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Dundy County Military

Dundy county veterans have served in many places, ranks and arenas.  Listed here are those patriotic men who represented us down through the years by serving their country in the military service.  

U.S. Veterans

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Civil War
(Listed on separate page)

World War I Veterans
World War I Draft Registrations
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World War II Veterans

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Gold StarGold Star Boys
(Listed on separate page)

Korean War
Loren Bier Donnie R. Brown Dale A. Bush John Corder
Darrell Cox Leon Douglass Robert Douglas Dean Erdman
Bert LeRoy Hanes, Jr. * Bill Hardwick Anita L. (Samler) Hayne Marvin Kamla
Robert Kamla Ira Long Stanley Long Lynn Martin Jr.
Kenneth Potthoff LeRoy V. Rathbun Harry Redden Jerry V. Starks, USAF,  SMSGT
Jacob D. Samler Leslie White Rodney White William D. Wolford
Donald G. Woods Raymond Lee Woods Lloyd W. Zuege Victor R. Zuege

 * Member of "The Chosin Few," an organization limited to those who served in North Korea during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

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Vietnam War
Stanley L. Carlock Donnie R. Brown Merle Wheaton Hugh Wall
Donald Wall Donald L. Sherlock Robert R. Samler Kenneth Stute
Allen D. Zuege Roger Zuege Gail Phifer Elmer Day
Wayne Mahon Marvin Oster Michael Olson Gary Jaeger
Dallas Adams LeRoy Stute
US Army, 1970-1973
Air Traffic Control Specialist
Honorable Discharge
Bert LeRoy Hanes, Jr.
 He made the Army his career and
 retired after 20 years, then passed
away in 1985.
Jerry V. Starks, USAF,  SMSGT
Charles Warning,
Kyle Warning,
Delbert Warning,
Harold E. Lowe,
James (Jim) L. Willis, USAF
Joined in 1964 ; served 2 tours of duty
Honorable Discharge 1968; Rank Seargent
Larry Wayne Wilson, US Army
Served 1968-1969
Owned Jack & Jill in Benkelman

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First Gulf War

Jerry L. White Steven P. Addleman - 1983 Need Names Need Names
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Second Gulf War

Need Names Need Names Need Names Need Names
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War in Afgahnastan

Need Names Need Names Need Names Need Names
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Civil War Veterans
Buried in
Benkelman, Nebraska
GAR Post 217

Last Name First M Regiment Company State Rank Type Fed/Conf Born Died
Bell Joseph   7th I IN Sgt Inf Fed 7/3/1832 1/3/1892
Burkhart Jacob   192nd E OH   Inf Fed    
Stroup J L             1841 1918
Van Patten Pete D 110nd F NY   Inf Fed 12/23/1836 2/6/1905
Louden John   16th F IL   Inf Fed    
Runnion Warren               1843 1916
Logan John A             4/29/1829 1/4/1894
Hamilton Thomas               7/1/1842 10/4/1909
Stutler R D 4th   PA   Cav Fed 3/16/1842 10/21/1920
Leslie John H             1/8/1831 12/31/1909
Gay P. G.W. 128th F IN   Inf Fed    
Philips David   11th   IN 1st Lt Cav Fed    
Fredman Scott   2nd B IN   Cav Fed   5/16/1896
Raney Elihu M 3rd F KY   Inf ? 1825 1900
Bailey Ira W             5/19/1810 2/19/1897
Courtwright Peter   2nd L MO   Cav ? 1827 1899
Corey John L 31st A MA   Inf Fed 1841 1927
Harper James Lewis 9th F IA   Inf Fed 3/19/1842 8/10/1919
Childs Irvin J             4/10/1839 9/27/1916
Nesbitt James M             10/3/1845 1/3/1910
Weatherman M F 25th   MO   Inf ?    
Harper John S 6th G WV   Inf Fed? 1842 1908
Jones Giles A 12th M IN   Cav Fed 8/5/1848 6/14/1931
Sherbondy George W 111th I OH   Inf Fed    
Hicks Hiram   5th F IN   Cav Fed 5/14/1836 1/27/1891
Stoutsenberger Daniel R             1834 1908

Other  Civil Ward Veterans
Buried in Benkelman Cemetery
Last Name First M Regiment Company State Rank Type Fed/Conf Born Died
Pettit John B 112th E IL Sgt Inf Fed 2/20/1825 6/15/1906

Veterans Buried in Haigler Cemetery

Adams, Emmons Pearson, Thomas
Andres, Emory Potthoff, Gerhardt
Andres, Roy J. Purdell
Applebey, Lee Rath, Henry
Boyer, J. Rathbun, LeRoy Vernon
Brown, John Redden, Austin E.
Brown, W. A. Robinson, Jennings
Bullock, Frank E. Rose, Joseph P.
Crabtree, Lloyd Schmutte, Volland
Carlock, Robert Schmutte, William J.
Creach, Oscar Schorzman, Robert E.
Douglass, Lloyd Sims, Rease E.
Duncan, Ira L. Smith, Gilbert A.
Fairbanks, A.J. Smith, Patrick
Giles, Wilson G. Jerry V. Starks
Goodell, Ercil Stevens, Judson
Gray, James GAR Sullivan, Orah B.
Harroun, Alvin B. Tucker, Doll H.
Hedge, Virgil Tucker, David
Himberg, Johnny Wall, Donald J.
Kelorn, W. Weikel, George GAR
Larson, Fred Welch, Beryle E.
Leake, C. L. Welch, Walter
Long, Marshall D. West, Lee
Nordyke, A. H., Civil War Wheaton, Merle D.
Palmer, Archibald G. -- Spanish American War Wonder, Oscar G.
Palmer, M. N. GAR Zuege, C. William

Zuege, Emil

Zuege, Stanley

Zuege, Snider

Zuege, Victor
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 Served in Military
Dwight 'Butch' Beeson
Kevin Beeson

Russell D. Hoover
1956-1959 USN
Debra Leonard Donna Hardwick

Information on this page was found in the following documents:
"The War Years, A 50th Anniversary Album, Dundy County Nebraska", 1992.
"Haigler Centennial", 1987
"1976 Haigler Centennial", 1976

Dundy County WWII Honor List


Baney, Johnnie W. Pvt 37710409 KIA
Brown, Lyle L. Pvt 37335108 KIA
Dudley, Orville R. PFC 37388966 KIA
Greene, Alonzo H. S SG 37344207 KIA
Hedge, Virgil Pvt 37150876 DNB
Kraus, Henry E. PFC 39414081 KIA
Medlock, Leonard C. Pvt 37712162 KIA
Milner, Charles E. Pvt 37712123 KIA
Ramsey, Edwin O. SGT 17199280 FOD
Willis, Perry V. PFC 37119479 KIA

Contributed by:  Deena Stoddard

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World War I Veterans
World War II Veterans
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WWII Honor List

Gold Star Boys
Veterans - Haigler Cemetery
2014 Memorial Day Presentation
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