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Founded in 1883.
The largest city, as well as being the county seat, is Lakota.


* Aneta * Lakota * McVille * Michigan City * Pekin * Petersburg * Tolna


  • Adler
  • Bergen
  • Central
  • Clara
  • Dahlen
  • Dayton
  • Dodds
  • Enterprise
  • Field
  • Forde
  • Hamlin
  • Illinois
  • Lakota
  • Lee
  • Leval
  • Melvin
  • Michigan
  • Nash
  • Nesheim
  • Ora
  • Osago
  • Petersburg
  • Rubin
  • Rugh
  • Sarnia
  • Wamduska
  • Williams

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Website Updates:
July 2012: bio for FOSTER
April 2012 Obit for Chas. Rafter, Emil Glans. Henry Rude and Nettie Thompson and many many more- Marriage Announcements-Bios for Lewis S. helgeland, Samuel Samson, Harris A. Oakland, John W. Bliss and Frederick W. McDougall - History
Previous Updates:
Biographies for GARDINER, GRONNA, HELGELAND, HUSO, MORKRID; List of Cemeteries, Military Records

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