Greeley County, Nebraska
1883 Pensioners on Roll

Name of Pensioner No. of Certificate Post-office Address Cause for Which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Barry, Patrick 40309 O'Connor loss rt arm $24.00
Benson, Dan'l 71366 Scotia g.s.w rt hip $6.00
Currie, John 129441 Leo Valley g.s.w rt arm & rt leg $10.00
Ford, Daniel 180521 O'Connor inj to h'd & shldr, ch diar $6.00
Greenfield, Dan'l W
Scotia g.s.w head $12.00
Griffith, Franklin
Ellsworth g.s.w of cheek $12.00
Hepp, Anton 203639 Scotia wd lt leg & thigh $6.00 Feb., 1882
Lewis, James
Scotia g.s.w rt leg $6.00
Oviatt, Jos Q 114095 Summit wd rt groin $4.00
Rowe, Perry 30873 Troy amp l thigh $24.00
Sprechen, Henry S 93770 Scotia g.s.w l hip $10.00
Stewart, Alza M 88684 Scotia g.s.w l thigh $8.00
Stewart, Edwin 133361 Scotia injury to abdomen $6.00

[List of Pensioners on the Roll 1883; Transcribed & submitted by Heather Turner]


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