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Dundy County Schools

At one time, Dundy county had many schools spread through the sandhills, creek valleys and farmland. Because children had to walk to school and home, the schools were placed every few miles. A portion of each section was designated as "school land" and a school was built upon it or it was rented to a local farmer who paid "rent" to the district to pay for the teacher's salary.

The school teacher almost always "boarded" with one of the school families and was expected to pay for it from the small salary they were paid.

As soon as a person graduated from 8th grade many would take an exam to qualify to teach school.  

1894 Teacher's Certificate & Exam

District 1

1894 Graduates
Maude Wright
Cora Larimore
Gertie Leslie
Roy Leslie
Clarence Butler
Letha Maus
(See picture on Benkelman page)
1911 Graduates
Winifred Marshall,
Florence Frasier,
Ida Ewing,
Wilda Corey,
Royce Richards,
Erina McEvoy,
Lena Reed,
Karlton Rowell,
Philip Runion,
Lena Hamburg
1941 Graduates
Phillip H. Freemyer
District 2
1911 Graduate
Forest Rouse

Betty Billington,
Margaret Hinz,
Doris Lambert,
Dorothy Nielsen
District 3
District 4
1936 Graduates
Vera Bischoff
Dale Kerns,
Junior Kitt

District 5
1936 Graduates
Darlene Maranville,
Boyce Warning
District 6 District 7
Lester Adams,
Dortha Bowker,
Neal Clegg,
Marcia Hoover,
Grace Myer,
Billie Turpin
Dorothy Wiley,
Virginia Lee Macy,
Dean Walther Stone,
Lucille Zuege
District 8
1911 Graduates
Elsie Walsh,
Helen Daly,
Inez Hoole,
Glen Rickard
District 9
1936 Graduate
Jean Maxwell
District 10 District 11 District 12
1936 Graduates
Keith Artist,
Lyle Hendrix,
Ella Marble,
Don Whiteley
District 13 District 14 District 15
1910 -
Floyd Trembly
Richard Grose
District 16
1936 Graduate
Boyce Jones
District 17
District 18 District 19
1936 Graduates
Royce Anderson, Mildred Anderson, Agnes Hester, Donald Hester, Carl Miller, William Phifer, Bessie Stafford, Ila Jean teel, Robert Wooters
District 20
District 22
1936 Graduates
Marian Baney

Junior Baney
Dora Edwards
Everett Pursley
District 23
1911 Graduates
Eva DeHart
District 24 District 25
1936 Graduate
Phillip Brown
District 26
1936 Graduate
Ralph Sandman
District 27
1936 Graduates
Junior Brown
Helen Corder
Harry Foster
Gladys Raichart
Eugene Walters
District 28
1936 Graduate
Marjorie Ham
District 29
1936 Graduate
Iris McManigal
District 30
1936 Graduate
Mabel Wickizer
District 31
1936 Graduates
Ruth Bunning
Glen Hauser
Virginia Hauser
District 32

District 33
1936 Graduates
Ann Damrow
Howard Louch
District 34
District 35
1936 Graduates
Betty Cline
Bill Cline
District 36
1936 Graduate
Waldo Baney
District 37
1936 Graduate
John Ferguson
District 38 District 39
1936 Graduates
John Hanes
LaNeta Weiss
District 40 District 41 - Sandborn
Children of Harry Clegg, Sam clegg, Bill Brown and Lewis Watson
Teacher: Ina Crum
Otto Clegg
Teacher:  Ruth Herring
Rosie Nicholson, Mable Nicholson, Dell Nicholson, Crosby Crow, Irene Nicholson, ?? Nicholson, Wilbur Adams, Charles Adams, Leona Nicholson, Virginia Clegg, Frances Brown, Jimmy Thompson
District 40
District 41
 District 42

District 42 Stories
District 42 List of Teachers

District 43 - Progressive Valley
Teacher: Mary Estep
Jennie Collicott,
Velma Collicott,
Marvin Collicott,
Blanch Clark,
Leslie Clark,
Sarah Duntz,
Maxine Duntz,
Lois Cuntz,
Mildred Duntz,
James Dixon,
Ralph Gies,
Alliene Gies,
William Phifer,
Mildred Phifer,
Johnnie Phifer,
Evert Phifer,
Marlin Phifer,
Eddie Phifer,
Lucile Phifer,
Velma Phifer,
Wallace Putnam,
Leonard Redden,
William Redden,
Grace Redden,
Rosie Redden,
Stella Stute,
Hazel Stute,
Marlin Stute,
Valetta Stute,
Orval Stute
Leonard Turman,
Marlin Stute,
Ralph Gies,
Alene Gies,
Anna Blecha
Hazel Stute
Stella Stute
Clara Blecha
George Blecha
Luella Stute
Mabel Blecha
Goldie Stute
Harry Blecha
Clifford Olson
Harry Blecha, 8th grade
Pansy Nicholls
elda Stone
Gladys Phifer
Don woods
Arnita Himberg
Keith Mendenhall
Teacher: W. R. Jones
Don woods
Ray Woods
Harold Bryan
Don Smith
kathleen Havlik
Arnita himb erg
Teacher: Laura Pearl Woods
Willmenia Olson
Joy Smock
Susan Sims
Phyllis Mahon
Stanley Evans
Francis Freemyer
Ruth Freemyer
David Freemyer
Teacher: Arnita Himberg
Barbara Dexter
Phyllis Mahon
Fern tracy
Stanley Evans
Rex Tracy
Gwen Dexter
Nancy Mahon
Phil Dexter
Barbara Evans
Betty Walter
Kenneth Stute
(Last year of operation)
District 44 District 45 District 46
1936 Graduate
LaVerne Williams
District 47
District 48 - Rollwitz
1911 Graduates
Floy Jones,
Vernie Miller,
Blanche Jones,
 Sadie Edwards,
Lola Euritt
1936 Graduate
Elsie Stanley
District 49 District 50 District 51
1936 Graduates
Dorothy Johnson
Dale Potter
Derald Rickard
District 52
1936 Graduates
Archie Gerdes
Rex Verle Gerdes
Lola Harper
Eugene Powell
Darrel Stricker
District 53
District 54
District 55
District 56
1911 Graduates
Eva Schwarzwelder
District 57 District 58
1936 Graduate
Isabell Rowley
District 59
District 60 - Grandview
Location:  south west of Haigler on the east side of the Arikaree River, which was a soddy located on the land owned at that time by Bert Leake, and now owned by Rex Daniels (1976)
1907:  Teacher - Hazel (Hunter) Daniels
Marion Douglass attended this school
District 61 District 62 District 63
District 64 District 65 District 66
1936 Graduate
DeWayne Dodge
District 67 South

