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Republican River Flood - 1935

Cherry Creek The Republican River Flood of 1935 Clipping The 1935 Flood Remembered
Rainbow Fountain Park
Benkelman, NE

The 1935 Flood Remembered
May 27, 2010, 7:30 pm
7:30 pm Welcome and Introductions
7:40 pm “The Great Flood on the Republican River in 1935"
     Presentation by Joy Hayden, National Weather Service, Administrative Assistant
    Accompanied by Scott Mentzer, Meteorologist in Charge
    Visit with survivors and others with stories to tell
The presentation by the National Weather Service, Goodland, Kansas, is the result of a study that their office has been doing on the Republican River Flood in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.  They are continuing to collect information about the flood, and the program they will give in Benkelman is a report/study of what they have learned so far.  They hope that people will come and share their stories about the flood at each presentation.  Many have already contributed stories and photos, and they are sharing these through their website and the presentations they are doing throughout the area.

Web site: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/gld/?n=1935flood

The Republican Valley Flood - 1935

I was in Denver working the spring that the Republican River Valley flooded.  My folks were still living on the Cherry Creek farm and that creek also flooded.  There was so much rain west of us that it flooded all the creeks that ran into the river.  My mother said the water came up to the steps on their front porch and she was ready to take Lloyd and Floy and climb the bank in back of the house.

The bridges all along the river were washed out and someone rigged up a foot bridge so people who lived west of St. Francis could get into town for supplies.

The flood forever changed the river.  When I visited the Powell Place in later years, the river was in the “wrong” place.  The roads were flooded, so they were also different.

I knew the Barnhart family who lost their mother in that flood. 
The Faylor family also lost their parents and family members. 

-- Alice (Crabtree) Gregory


Republican River Flood of 1935

The Republican River Flood of 1935 was the most devastating disaster in the history of Dundy County. On May 30, 1935, heavy rainfall in eastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska between 20 and 24 inches caused the banks of the Republican River and its tributaries to overflow. Floodwaters up to twenty-feet deep swept away livestock, farmhouses, automobiles, and bridges. An estimated 113 people lost their lives in the flood, including many Dundy County residents. The communities of Parks, Max, and Benkelman were devastated in terms of physical damage and economic hardship as a result of the flood. An emergency Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) camp was established in Benkelman in June 1935 to assist in reconstruction efforts in the flood area. Communities in Dundy County have persisted despite the impact of the Republican River Flood of 1935.

~A Clipping found among Alice Gregory's papers - probably from The Benkelman Post

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