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Dundy County Towns - 1895

Town Note Latitude Longitude Elevation
Allston Abandoned town

Benkelman Previously Collinsville 400257N 1013157W
Burntwood City Historic populated place

Califer Historic

Callison Abandoned town

Calvert Historic post office

Colfer Abandoned town

Collinsville Re-named to Benkelman

Crab Island Historic populated place

Doane Historic post office 400207N 1013728W
400050N 1015620W
Hancock Abandoned town

Hiawatha Historic

Hoover Historic populated place

Ives Re-named Parks after 1895

Kaw Abandoned town

Lamont Historic 40'1915N 101' 5222W
Lux Abandoned town

Max Unincorporated 40'0650N 101' 2408W
Ough Abandoned town 401'920N 101' 31301W 3,353
Parks Unincorporated (Previously Ives) 40'0230N 1014329W
Rollwitz Abandoned town 40'15.845N 101'46.724"W 3,424
Sanborn Historic 40'0313N 102' 0111W

Historical Towns
Dundy County Schools
Blaine - Historical Precinct

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