Greeley County, Nebraska
Passport Applications

Passport Applicant's Name Applicant's Date of Birth Applicant's Place of Birth Applicant's Residence Father's Name Father's Birth Place Father's Residence Passport Issued Date Native or Date Immigrated Date Naturalized
Barry, James Eugene 22 Jan 1889 Greeley Co., Nebraska Liverpool J. P. Barry Whitegate, Co. Cork, Ireland
25-Jan-1917 Native
Burns, Mary 01 Jun 1899 Greeley Co., Nebraska Greeley Co., Nebraska Patrick Burns Londonderry, Ireland Greeley, Nebraska 9-Jun-1920 Native
Burns, Patrick 17 Mar 1851 Killbags, Co. Donegal, Ireland Greeley, Nebraska John Burns Ireland Died 25 Years Ago 9-Jun-1920 12 Jul 1874, Sailed from Londonderry, Ireland 25 Oct 1889, Scotia, Greeley Co., Nebraska
Daudt, Heinrich 16 Mar 1841 Gorschnity, Germany Greeley, Nebraska

5-Dec-1912 28 Mar 1883, Sailed from Hamburg, Germany 08 Oct 1890, Scotia, Greeley Co., Nebraska
Daudt, Paul F. 15 Nov 1874 Schoenfels, Germany Greeley, Nebraska

5-Dec-1912 28 Mar 1883, Sailed from Hamburg, Germany 08 Oct 1890, as son of Heinrich Daudt
Feeney, Michael 12 Jun 1881 Pollymount, Co. Roscommon, Ireland Greeley, Nebraska John Feeney Pollymount, Co. Roscommon, Ireland Pollymount, Co., Roscommon, Ireland 12-May-1922 __ Sep 1908, Sailed from Queenstown 27 Sep 1921, Greeley, Greeley Co., Nebraska
Fitzpatrick, George R. 25 Oct. 1890 Greeley Co., Nebraska New York City, New York John Fitzpatrick Ireland Now Deceased 13-May-1920 Native
Norris, James 03 Oct 1883 County Tyrone, Ireland Greeley, Nebraska James Norris Ireland Now Deceased 26-May-1921 17 Apr 1905, Sailed from Belfast, Ireland 22 Mar 1915, Greeley, Greeley Co., Nebraska
Rohrer, Marie A. 12 Sep 1882 Greeley Co., Nebraska Chicago, Illinois Leopold Rohrer Liverpool, England Chicago, Illinois 26-Apr-1924 Native
Slaughter, Merle O. 16 Feb 1884 Greeley Co., Nebraska Dallas, South Dakota

Taylor, Thomas Joseph 20 Oct 1878 Greeley Center, Nebraska Greeley Center, Nebraska Michael John Taylor Scranton, Penn. Greeley Center, Nebraska 21 Jun 1918, to work in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico Native
Thorpe, Agnes C. 26 Jul 1890 Brayton, Greeley Co., Nebraska Scottsbluff, Nebraska Henry M. Thorpe Indiana
9-Jul-1920 Native

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