all items transcribed by: Melody Beery unless otherwise noted

At the residence of the officating minister, near Berwyn, Custer County, December 24, 1900, by Rev. R. Bellis, Mr. Edward L. Allen and Miss Bessie Bishop, both of Kingston, Neb.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 27, 1900 edition, transcribed by Melody Beery]

Sunday March 24, 1901, in the Baptist Church, Charles L. Barrett and Leona May Harris. Rev. S. W. Richards officiating.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Harris, highly respected citizens of this city.  She is a lady of culture and refinement, and one of Custer county's most successful teachers.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barrett of the West Table, and a prosperous farmer.  He is a young man who bears an excellent reputation, is industrious and starts in life with flattering prospects before him.  He has a fine farm a few miles west of this city, off of which he sold corn last fall raised in one season equal to the value of the farm.

The ceremony wasperformed in the presence of a large audience at the close of the morning sermon, by the pastor, Rev. Richards.  The matter had been kept so quiet that but few knew of it until the high contracting parties accompanied by their groomsman and bridesmaid, and the parents of the bride and groom entered the auditorium at the closing of the last song.

As they marched down the isle Mrs. Alden who presided at the organ, played a wedding march until they reached the front of the rostrum, when Rev. Richards in a short ceremony pronounced them man and wife.  Then the entire bridal party retired to the residence of the bride's parents, and the wedding march again being played, when a few invited guests enjoyed an elegant dinner prepared for this occasion.  Mr. Olin Harris acted as groomsman and Miss Lucy Harris as bridesmaid, brother and sister of the groom.  Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harris gave an infaire dinner at their home, and a number of guests were invited.  The Republican extends to the bride and groom congratulations over the happy event, and wish their future may be crowned with happiness and success.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, March 28,1901]

Sunday May 26, John T. Brown of Lomax, and Miss Barbra Helmuth of Oconto, Rev. S. C. Cadwell officiating.  The wedding was a quite, yet pleasant affair, only the near relatives being present.  The ceremony was performed at the home of Mr. J.H. Brown parents of the groom.

The contracting parties are among the most highly respected young people of the county.  The Republican joins their host of friends in wishing them a happy and prosperous future on lifes journey.
Source: Custer Co Republican, June 6, 1901

Miss Rachel Caress, of Gandy, known to many of the readers of the Republican, was married on Tuesday of last week to a Mr. McGrew, a North Platte merchant.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican April 6 1899, transcribed by Melody Beery]

Wednesday evening, March 14, at the residence of the bride's parents J.W. Clay of Ansley and Minnie M. Amsberry of Broken Bow, Rev. S.C. Cauldwell officiating.  The bride is the oldest daughter of ye scribe.  Sincer her graduation from the Broken Bow High schools, in "94" she has been teaching.  We think she is one of hte best girls in the county.  The groom is a young man of good reputation and is a farmer by occupation.  After the ceremony, supper was served to a number of guests, who with but a few exceptions were the young associates of the contracting parties.  Mr. and Mrs. Clay were the receipents of a number of valuable and useful presents.  The occasion was made more pleasant, by the appearence of the Boys Broken Bow Bank who serenaded the company and joined in the festivities of the hour.
[Source: Custer County Republican March 17, 1900 edition,transcribed by Melody Beery]

Harvey J. Crow and Miss Mamie G. Collins of Thedford, were united in marriage Tuesday, June 17, Judge Armour performing the ceremony.
Source: Custer Co. Republican, June 20,1901

At the residence of the bride's parents, in Berwyn, Custer Co. NE, Dec. 25th, 1900 by Rev. R. Bellis, Mr. Herbert A. Cummins of Ansley and Miss Ada A. Betts of Berwyn
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 27, 1900 edition]

Howard Decions and Allie thomas of Ravenna were married last night, at the home of I.A. Reneau, Judge Armour officiating.  The band made them a call and was treated royally.  the married couple will go to house keeping at once on Mr. Reneau's ranch on the Middle Loup.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican March 17, 1900 edition, transcribed by Melody Beery]

Eastman and Clawson, at the U.B. parsonage, Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. H. E. Myres officiating, Mr. George T. Eastman, of Kinston and Miss Delia Clawson, of Broken Bow.  The groom is well and favorable known in the vacinity of Lee's Park as a successful farmer and Miss Clawson was one of Broken Bows estimable young ladies.  The young couple took their departure on Tuesday after the wedding, for Washington state, where they expect to make their future home.  Their many friends join with the Republican in wishing them a happy and successful journey through life.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 6,1900 edition, transcribed by, Melody Beery]

