The Custer County Teacher's Association, held at Merna, Saturday, March 4th, was in every way a success.  Owing to sickness, however, several who were on the program were unable to attend, but their subjects were discussed in a more or less impromptu manner by those present.  Considerable time was given up during the morning session to the discussion of writing.  Both the verticle and slant systems were ably supported, with a majority in favor of the verticle.  The subject "My Difficulties" was taken up and discussed by Principal B.B. Hawthorn, Mrs. Porter and others. 

The afternoon session opened with a greatly increased attendance, not only teachers, but town people and patrons of the school, all of whom seemed deeply interested in school and school work.  Among the treats of the day was the paper by V.P. Frye on "the amount of Individual Help a Teacher Should Give a Pupil". This subject was well handled, and many points brought forth in an exceedingly clear and concise manner. 

The paper by Supt. Tooley, was a finished production, showing deep thought and clear reasoning.  He took the position that too much money and attention are given a few high schools and universities, to the neglect of of our common district schools. The session was closed with a question box which was most enjoyable and instructive.

In the evening a lecture by Dr. C.I. Mullens, "Some Observations in the Philippines", was given.  This was certainly a treat to those who are interested in the welfare of our nation, and threw light on a good many dark places.  He received a most cordial welcome, and his effort was delightful.  Take it all in all, the meeting was a most entertaining as well as instructive one, and was pronounced by many the best meeting they ever attended in the county. 

The teachers were royaly entertained by the patrons of the Merna School.  Miss Henne is an ideal president, and her enthusiasim and earnestness will be felt throughout the county.  Our next meeting will be held at Mason City sometime in April.

March 16, 1899
transcribed by: Melody Beery

 The following pupils of district No. 59, Custer County, have been neither absent nor tardy for two weeks ending October 27th; Glen Ream, Edwin Wright, Harry Wright, Ruby Baker and Lillie Baker.  Kevin Potts, Teacher.

Custer County Republican
November 2, 1899
transcribed by: Melody Beery-

The following named teachers closed three month terms of school last week:  Miss Greer at Custer, Miss Conroy at Riverside, and Mr. Garland Lewis at No. 141, He is amongst the best teachers that has been in the neighborhood since Mr. Johnston left;  he gave good satisfaction and is a moral man; very studious.  He will be heard from later.

[source: Custer Co. Republican, Nov. 30, 1899 edition]

The following are names of the pupils in Dist. No. 59 who have neither been late nor tardy for the month ending Nov. 24.  Ednna Wright, Harry Wright and Ruby Baker.  Erwin Potts, teacher
[source: Custer Co. Republican, Nov. 30, 1899 edition]

Mrs. Thompson, who was one of the teachers of the Broken Bow schools, has been compelled to give up her school on account of sickness, an has moved back to Doniphan, Hall county.  Mrs. J.E. Adamson has been employed to fill the vacancy.

[source: Custer Co. Republican, Nov. 30, 1899 edition]
The school board has reorganized by electing A.R. Humphrey, president; J.J. Wilson, vice president, and W.B. Eassham, secretary. The other members of the board are Alpha Morgan, Mrs. C.L. Gutterson and H.Lomax.
The following teachers have been reelected.  Superintendent, J.E. Adamson.  Primary teachers, Misses nan Alexander and Della Downey.  Grades 3 and 4, Misses Mary Beale and Sadie Whitehead.  Grades 5 and 6, south side,Miss Millie Warrington.  Grades 7 and 8, north side, Mrs. Della Adamson.  An assistant superintendent and two grade teachers are yet to be elected.  It is probable that Miss Jennie Tucker will be retained.  As Mr. Teagarder is not an applicant for reelection for assistant superintendent there will be a vacancy in that place.

[source: Custer Co. Republican, May 10, 1900 edition]

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