the threat of flooding in the bottomland area originally chosen for the fort, it was reestablished in July 1860 at its present location on a high west bank of the Red River in what is now Richland County. Finally abandoned on October 23, 1877, the buildings were sold to area settlers for their use. The military reservation was transferred to the Interior Department on July 14, 1880.


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