Friday, November 30, at the residence of Judge Armor, Fred Ebert and Mrs. May Sikes, both of this city, Judge Armour officiating.  The groom is one of the best known citizens of Broken Bow.  For a number of years he has had charge of Tierney's meat market in this city, which not only includes the business of retailing stake but of buying hogs, cattle corn, poultry and checking out the cash therefore; he is one of those individuals who is absolutely trustworthy and regards the business of his employe with the same care and prudence as he would were it his own.  His bride is a lady who enjoys the esteem of her aquaintences.  They have gone to housekeeping in rooms in the second story of the Union block, over Walton's drug store building.  The Republicans joins their many friends in congratualtions.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 6, 1900 edition, transcribed by, Melody Beery]


Howard Elison and Lucy Greenlee of Ansley, were married last night at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Greenlee, near Mason City, Elder Wagner officiating.  The Republican extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Elison.  May happiness and prosperity attend them through life.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican April 13 1899,transcribed by Melody Beery]

On November 1, 1899 at brides parents home, near Callaway Nebr. Mr. Benjamin F. Empfield and Miss Grace McClure, Rev. Buckley officiating.  They were kindly remembered with both useful and ornamental resents.   They will go to housekeeping near Ryno, where the groom has lived the past two years, and they now have everything neeeded to start out on the voyage of life with the best wishes of many friends.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican Nov. 2, 1899]

Merna Nebr.June 12, 1901
Married, at the home of the bride's parents, in Ortello valley, by Rev. H.C. Bradley, pastor of the M.P. Church, of Merna, Neb., Mr.Chalmers Empfield and Miss Carrie Waddington, the groom's brother, Levi, and the bride's sister, Eva, assisting in the ceremony.  This happy event occured at high noon, the young coupld and their escorts entering the parlor amid sweet strain of music. 

The ceremony was a solem affair, and impressive.  The bride's costume was of white India linen, trimmed with white satin ribbon and flowers.  The groom wore the conventional black.  The young couple are both well known as they are both teachers of Custer county, the bride's parents being long respected residents of Ortello valley.

The young people will reside on Mr. Empfield's ranch, at Ryno, Neb. where he has quite extensive possessions.  The wedding was witnessed by about fifty relatives and friends and was a very neat affair.   Many valuable and useful presents were received by Mr. and Mrs. Empfield.  May they enjoy much of connubial bliss.
Source: Custer Co. Republican, June 20, 1901

At the Kearney Catholic church, Sept. 6, 1900 Mr. M.J. Flood and Miss Mary W. Regan, both of Merna, Nebr., Rev. Father Petlock officiating, assisted by the grooms brother, Rev. J.J. Flood, of Sydney.  The reception was given at the Windsor hotel, Kearney, where a pleasant time was had.  The bride recived many valuable presents.  They will make Kearney their future home.

June 3, 1901, at the Grand Central Hotel in Broken Bow, Nebraska, Mr. Eugene W. Gill and Miss Emma Houck, both of Mason City, Judge J.J. Snyder officiating.
Source: Custer Co. Republican, June 6, 1901

Yesterday afternoon, in this city, Ross Haddicks of Merna, and Miss Matilda Hammond, of Huxley, Judge Armour officiating.  The happy couple left on the evening train for Merna where the groom works on the section.  The bride is a daughter of Ab Hammond, a good citizen and well known to many readers of the Republican.

At the residence of the bride's parents, near Berwyn, December 16th, 1900 at 3:00 p.m. sharp, by Rev. Richard Bellis, Mr. Geo H. Hart to Miss Andrew Christenson both of Berwyn.  The young people were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents.  They will remain in the neighborhood the coming year, Mr. Hart having rented the Noonan property, where they will embark on life's journey together.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 20, 1900 edition, transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Mr. George Helm and Miss Bertha Draper formed a life union last Sunday at the home of the bride, in the village of Westerville.  This worth couple have hosts of friends in this community, who wish them well and a happy journey through life.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican January 11, 1900]

Clinton Hewitt, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hewett, of Mullen, passed through the city westward bound, Saturday evening accompanied by his bride, to whom he was married, Christmas, at Glenwood, Iowa.  Her maiden name was Winnie Rect, formerly of Anselmo.  For some time past she has been a teacher in Glenwood.  The Republican extends to Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt congratulations.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Custer Co. NE, Jan. 3., 1901]

Ralph Howe and Miss Mamie Bennett, two of Ansley's estimable young people, were united in marriage on Wednesday of last week.
[Source Custer Co. Republican, March 28, 1901]

Henry A. Johnson and Miss Ella Thome were married at the residence of the brides parents Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kelin in this city last Friday evening.  Rev. E.A. Knight officiating.
The Bride is the daughter of Mrs. Kelin and for the past two years has been a stenographer, and for eightteen months of the time has held a position in the office of Morgan & Skillman.  She is a young lady who enjoys the high esteem of all who know her.

