Tuberculosis Hospitals







Mrs. K. R. J. Edholm,

Executive Secretary of the Nebraska  Tuberculosis Association,

Omaha, Neb.







Nebraska Hospital for Tuberculosis

West Kearney (Jan. 26, 1912)


For all classes and cases.


Capacity: 100


Rates: Free to bona fide residents of the state unable to pay.

From $10. to $30. per month for other residents, according to their means.

$65. per month for non-residents, after all residents are cared for.


Superintendent and Medical Director: Dr. L. T. Sidwell


How to reach: By taxi from station, two miles.







Douglas County, Hospital, Tuberculosis Ward

Poppleton and 40th St. (June 1908)


For consumptive inmates of the county hospital.


Capacity: 26


Rates: There are no charges for the residents of Douglas County, but those who desire may pay $1.00 per day.


Chief of Staff: Dr. John E. Summers


Medical Director: Dr. G. M.  Mc Ardie


Application should be made to County Administrator of Charities.


How to reach: West Leavenworth street car from Omaha.













Contributed by:  Candi Horton





Source: National Tuberculosis Association; Directory of Sanatoria Hospitals and Day Camps,

            For the Treatment of Tuberculosis; New York;  August, 1919