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In 1855, W. N. Rogers, W. L. Rogers, John Carpenter, J. Thompson and John Bunker settled near the present town site of Caldwell.


These sturdy pioneers were the only settlers in that vicinity for a number of years, but, during the past ten years, its numbers have been so augmented that it is now one of the most prosperous communities in the county.


In April, 1872, a town site of 240 acres was laid off by a town company, of Boston, Mass., of which Messrs. Brooks, Forbes and Dennison were Trustees, on lands owned by F. Roper.


A post office was established in the fall of 1872, which W. N. Rogers as first Postmaster, K. M. Evans being the present incumbent.


A depot, warehouse and a few other frame structures were erected during the same year.


Located on the Omaha & South Western Branch of the Burlington & Missouri, and on the banks of the Blue River, it has excellent facilities as a shipping and manufacturing point


In the spring of 1875, Robinson & Howard erected a frame gristmill about half a mile below the original town site, and soon after, the few buildings on the town site were moved nearer the mill, leaving Caldwell proper without any buildings.


Robinson & Howard ran the mill about two years, since which time it has changed owners several times.


The present owners, J. Klein & Co., of Beatrice, are putting in new machinery and making extensive repairs. When finished, the mill will be one of the best in the neighborhood.




History of Nebraska 1882