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Source # Source Description Contributor/Owner Home
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3 A Project Committee in Benkelman, NE. (1992). World War II and The People of Dundy County, A 50th Anniversary Album. Dallas, TX: Curtis Media Corporation.

4  The Haigler News.

5 The Benkelman Post and News Chronicle.  

6 Cemetery Photos, Various Biographies, Obituaries, Cemetery Lists, Historical stories and clippings Bill Hardwick: 
7 Nordyke pictures Adam Boyd:
8 Laughlin Files, Putnam Collection LaVella Tomlinson:
9 Logan Files Lois Logan Horn
10 Hanes Obituaries Katie
11 Dundy County Extension Council. (1976). Dundy County Heritage. Boulder, Colorado: Pruett Press

12 The Cheyenne County Historical Society. (1987). History of Cheyenne County Kansas, Volumn I. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation

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15 Nebraska WWII Honor List Deena Stoddard
Halsee, W. M., Howe, F.G. and Doyle, A.C. The Soldiers of the Great War. Volumn II, (1920). Washington, D.C., Soldiers Record Publishing Association
Sherri Gregory

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