The groom is a prosperous famer and stockman.  He is out of dbt and has his four hundred acre farm stocked with one hundred head of cattle, horses and farm machinery.  The wedding was a quiet affair, only a few of the immediate friends being present.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson left Saturday morning on a visit at Fremont with relatives of the groom where they will spend a few days before beginning housekeeping.  Those present at the wedding and who enjoyed the wedding supper were Messrs and Mesdames A. Morgan, F.M. Skillman, G.W. Apple, J. E. Lipton and Mrs. E. Reyner, Misses Libbie Brenizer and Mamie Thompson, and Jas. McMillian.  The Republican extends to the happy couple congratulations.
[source: Custer County Republican, Broken Bow, NE, April 26, 1900 edition]

At the home of the bride's parents near Merna, Miss Deedie Kelley to Mr. Frank Coover, Rev. Graham officiating.

On March 28th, a large number of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Kelley to witness the marriage of their daughter, Deedie, to Frank Coover of Broken Bow.  The groom is one of Custer County's industrious farmers and is a young man of sterling qualities and is highly esteemed by all his associates.  The bride is a young lady well worthy of the prize she has won.  Chas. Kelley, brother of the bride was grooms man and Miss Ioney Foley bridesmaid.  Ater the ceremony the gurest partook of a splendid dinner of which everything was bountiul.  On account of sickness of the grooms parents an inare dinner was given on the 29th at their home at which all enjoyed a pleasant time.  The happy couple will spend the futrue year on the old Robb arm near Berwyn.  They received many useful presents which are to numerous  to mention.  The writer wishes them a happy voyage through life.
[source: Custer County Republican, April 5, 1900 edition]

At the home of the bride's parents, Christmas night, at 8 o'clock, Lieut. H.F. Kennedy and Miss Nannie Talbot, Rev. Geo. R. Boomer officiating.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 27, 1900 edition, transcribed by Melody Beery]

The parlor of the home of Mrs. R. Klatt, residing five miles north east of Anselmo, was the scene of a modest wedding ceremony September 23rd,by which her daughter, Ida was united in marriage with Cary W. Layton, Rev. W H.D. Hornaday officiating.  The groom is one of our returned soldiers from Manila, who is well know and highly respected by all. The bride was becomingly attired in a creamy white of some soft, clinging material, trimmed in cream satin and chiffon, with tiny white roses in her hair.  She is known as one of our sensible and lovable girls.  The happy couple will reside in the north part of town at present.  May their future life be filled with sunshine and happiness.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, September 28 edition]

At the home of the brides parents, in Swiss Valley, Custer county, Nebraska at 3 p.m. February 24, 1901, by Rev. Richard Bellis, Mr. Alfred Larson and Miss Lula Perle Govier, both of Greene Nebraska.

After the ceremony, the large company of friends, did ample justice to the wedding dinner prepared for the occasion, which was duly appreciated by all.  The young people were the recipients of many beautiful presents.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Feb. 28, 1901 edition]

Married at Ansley June 27th Geo. Lenninger, Co. Supt. of Sherman County and Miss Ethel Burns.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, July 5, 1900 edition]

At the residence of the bride's parents, Tuesday November 8, 1900, at Alliance Neb.  Lorin Lewis of Broken Bow and Miss Florence Tompkins of Alliance.  The bride is young lady of culture and refinement and is highly esteemed by those who know her.  The groom is an industrious young carpenter by trade.  He grew up in Broken Bow and enjoys the esteem of a host of acquaintances.  He has  been working at his trade in Alliance during the summer and returned their the first of the week.  He has a homestead in Brown count to which place he will move soon.  While in the city he and his bride were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Bruce.  The Republican joins their friends in congratulations
[source: Custer Co. Republican, Nov. 15, 1900 edition]

At the residence of the bride's parents, three miles east of Merna, Custer County, NE, December 25, 1900, Mr. George W. Luce, of Murray Iowa and Miss Sarah D. Perry of Merna Neb.Rev. S.W. Richards officiating.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Dec. 27, 1900 edition, transcribed by Melody Beery]

