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Alma High School

(Special To The Star) Alma, Nebraska, October 25 – The Alma High School with the seniors will issue a school paper of eight issues called the Bug, with Dorothy Peters as editor in chief, and Lorraine Hardin business manager.

This will take place of the annual which has been issued heretofore.

The Lincoln Sunday Star
Sunday, October 26, 1930

Teachers Reception

Special to the Star

Alma, Nebraska, October 25 – Chapter B. J. P. E. O., held its annual reception for the Alma High School, Tuesday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. R. L. Keester.

The program consisted of a welcome by the president, Mrs. E. E. McKee.

Vocal solos by:

Mrs. George Joyce
Miss Erickson
Mrs. E. E. McKee

And piano selections by:

Mrs. C. B .Johnson

Five o’clock tea was served.

The Lincoln Sunday Star
Sunday, October 26, 1930

High School Eloquence

Large Class Is Graduated at Alma this year.

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Alma, Nebraska, May 3. – The graduating exercises of the Alma High School were held in the opera house last evening. The class was composed of six girls and six boys –Misses Anna Steward, Bessie Nichols, Bessie Thomas, Gertrude Warren, Emma Bentley and Myra Dow, and Messrs. Walter Furse, W. I. Thomas, Fred W. Martin, Roy E. Riley, Bruce Grigsby and William Everson.

The music of the evening was furnished by Mrs. N. C. Randall, Miss M. Lafferty, Messrs. Stevenson, Griffin, Bentley and Fox.

After the orations and exercises Mr. A. C. Shallenberger on behalf of the board presented the class with diplomas.

This is the largest class that has graduated from the Alma school.

Wednesday, May 26, 1897
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE)

A Fatal Burlington Wreck

Republican City, Nebraska, July 8 – A mixed train was wrecked on the Oberlin branch of the Burlington near Kansas, Kansas, and tow people killed and three injured.

The Dead:

Miss Millie Koll, Republican City
Henry White, resi8dence, not known.

The Injured:

Dr. A. A. Allen, Topeka, Kansas
Ed. Bender, Hastings, Nebraska
Mrs. W. L. Egbert, Republican City.

Miss Koll is the daughter of the engineer of the train and Mrs. Egbert if the wife of the fireman and they were going to the other end of the run to spend Sunday with the husband and father.

The whole train went into the ditch. The cause being soft track due to the recent heavy rains.

Special to Lincoln Journal

The McCook Tribune
July 14, 1905

Thieves Arrested   

Sheriff Hedge and Marshall Kinsel Make Another Capture

Tuesday morning Sheriff Hedge and Marshal Kinsel arrested Jim McKinsick and Joe McKeang, two young men wanted at Republican City for stealing harness.

On Monday these young men hired a livery team in Alma and drove to the country and stole some harness from a farmer. They drove to Republican City, where they turned the harness over to the railroad company for shipment, and then they boarded the train leaving the livery ten tied to a telegraph pole in Republican City.

The officers here received word to be on the look out for them, and when they arrived here they were quickly arrested. The Sheriff of Harlan County came down Wednesday morning and took the prisoners back to Alma on the next train.

Just why all the criminals from the counties up west should head for Red Cloud is a mystery, especially when it is a cinch that they cannot get past ‘Sheriff Hedge and Marshal Kinsel. It may be tht they have heard of the good board an dlodgi9ng furnished by Webster County to its guest of honor.

The Red Cloud Chief
June 22, 1906

Charles R. Schroder, Jr.   

Huntley – Charles R. Schroder, Jr., of this city came very near being a victim of a runaway yesterday, when his tem became unmanageable and throwing him from the buggy, his feet were wrapped in the lines and he was being dragged under the buggy, when the team was stopped by the bystanders.

The Bee
March 3, 1910

Harlan Need Brigadier General

Harlan County, Nebraska, has organized a military company and wants a Brigadier General.

If this want becomes generally known, Harlan County will have a rapid increase in its population.

Perhaps that is "the cat in the meal."

Boston Journal
March 12, 1874

Counties Short in Thier Accounts

The treasurers of Gosper, Harlan and Platte Counties are short in their accounts with the state, besides being in trouble at home.

These counties went pop two years and four years ago, but the "change" was not exactly a "reform".

Lincoln Journal

The above comes with poor grace from a republican newspaper

Three populist treasurers were "short". But many republican county and city treasurers have been short in Nebraska:

Will the Lincoln Journal undertake to run over the list and compare the shortages?  

We think not.

Omaha World Herald
February 8, 1896

Biggest Real Estate Deal   

Alma – the biggest real estate deal made in Harlan County for some time was engineered through by Shaffer and Fraley today, when Mrs. Mary Haskell purchased the 480 acre Al Strohm farm from the Harlem Land Company at St. Paul , Minnesota, for a case consideration of $26,000.

Omaha Daily Bee
March 4, 1910

A Special Train   

Alma – The Burlington took a special train of Harlan County families from Alma to Halbrite, Sas., this morning, in charge of C. M. Weiss of the Harlem Land Company at St. Paul, Minnesota. A passenger coach was attached to the train. All purchased large tracts of land in the northern country, each man carrying bank certificates from $1,000 to $5,000.

Omaha Daily Bee
March 4, 1910

B. M. Simms    

Alma – B. M. Simms, for thirty years a druggist in this city sold out this week to Dan McCleary of Lawrence, Nebraska.

Omaha Daily Bee
March 4, 1910