Greeley County, Nebraska

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Greeley County was formed in 1871 from unorganized land. The county seat is Greeley.

Greeley county was named in honor of Horace Greeley (1811-1872) to whom is accredited the saying: "Go west young man and grow up with the country." The first settlements in this county were made in 1871-1872. It was organized and the boundaries defined by an act approved March 1, 1871.

This county is but one of the 93 counties in the great state of Nebraska.

Horses south of Scotia

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16 May 2018:
Obituaries, Deaths, Funerals: Obituaries/Deaths - Mrs. Chas. (Jane) Stewart (Add 2 paragraphs to end of article)
12 May 2018:
Obituaries, Deaths, Funerals: Obituaries/Deaths - Margaret Ann (Markel) Krebs; Reuben R. Krebs
06 May 2018:
Directories: Scotia Independent Telephone Directory 1909; Scotia Independent Telephone Directory: Farm Lines Telephone Directory 1909
Obituaries, Deaths, Funerals: Obituaries/Deaths - Robert W. Vogeler; Virgil Lee Vogeler
02 May 2018:
Obituaries, Deaths, Funerals: Obituaries/Deaths - Shirley J. (Dwinell) Bremer
13 Apr 2018:
Military Info: American Legion Reported Deaths - Ray Molczyk; George Szatko
06 Apr 2018:
Births: Birth Notices - Foutch Daughter; Poss Girl
News Articles: General News - Louis Beck; Hays & Michelson; Krebs & Scheidt; Kron & Douthit; Herman Miller; Morrows & Henke
03 Apr 2018:
Obituaries, Deaths, Funerals: Obituaries Deaths - Herman Miller; George W. Milne; Joseph Tuma
Marriages, Anniversaries & Divorces: Marriages & Weddings - Lt. William F. Vanderveer
Military Info: Military News - Sgt. John E. Buffington; Fay Gillham; Dale Halverson RT3/c; Willis (Bill) Selk; Lt. William F. Vanderveer
1 Apr 2018:
Churches: Scotia United Methodist Church - Early church marker

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