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The early settlers of Antelope County suffered but little molestation from the Indians. From a little pamphlet descriptive of the county, written in 1878, by A. J. Leech, one of the early settlers, we make the following extracts: "In 1870, the settlers suffered from the first Indian raid. A party of ten Indians visited the new settlement, appearing friendly at first, but in two or three instances becoming extremely insolent, firing a number of shots into the house of Louis Petras, finally stealing nine horses and hurrying off toward the Sioux reservations in the Northwest."

"In November, 1870, the Indians made a second raid upon the settlements, breaking into the

house of Robert Horne, living on the head of Cedar Creek, carrying off or destroying all his

household goods. These Indians were followed by fourteen of the settlers, overtaken and

severely punished * * a few miles below O'Neill City. Two of their number were killed and two or three known to be wounded. The whites also suffered in this little battle, two of them

receiving severe arrow wounds and having one horse killed and two or three wounded.





Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Produced by Jeannie Josephson



Contributed by:  David Griffiths - UK