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Dundy County
Weather Events
Weather plays a big part in the life of a rancher and farmer because crops and livestock are so easily harmed by severe weather.  
Dundy county's southern border is located on the 40th parallel north so it receives its share of destructive weather in the form of extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, hail, snow, drought, floods, tornados and dust storms.  

While the weather can be beautiful most of the time, these episodes require the residents of this county to keep an eye on the sky.  
They learn to recognize the signs of an impending weather occurrence and plan ahead for its appearance or hastily make preparation for it.  

On these pages, we will share stories and records of weather events which have happened in Dundy County.

Floods Duststorms
Blizzards Hail Prairie Fires Grasshoppers

If you have a story or know about an event that you would like to share, just contact the Dundy County Host.

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