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Boy Falls Through Ice, Saved From Drowning   

Special Dispatch to the World Herald
Neligh, Nebraska, December 8.--Lyle Howell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Howell, had a narrow escape from drowning Saturday. He was at the dam where workmen were engeged in tearing out the structure, and attempting to break the ice, he fell into the water.

Guy Stone turned just in time to see the youth's hand sticking out of the water, and by a quick move grabbed it and pulled the boy out.

The World Herald:  Omaha
Tuesday, December 9, 1924

Oakdale News Notes   

Oakdale, Nebraska, February 18. – Special to the News:

The Boosters Club appointed a committee to arrange for a banquet to be given two weeks from last night, being the first annual banquet, of the club, also with the view of entertaining the road overseers of Oakdale, Cedar and Grant townships, and to talk over with them and come to some definite conclusion as to improving the roads tributary to Oakdale, this committee to arrange with the Ladies’ Aid Society to furnish their supper.

Oakdale has recently voted $20,000 bonds for a new school house, vote carrying 183 to 31.

Oakdale business men have formed a Booster’s Club, with fifty charter members, object being to improve the conditions of the roads leading to town, and in various other ways improve the conditions of the town and surrounding country.

The Edwards and Bradford Lumber Company has purchased the reminder of the stock of Stringfellow Brothers.

M. L. Thompson of Battle Creek is making arrangements to put in a general stock in the building just vacated by Stringfellow Brothers.

O. B. Manville and Son, the real estate firm, have sold to J. W. Johnson of the Oakdale Drug Company for Anderson and Lagger, the building now occupied by the Oakdale Drug Company and the Oakdale Sentinel. Mr. Johnson contemplates extensive improvements in the way of remodeling and painting the building, interior and exterior.

Contracts are under consideration by the Oakdale Booster Club to grade ten miles of roadway leading south from town, also to clay three miles of road leading southwest towards Elgin.

George W. Hunter of Loretto transacted business in Oakdale.

Pat Murphy, who was recently kicked by a horse, be able to be about again.

John Murphy, who has been very seriously sick with pneumonia, is reported as doing nicely.

Clare Strange, who has been attending state agricultural school at Lincoln, has returned home.

The senior class of Road goes to Neigh tonight to take the county teachers’ examinations.

There is a famine of houses to rent in Road. Six families are now waiting to get a house to rent.

A. G. Beach, who has recently come here from South Omaha to take care of the field work for O. G. Manville and Son, real estate dealers, has finished moving into their new home.

Levi Sutra of Newman Grove was transacting business in Oakdale.

Roy Means of Columbus is here for a few days’ visit with relatives.

It is reported that Mrs. Ingalsbee has purchased the Foltzx house now occupied by Professor Schienmann, who will vacate as soon as he can obtain another house.

It is reported that Mrs. William Clark has purchased the Pratt residence.

H. S. Manville is able to be about town again after an illness confining him to the house for the past five weeks.

Dr. L. L. Nelson returned from Omaha, where he had gone to accompany Mrs. Beef, who had an operation performed.

After an absence of a couple of months, Miss Fannie Means returned from Bohstown, Texas, where she has been visiting her parents.

Martin L. Thompson of Battle Creek, who is going to located a $15,000 stock here, was in the city.

Frank Seims, Sr., was a business visitor to Tilden. Mr. Seims expects to remove to Colorado the first of March.

B. P. Clemensen has been hauling lumber this week for the erection of some new buildings on his farm two miles south of town.

Mr. and Mrs. William Clark anticipate moving into their new home in a few days.

George W. Park was a business visitor to Neligh.

A telegram from Omaha reports Mrs. Beer as recovering nicely from her operation.

The Norfolk Weekly News Journal
February 24, 1911

Fire was Suppressed at Torpins Home   

Oakdale, Nebraska, December 24. – Special to the News:

A fire caught under the range in the kitchen of C. H. Torpin’s elegant home in this city but was extinguished before any large amount of damage was done. The floor was burned through, and some of the joists were almost burned in two before the fire was put out.

Weekly News Journal
December 25, 1903