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Institution For Feeble Minded Youth






Superintendent — W.   S.   Fast 

Steward — Louis   Werner  



Jack O'Donnell  

Martha Dillon  

Ione Storey   



The Institution for feeble minded youth was established at Beatrice by act of the legislature approved March 5, 1885.


An appropriation of $50,000 was made at the same time for the erection of proper buildings.


The city of Beatrice donated forty acres of. land to the state.


The act authorized the levying of an annual tax of one-eighth of one mill on the dollar for the sup­port of the institution.  The legislature of 1887 did not continue this tax, but adopted the method of appropriating from the general fund for the support of this institution.


Parents or guardians,  if able, are expected to furnish transportation, cloth­ing and incidentals for the children committed to this Institution, and counties are required to furnish for indigent or dependent children clothing, transporta­tion and $40 annually.


 Imbecile and feeble minded youth between the ages of five and eighteen years and who have resided in Nebraskaat least a year are entitled to admission.


Nebraska Blue Book - 1915



The Legislative Smelting Committee    

Beatrice, Nebraska, February 15. -- (Special to the Herald)--The house committee on public lands and buildings, Caldwell, Majors, Larson, Potter, Fieldgrove, Home, Satell, Shepherd, Whyman, and Bring, accompanied by W. D. Waillen of the State Industrial School, spent a day here inspecting the Institution for Feeble Minded Youths. 


They were accompanied to the institution by a number of prominent citizens.


The buildings and workings of the institution were inspected, Dr. Armstrong and his assistants showed the committee and visitors about, and at noon entertained them at lunch.  


This afternoon the visitors were shown about the city.  The vivistin committee returned to Lincoln tonight.



Saturday, February 16, 1889

Omaha Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXIV Issue: 146 Page: 1