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Dundy County Geography

Canyons, Sandhills and The Republican River

The North fork of the Republican River enters Nebraska just west of Haigler, joins the Arickaree at Haigler and flows along the southern border of the state to Benkelman where it joins with the South Fork .  

South of the river are the Arikaree Breaks which are a group of high sided canyons of Loess soil that are too rough to farm.  The land through this stretch of several miles has never been broken and one can still imagine how it was before settlers came in the late 1800s.  West of Haigler lies Trail Canyon where large herds of cattle moved through the area in the "old west days".  

North of the River on the west end of the county are sandhills which morph into dark farmland on the east and broken by several spring fed creeks and canyons draining into the Republican.  The largest of these is Rock Creek on which is located a fish hatchery and small fishing & camping lake.

The Burlington & Quincy Railroad follows the River through the county and provides shipping for grain from the storage elevators located in Haigler, Parks and Benkelman.

The main industries in Dundy county are cattle and farming.  

The Great Republican Valley
Rock Creek Recreation Area

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