Dundy County Nebraska Genealogy Trails

Many of the "Old Boys" Whom I First Saw In A Memorial Day Parade in 1894

G.A.R. Parage 1894
Back row, left to right:  John Yonker, Pike Jones, Andy Gilbert, Bill Pugh, G. M. Willians, W. J. Baney, J. H. Harper, Mr. Bruhan, John Leslie, J. H. Ferman.
Front row, left to right:  S. M. Page, M. H. Pierce, R. D. Stotler, John Corey, John Wright, Chet Thompson, Mr. Hawks, J. R. King, Mr. Lynch, John Newberry, J. S. Prouty.

"Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!  The Boys are Marching" to the stirring strains of martial music as I, with hundreds of others, watched them as they forgot their aches and pains for the time being and with alert step and proud poise, they came down Benkelman's Chief Street on Memorial Day in 1894.  It was the first time I had ever seen the "Old Boys in Blue" strut their stuff and I was thrilled beyond description.  While this picture was taken some six years later, all of those shown were in the line of parade but in 1894 there were still more of them, some of whom are not in the picture by reason of being late when it was taken and still there were others who had either left the country or left this mortal sphere for at their age time makes many changes in a short space of time.  I believe that by trying to remember, I could recall that there were at least a dozen others who belonged to the G.A.R. post in Benkelman who are not shown, such as Thomas Hamilton, J. H. and W. S. Frazell, O. I. Pringle, Platte Baylis, Schuyler Mudge and still others.  Of course none of them are on this earthly sphere today but the memory of what they and all of the other soldiers, young and old, who have come to the aid of their country in the time of its great need, will live on while America remains free and "The Home of the Brave."