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Pathfinder Hotel





    Explosion Rocks Downtown Fremont





    In 1873 the Occidental Hotel was erected at 6th and Broad by the Fremont Building Association and at a cost of $20,000.


    E. L. Enos purchased it in 1881 and the name of the three story hotel changed to Enost Hotel.


    In 1915 a community meeting was called to discuss the need for a larger hotel.  So in 1917 the Hotel Pathfinder was built on that location and called the hotel that "Fremont built:."


    It had 115 rooms and guest capacity of 360.  Each room had hot and cold water and circulating ice water, private toilets and a phone. 


    Salesmen came by train and carted their wares to the hotel for showing area merchants.


    Zasu Pitts, Barney Oldfield, Billy Sunday and Helen Keller were a few of the distinguished guests. 


    In 1954 a gas explosion caused damage to the drug store and basement and again on January 10, 1976 another gas leak caused the total loss of the building.  Twenty people lost their lives in the blast.




     Transcribed from photograph contributed by:  Foxie Hagerty