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    Mrs. Agnes McKenzie

    Who died Saturday at her home east of Lyons, was buried here today, the funeral being a large one.

    She was the wife of the late Henry McKenzie whose death preceded hers by only a few weeks.

    She was born in Scotland and immigrated to this county with here husband during the early settlement of Burt County.

    They were the earliest of homesteders of this place.

    Lyons, Nebraska - Nebraska State Journal
    Wednesday Morning - October 26, 1910

    P. Emerson Taylor

    Lyons, Nebraska, April 10. – P. Emerson Taylor, United States consul at Port of Spain Trinidad, who died here Tuesday night, was appointed from Lyons in 1909.

    He was born at Dry Run, Pa., and was 42 years old. He leaves a mother, Mrs. Martha Taylor, and sister, Nellie, of this place; Mrs. Earlwaite of Walthill, Neb., a sister; also a sister, Miss Mary Taylor, a nurse in Chicago.

    He was county attorney for Burt county several years ago.

    It is thought his wife was on her way to the United States when he died.

    Omaha World Herald –Apr. 11, 1913
    Transcribed and contributed by:  Dan Zwakman

    Mrs. John Reisch

    Lyons – Mrs. John Reisch, one of the earliest pioneers of this place, died at her home south of Lyons.

    Her husband died a number of years ago.

    Omaha World Herald –Aug. 23, 1921
    Transcribed and contributed by:  Dan Zwakman

    Child of Morris Christenson

    Tekamah, Neb. July 20:   Morris Christenson’s three year old son was kicked to death by a horse.

    Hearing a scream, the child’s mother ran to the barn and found the youngster almost lifeless, with the top of his head almost kicked off.

    The Christenson farm is ten miles north of here.

    Source: The Alliance Herald, July 23, 1908 edition
    Transcribed by: Melody Beery

    Lucinda Frances (Watson) Pence

    Lucinda Frances (Watson) Pence was born in Clark county, Indiana, August 17, 1851 and after nearly 71 years of life her weary body entered in rest at Tekamah, Nebraska, April 20, 1922. When a babe she moved with her parents to Clark county Illinois, and there grew to womanhood. At Martinsville, in that county, she was married to Joseph Pence October 7, 1875.

    The new home was in Lincoln, Ill. until 1881, when they moved to Burt County Nebraska, which has since been their home, excepting two years in western Nebraska, in 1914 the residence was taken up in Tekamah. There came into the home three children, Edwin, who died in infancy, Mrs. Clarence Snyder who passed away recently and Mrs. Herman Lester of Tekamah who joins with the father in their bereavement. She was also a mother of two a nephew and a niece who came into the home on the death of a brother of Mr. Pence, they are Joseph Pence and Mrs. Eva Anderson. She joined the Christian church at Arizona about 20 years ago and has been a faithful follower of the Master.

    She made a home for her granddaughters, Mrs. Helen Beaver and Mrs. Lois Schaefer while they were in the high school, and was a mother to them.

    Besides these eight other grandchildren, William Lester, Annie Lester, George, Fred and Edwin Lester; also Vesta, Fred and Wilma Snyder; four sisters, Mrs. Sarah Wildy; Mrs. Alice Pence, Mrs. Mollie Sanderson and Mrs. Josephine Warkin all of Terre Haute, Indiana and three brothers John Watson of Terre Haute; Robert of Stoneford, Ill. and Jack of Martinsville, Ill. and other relatives, nieces and nephews join with the immediate family in morning the death of one who in spite of being a shut in brought sunshine and cheer.

    Funeral services at the home on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock with Rev. Jackson in charge. Interment was had in the Tekamah cemetery.

    Out of town relatives attending the funeral were Mrs. Joseph Markin and son, Terre Haute, Ind; Mr. Jack Watson, Martinsville, Ill; Mr. Commodore Beaver, York Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pence and son, Mo. Valley, Iowa; Mrs. Etta Wolfe, Wilma Snyder, Omaha and Mrs. C. E. Bean, Lyons.

    Unknown Newspaper, c. April 1922
    Submitted by: H. Lee Watson

    Dr. Frank Simon

    Special to the World Herald

    Oakland, December 1.--Dr. Frank Simon, for many years a Burt County physician, died this home here recently.

    The World Herald: Omaha, Nebraska
    Monday, December 2, 1929

    Johannes Carlson

    One of the pioneers of this city, died yesterday from a stroke of paralysis.

    Saturday, December 15, 1894
    Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXX  Issue: 75  Page: 2

    Jack Jones   

    Child Burns To Death In Barn on Farm

    Body of Babe, Thought to Have Started Fire, Found by Mother

    Special Dispatch to the World Herald

    Lyons, Nebraska, November 16.—Jack Jones, 4 son of Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, burned to death yesterday morning at 11 o’clock in a barn on the Jones farm eight miles east of Lyons.

    The fire destroyed the barn and nearby haystack and boy’s charred body was found in the ruins after the fire by Mrs. Jones.

    The child is believed to have been playing with matches in the barn and to have set the barn afire. Frightened by what he had done, he is thought to have hid in the manger. It was there the mother found his body after the fire had burned low.

    Funeral services will be held Friday.

    The World Herald, Omaha
    Friday, November 17, 1922

    W. W. Latta   

    Funeral of W. W. Latta

    Body of Burt County Pioneer Laid to Rest at Tekamah

    W. W. Latta, whose funeral occurred at Tekamah, was a pioneer settler and prosperous citizen of Burt County.

    Mr. Latta, during his thirty five years’ residence in Tekamah, was an active factor in municipal affairs. For some years he was interested in the hardware business and in late years was connected with the First National Bank of Tekamah, of which he was president since the death of his cousin, Congressman Latta, nearly a year ago.

    During all these years Mr. Latta still carried on his farming and live stock business with his son, Bud R. Latta.

    Mr. Latta’s estate is estimated to be worth $1,000,000.

    The Alliance Herald
    July 11, 1912

      Erick Anderson   

      Anderson Falls to Death

      Oakland, Nebraska, April 16. – Erick Anderson, a prominent farmer living two and one half miles south of here, while feeding hay from a rack to his cattle, in some way fell off onto the ground, braking his neck.

      He was not found until sometime afterwards. His death is supposed to have been instantaneous.

      The Red Cloud Chief
      April 20, 1906