Monday Nov. 12, 1900, at the office of the county judge, Charlie McLaughlin of Merna and Miss Ida Burk, of Broken Bow, Judge Armour officiating.  After taking dinner at the Globe, Mr. and Mrs. Loughlin left for their home, already prepared by the groom, two and one half miles southwest of Merna.  May happiness and prosperity attend them is the wish of the Republican
[source: Custer Co. Republican, Nov. 15, 1900 edition]

Married on Dec. 24th, 1899, at bride's parents near Etna, Neb. Mr. P.M. McNally to Miss Auna McClebben, James Chittick, J.P. officating.  Both of the contracting  parties are well and favorably known in their community, and start on their voyage of married life with the best wishes of a large circle of friends.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican January 25, 1900]

Sunday October 7th, 1900 at Merna Neb. Mr. Theodore A. Miller and Miss Susie Gordon, both of Merna, Rev. Bradley officiating.  The bride is one of the most estimable young ladies of Merna, and is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Gordon, highly respected and well to do farmers near Merna, who are among the pioneers of that vicinity.  The groom is the editor and proprietor of the Merna Sun.  He is a young man of honesty and integrity, industrious, and possesses many of the qualifications necessary to success in life.  Prior to taking charge of the Sun he was forman in the Republican office, hence we know personally whereof we speak.  We extend to him and his bride our best wishes, and shall ever rejoice with them in their success and happiness on their journey in life.

[Source: Custer Co. Republican October 11, 1900]

Cards areout announcing the wedding of Joseph Moore and Arlie Sargent, at Christian church, June 19, at 8 oclock, p.m.
Source: Custer County Republican, June 13, 1901

At the residence of E.D. Dubank.  Samuel D. Myers and Miss Edna E. Harnet June 26th, 1900.  May joy and prosperity crown their lives.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, June 28, 1900 edition]

Geo. Mulvany and Miss Hatti Spencer, of Mason City, were married Wednesday of last week, Rev. J.R. Woods officiating.  The bride for several years has been one of the successful teachers of Custer County and is highly respected.  The groom has almost grown up in Custer County.  He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mulvaney, of Mason and enjoys the esteem of all who know him.  The Republican joins with their many friends in extending congratulations.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, June 28, 1900 edition]

A quiet wedding occurred at the M.F. Parsonage Sunday evening before services Rev. Hornaday officiating, which united in holy matrimoney, Willie H. Osborn and Hattie B. Carr, both of our city.  Horace Kennedy and Nannie Talbot acted as groomsman and bridesmaid.  Mr. Osborn was one of the faithful Lieutenants of First Nebraska and is highly respected.  The bride is a most estimable christian, a respected member of the M.E. Church, and a favorite among a large circle of friends.  Her bridal costume was the attraction of a large crowd that had congregated at the M.E. Church to see the happy couple.  She was attired in a delicate shade of blue satia with overdress and trimmings of real chiffon.  She wore a large corsage bouquet of natual flowers.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican November 23, 1899]

Mrried, at the M.E. Parsonage on the morning of February 13 at 8:30, Jere Pearsall and Miss Mary Moody.  The young couple, who are well known and highly respected, left after the wedding for their new home at Comstock, Neb.  The best wishes of their friends follow them.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Feb. 21, 1901]

At the residence of the bride's parents near Weissert Nebr. on June 24th, 1900, Mr. Ross D. Picket to Miss Lydia E. Hilton, Rev. L.L. Epley officiating.  The groom is well known in Custer County, being the son of Dr. J.J. Pickett, until receantly, for many years one of Broken Bow's leading physicians.  the bride is the daughter of one of our successful farmers, an old settler near Weissert.  the young couple start in life with bright prospects and the best wishes of many friends.  Among many presents were the following:  Organ, Mr. and Mrs. David Hilton; Lace Curtains; Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Campell, bowl and pitcher, George and Leonard Hilton; glass set, Francis Hilton; berry spoon, Miss Cora Pickett, Kokomo Ind; check for $10, Lee Pickett.  The happy couple will make their home at Central City where the groom is Professor of Commerce in the Friends College.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, June 28, 1900 edition]

Herbert L. Pierce and Miss Mary L. Hewitt of Mullen were married at the U.B. parsonage Thursday of last week in this city.  rev. E.E. Eplep officiating.  The bride was formerly a resident of Broken Bow, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hewitt.  May happiness and prosperity be their lot is the wish of the REPUBLICAN.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican February 15, 1900 edition]