District 67 South Restoration

Teacher Ernest Goodell
Freehlings, Higgins
Teacher: Lulah Estep
Violett Douglass, Clair Douglass, Esther Freehling
Pauline Freehling, Pearline Freehling, Ercil Goodell, Leonard Goodell, Evelyn Lindner, Georgia Lindner, Ruth Lindner, Wayne Lindner, Phyllis Ritterbush, Ward Wonder, Billy Wright
School Board:
Mrs. Mary Freehling, Director;
Ray White, Moderator;
L. E. Goodell, Treasurer.
1936 Graduates
Leta Goodell
Harriet Long
Marjorie Wall
Cleo White
Zadis White
District 67 North
Lettie White, Roland White, Dewey White, Vaneta White, Carson White, Raymond Sampson
District 68 District 69 - Blaine Precinct
Teacher:  Addie Booth
Goldie Jessee
Norval White
Hazel White
Ella Roach
Delbert Jessee
Vonnie White
Amy Smith
Lorna White
Mary Roach
Tommie Roach
School Board: George White, Director; Frank Smith, Treasurer; Samuel Roach, Moderator
Teacher:  Florence (White) Clegg
Gertrude Wyrick, Fred Stute, Teressa Speer, Alfred Stute, Leroy Stute, Bernice Wyrick, Elmer Walker, Katie Walter, Ralph Walker, Helen Walter.
District 70
1936 Graduate
Madeline Dixon
District 71
1936 Graduate
John Richards
District 72 District 73
1911 Graduates
Ruth Evelyn Carroll, Ewell Hampton, Lillie Crookshank
1936 Graduates
Bernard Mathews
Bobbie Mathews
Edgar Rector
Mary Rector
District 74 - Sunny Slope
Teacher:  Mary Estep
Iva Roberts, Mildred Smith, Bob Carlock, Virgil Hedge, Pearl Hedge, Marguerite Hedge, Virginia Baugh, Hubert Hedge, Lester Patchen, Royal Woods III, Dorothy Carlock, Bob Baugh, Arlene Havlik, Velma Carlock, Delores Carlock, Ralph Carlock
(Teacher:  Blanche Logan - part of the year)
Teacher: Katye Logan
Royal Woods
Arlene Havlik
dorothy carlock
Clyde Dixon
Kenneth Dixon
Delores Carlock
Laura Pearl Woods
Christena Henderson
Mildred Woods
Lily White
Jennette Havlik
Tommy Carlock
Glendoris Mendenhall
1936 Graduates
Hubert Hedge
Laura Pearl Woods
District 75
Teacher Hazel White
Jim Richey, Lester Clyde, Joe Richey, Helen white, Wilma Clyde, Edity Richey, Susie Richey, Florence (White) Clegg, Ellis Clyde, Flossie Richey
1936 Graduate
Melba Aufenkamp
District 76
1936 Graduate
Nyla Foltz
District 77
Teacher: Magdalene Eller
Velma Phifer, Violette Wall, Nola Soule, Don Harford, Evelyn soule, Marjorie Wall, Lela Soule, Adah Wall, Ray Harford, Richard Wall, Laura Soule, Velma Sewell
1936 Graduate
Dola Guernsey
District 78
District 79
1936 Graduate
Mildred Brynoff
District 67 South Restoration
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Hiawatha Academy
1936 Graduate
Floyd Nordhausen
SDA Church School

Clara Belle Miller, Leah Gregory, Leone Gregory
Clara Belle Miller, Leah Gregory, Leone Gregory
1951 - Teacher: Mr. Colvin
Leah Gregory, Alan Hofer, Leone Gregory, Sherri Gregory, Robert Hofer, Ron Colvin, Luretta Barnes,
1952 - Teacher: Mr. Colvin
Leah Gregory, Alan Hofer, Leone Gregory, Sherri Gregory, Dick Gregory, Robert Hofer, Ron Colvin, Luretta Barnes,
Lillie Dixon
Ted Dixon
Margaret Dixon
Wayne Dixon
Wally Putnam

White School
Teacher: Olive Stasser
Zeilinger boys

Schools Districts will be added as we receive data

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Early Dundy County Schools

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