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Dundy County Newspapers

An interesting article about the history of newspapers in Dundy County was published in The Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle last week giving details about the beginnings of newspapers in 1893 with The Benkelman Chronicle.  Several papers were introduced throughout the years, but were merged into The Benkelman Post & News Chronicle in 1922 when C. L. "Pat" Ketler was the owner/editor. 

Part of the article says this about Haigler Newspapers:

It is believed that the first Haigler newpaper was the Haigler Reporter, started by Ed Watts in 1886.  Other Haigler newspapers included the Haigler Republican, established in 1888 by George Goodwin and his son J. S., and two versions of the Haigler News.  The first surfaced in 1892 and continued until the publisher Will J. Snyder, merged it with the Benkelman Bee in January 1895.  The second Haigler News effort was launched in 1907 with A. L. Saffer and Harry Jones started a little plant with an Army press.  Like so many of the early newspaper enterprises, it, too was sold and an owner named Wilson continued it until 1910.

The same year, C. L. Will and Z. H. Baxter obtained another press and revived The Haigler News.  It continued for a number of years with L. M. Samplesis as the editor.
-- The Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle, Feb. 7, 2007, p.2

Name of Newspaper Where Printed Years Publisher
The Benkelman Post & News Chronicle Benkelman, Nebraska
The Benkelman Bee Benkelman, Nebraska 1895
The Dundy County Journal Haigler, Nebraska 1900 - Cary Will
The Haigler Reporter Haigler, Nebraska 1886 Ed Watts
The Haigler Republican Haigler, Nebraska 1888 George Goodwin, J.S. Goodwin
The Haigler News (Merged w/Benkelman Bee) Haigler, Nebraska 1892 -1895 Will J. Snyder
The Haigler Dispatch Haigler, Nebraska December 22, 1916 - June 1917 H. F. Kissel
The Haigler News Haigler Nebraska 1907  A. L. Saffer, 
1915 Z. H. Baxter
1926 C. W. Hahn
1927 Richard Ferguson & Roy Williams
1931-1932 Roy Herburger
1932-1936 Clark Briggs
1936-1940 Lester Samples family
1940-1942 W. E. Wimmer
1942-1947 Lester Samples
1947- 1955 Sherman & Mildred Hickman
1955 - out of business
Building demolished in 1974
Joe Lepo
News Office
The Haigler News Office

Dundy County News
Haigler News - September 24, 1926
Haigler News - April 24, 1931
Haigler News - November 20, 1931
Haigler News - August 13, 1943

100 Years Ago
For Postmaster at
This week's State Journal reports that Norman J. Allen has been recommended by Congressman Norris to fill the vacancy in the Haigler Post Office department caused by the resignation of John F. Allen. Mr Allen is a well-educationed gentleman and a good Republican and will make the people of Haigler an obliging and competent official.
--The Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle, Dec. 6, 2006, pg. 4

Printed in the Benkelman, NE Post, May 1929?

Charles Doetker

Grudge-crazed farmer seeks murderous revenge. Kills divorced wife's son, fatally injures her nephew, shoots wife of step-son and then ends bloody chapter by killing himself.

Separation, divorce and alimony award at a recent court session led up to the tragedy.

The shadow of death fell heavily over the horizon for four people Monday morning when Charles Doetker, a German farmer living 16 miles northeast of Max arose from his couch with the avowed intention of closing life's chapter for at least 5 or perhaps 6 persons.

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