Fort Atkinson Trivia



There was a Fort Atkinson in Wisconsin, one in New Mexico, one in northeastern Iowa, and one in Nebraska.


The Nebraska Fort Atkinson has by far the most important place in the history of the west. It was for seven years the farthest western post of the United States Army.

More important events connected with the early exploration of the west centered at the Nebraska Fort Atkinson than at any other point.


An article in the Palimpsest, published by the Iowa Historical Society, tells the story of the Iowa Fort Atkinson which has now been made a State Historical Park.  


There are ten important reasons why the Nebraska Fort Atkinson site should be made a permanent historical park to one for any other Fort Atkinson. 





From Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days, 1921
Published by Nebraska State Historical Society, 1921

Transcribed and Submitted by K. Torp