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross, April 8th, at 11a.m.  their daughter, Carrie to Mr. Chas. Brown, John. F. Haney officiating.  After the ceremony a compnay of about fifty invited friends and relatives enjoyed a bounteous feast of good things.  A number of useul presents were presented to the bride and groom.  The bride has recently closed a very successful term of school.  Mr. Brown, the groom, is one of Custer county's wide awake young men.  This worthy couple will go to house keeping at once on their farm south of New Helena.  Their many friends wish them a life of happiness and prosperity.  May their joys be many and their trials few.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, April 12, 1900 edition]

At the home of the bride near Georgetown Nebr. Alvin H. Said and Miss Italee Bryson, June 17th, 1900.  May success and happiness be their lot in life.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, June 28,1900 edition]

On Sunday, Sept. 2, a large number of the friends of the families of F.E. Scott, of Turner Valley, and C.W. Fodge, of Prarie Hill met at the home of the latter to witness the uniting in matrimony of Ezra G. Scott and Miss Stella Fodge, Rev. L.L. Epley officiating.  This young couple is among the best in Custer county, and start in life with flattering prospects.  They will begin housekeeping in Turner Valley, attended by the best wishes of their many friends. 
(Source: Custer Co. Republican, Sept. 13, 1900 edition)


Married at the bride’s parents in Custer Canyon, January 1, 1900, Mr. Emmett Shoup and Miss Lizzie Booth.  I.H. Howell officiating

Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday January 4, 1900 edition

Transcribed by: Melody Beery


At the residenceoif I.H. Russell, on January 15, 1900, Mr. L.A. Simons, of McCool Junction, and Miss Minnie Pear, of Arnold, I.H. Russell officiating.  Mr. Simons is the efficient and genial mail carrier between Broken Bow and Arnold, and is noted for his strict integrity.  The bride is a young lady that is highly spoken of by all who know her, and the writer wishes them a happy and prosperous life.

Source: Custer Co. Republican
January 18, 1900 edition

John Squires and Nellie McComas were married at Plattsmouth Wednesday of last week.  Mr. Squires has purchased the Mullen property, north side where they will make their home.  The Republican extends congratulations.
Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday January 11, 1900 edition
[Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Sunday night, Sept. 17th at the M.E. Church, Andrew Snyder and Miss Claudie Carlos, both of this city, Rev. W.H. D. Hornaday officiating.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Carlos, of this city, who are among the first settlers of the county, having homesteaded on Clear Creek near Huxley.  In after years they located in Ansley to afford better educational facilities for their children, Claudie and Clyde, where they both graduated.  They then moved to Broken Bow, where their daughter was engaged in teaching in the city school.  She is a lady of refinement culture and intelligence and enjoys the esteem of all who know her.  The groom is the older of the firm of Snyder Bros. and proprietors of a large dry goods and clothing store of this city, who are doing a thriving business.  He is a young man of exemplary habits, excellent character and fine business ability.  They left Monday morning for the east on their wedding tour, expecting to return Friday night.  The Republican joins their host of friends in congratualtions and wishes them a long life of happiness and prosperity
[source: Custer Co. Republican, Sept. 21, 1899 edition]

Rev. Epley united in marriage Saturday at the U.B. parsonage, Homer C. Tait and Jennie C. Campbell of Cherry county.  Mr. Tait is a prominent cattle man of Cherry county.
[source: Custer Co. Republican April 26, 1900 edition]

Rev. Teagarden united in marriage Ernest Taylor and Miss Minnie Moore, both of Ansley. June 28th, 1900
[source: Custer Co. Republican, July 5, 1900 edition]

Married at the bride's residence near the thriving village of Weissert, on Sunday April 22nd, Mr. Baseman Taylor, late of Seward, but at present a resident of Westerville, to Miss Maggie E. Shore, of Weissert.

