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Military Draft 1917




      Forty-Nine Ready to Answer Call


      Beatrice, Neb.. Aug. 29,1917


      The local exemption board Monday completed the passing upon claims for

      exemption or discharge filed by men drafted for military service.


      Following are the names certified to the district board as having passed the

      physical examination and neither exempted or discharged:


          Harvey L. Brewer, Wymore

          Julius C. Menke, Beatrice

          Harman O. Sachenmeyer, Clatonia

          Decest F. Piper, DeWitt

          Clyde B. Allington, Blue Spring.

          Gustav F. Genrich, Blue Springs

          Fred J. Helmke, Clatonia

          Paul F. Frederickson, Barnesto.

          Robert D. Prather, Gentry. Ark.

          Lubbe Rosenboom, Hollenberg, Kan.

          Emil G. Peterson, Beatrice

          Robt. E. Derstler, Filley

          Wm. Prebyl, Odell

          John Pommier, Holmesville

          Earl E. Penner, Beatrice

          John Reimer, Beatrice

          Vernon C. Schouo, Beatrice

          Luther Reedy, Blue Springs

          George E. Prebyl, Odell

          Adam Podnevien, Pickrell

          Guv L. Bowman, Beatrice

          Sidnev E. Davis, Beatrice

          Ivan S. Myers, Odell

          Edward Tojecka, Wymore

          Wm, Fred Damrow, Firth

          Alvin M. Holmes, Beatrice

          Fred W, Braun, Virginia

          Wm. H. Harms, Adams

          Verne E. Rigers, Odell

          Edward Nagl, Beatrice

          Anton J. Petrovsky, Virginia

          Sam L. Roe, Beatrice

          Fred J. Genrich, Pickrell

          Heibert C. Strough, Beatrice

          Carl.H. Rhoe, Clatonia

          Elmer R. Shepherdson, Beatrice

          Will Hawes, DeWitt

          Albert P. Witowski, Beatrice

          Henrv Schlachenman, Joliet

          Walter J. Bollenhoefner, Wilber

          Ray Marion Lawson, Blue Spring.

          Jacob Bernhard Claassen, Blue Springs

          Henry W. Damdroger, DeWitt

          William Henning, Beatrice

          John Henry Hedding, Wymore

          John C. Traubel, Beatrice

          Frank Rupprecht, Wymore

          Frank Rupprecht, Odell

          James Vasev, Beatrice




      The Lincoln Daily Star, Wednesday, August 29, 1917