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 Big Springs



    Big Springs, the second. town of importance in Deuel county. It is located in the southeastern part of the county on the Union Pacific railroad.  In the Platte valley is the center of a fine irrigated farm district and is a growing town of progressive people.


    Big Springs was platted and the plat recorded at Sidney, November 6, 1884 and the Union Pacific railroad filed the plat.


    At an earlier date the station was known as Lone Tree. Big Springs was known at an early day as it was not far from the present town that the “crossing” of the famous Oregon and California trails occurred.


    In 1883 Big Springs settlement consisted of one adobe house aside from the railroad section house and depot.


    About the first store in Big Springs was erected by Abbott & Kimball.


    Big Springs had the first organized school district in Deuel county territory, being No, 2, of old Cheyenne county.


    Big Springs once cast an enormous vote on a county seat election, more than five thousand votes were returned but failed to get the county seat.


    Frank Dixon, one of the leading merchants of the town has lived here since the early seventies, being one of the first men to establish a store.


    A. E. Phelps built a hotel in 1884, and opened. it Christmas eve of that year. He has run the hotel for thirty-seven years, being the pioneer man of his line and one of the oldest business.


    J. H. Jewett, who was the first State Senator from the panhandle.  His ranch was located near Big Springs and in 1885 he induced the bonding of the Big Springs precinct for a bridge across the South Platte River.



    Source:  History of Western Nebraska