The above seems to be a brief item of a few short words, and yet in our social circles it throws all other topics of conversation into the shade.  Rev. Kyle, of Douglas Grove, tied the knot that completed the act of welding two loving sould into one and two throbbing hearts to beat in loving unison, which we hope may continue through all the vicisitudes of a long and happy life.  Upward of fifty guests were present to witness and partake of the goodness and sweetness that the joyous occasion so lavishly afforded.  Mr. Ambrose young served in the capacity of the goom's best mand and Miss Alice Taylor of Seward, with nymph like grace, acted as bridesmaid and last to be mentioned, but not by any means least in importantance among the list of attending  officials, that prince of courteous etiquette, Samuel D. Jones, of Westerville, occupied the resonsible position of master of ceremonies, and echoes of his praise are still ringing through Clear Creek Valley, of the masterly manner in which he conducted the various and divers matters that called into requistion his skill, tact and good every day sense.  A list of the many useful, beautiful and ornamental presents would occupy too much space in your valuable columns for us to catalogue them all, and to mention a part only would maphap give offense to those persons whose presents were not enumerated; let it suffice to give you a partial list of those guests who were honored by an invitation and who seem never to tire of reciting the pleasant and amusing incidents that occurred to enliven this happy couple's wedding day:  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Hickenbottom, Joseph Speese, Wm. Amos, Bose Campbell, Samuel D. Jones, Harvey Smith, W.S. Shore, A. Richardson, Mrs. Susan Speese, Miss Alice Taylor, of Ansley, Miss Amanda Conrad, of Broken Bow, Mr. Radford Speese and Mr. James S. Shore of Westerville.  Many others were in attendance whose names we cannot at present recall.  Taken all in all it came the nearest to being an up to date nuptial ceremony that we ever had the pleasure to witness
[source: Custer County Republican, May 3, 1900 edition]

At the residence of the brides father, Mr. D.N. Woodruff, September 3, 1899.  Mr. Oscar E. Thompson, of Upton and Miss Florence W. Woodruff, of Georgetown, the Rev. B.H. Hunt, officiating.  The Republican extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson in their new venture and wishes them a long life of prosperity and happiness.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican September 7, 1899]

Jan. 1,1900.  D.W. Thomson and Miss Setta Mengel.  The bride is a well known and popular business lady of this city, for years having been engaged In the millinery business. She is a lady of high standing and enjoys the esteem of a large circle of friends The groom located in Custer county nineteen years ago last fall on a half section of government land near Westerville.  Four years prior to 1890 he was the efficient deputy county clerk under J J Brown He is now general agent for the Deering Manufacturing Co, and is located at Council Bluffs, Iowa.     The Republican extends to them congratulations.

[Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday January 4, 1900 edition,Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

George Troyer, and Miss Maude McCandless were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents on Cliff table, on Wednesday of last week, Rev. Ransom, of this place officiating-Callaway Courier

Married at the home of the bride's parent's, W.W. Tooley on Wednesday, January 24th by J.W. Megan, John W. Varner and Miss Effie E. Tooley.  The Republican extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Varner and wishes them a long, happy and prosperous future together.

[Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday January 25, 1900 edition,Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

At the Presbyterian parsonage on January 10th. Mr. Chas. D. Whaley and Mrs. Rebekah M. McFate, both of Calloway

[Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday January 11, 1900 edition,Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Married, December 12, 1899  at the home of W. W. Potts, Mr. Luther Wilcox and Miss Alice Bryan both of  Huxley, Neb. T.B. McDonald officiating. 

[Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday January 4, 1900 edition,Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Mr. Joseph Winn and Miss Leota Eubank, both of Custer County, were married at Gandy, Logan County Nebraska September 15, 1900 by Judge Hoagland.

[Source: Custer County Republic, Thursday October 11, 1900 edition,Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Married at Farmers resturant, Broken Bow March 10, 1900, Harry Wright and Mrs. Myra Austin both of Sargent, Rev. Horaday officiating.  Mrs. Austin is wll and favorably known as one of the young teachers of Custer County and a daughter of A.R. Damon of Sargent.  Mr. H. Wright is a young man of education strictly moral and industrious and enjoys the esteem of his acquaintces.  Mr. and Mrs. Wright will occupy the farm near this city vacated by S. Brady.

[source: Custer County Repbulican, March 15, 1900 edition]

At the home of the bride's parents in Dry Valley, Custer county, Nebraska, at 7 oclock p.m., February 24, 1901, by Rev. R. Bellis, Mr. William A. Young, of Dannebrog, Howard County, Nebraska and Miss Lula Shores of Weisert, Nebraska.

The words being spoken which made of "twain one flesh," the company retired to partake of the wedding supper which gave ample proof of painstaking and a high degree of of proficiency in the culinary art.  AFter supper songs of praise were sung by the Spease brothers, and others, which greatly enhanced the enjoyment of the evening.  The presents were beautiful and useful.  Presentation speech by Mr. Taylor, and responce by the groom, in a very happy and feeling manner, showing great appreciation of these tokens of respect and affection.
[Source: Custer Co. Republican, Feb. 28, 1901 edition]

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