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Turned over to the Receiver


Special Dispatch to the World-Herald


Trenton, Nebraska, February 21 -- The wrecked Bank of Trenton was formally turned over to Receiver E. K. Cobb by Bank Examiner Cline today.


He will begin at once to settle up the affairs.


Morning World-Herald -  February 22, 1895



Mrs. Bertha Kleven    


Postmistress at Culbertson, Nebraska


Her husband, Captain John E. Kleven, a veteran of the war, was postmaster at Culbertson from 1874 till 1881.


The appointment of his successor, made after his death in 1881, was unpopular, and the next year citizens of all parties urged the appointment of Captain Kleven’s widow.



The Story of Our Post Office 1892



C. H. Petrie    

Trenton -- C. H. Petrie, formerly of Loup City, has bought the Trenton Republican-Leader from Mrs. B. L. Taylor, who has

published the weekly since her husband's death six years ago.


She plans to retire.



Morning World Herald:  Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday, May 26, 1938

Trenton School Teachers  

Special Dispatch to the World Herald
Trenton, Nebraska, May 11. – The school board of Trenton, consisting of C. L. Allen, president; E. F. Young, secretary; W. H. Thornhill, M. H. Yerrick and W. W. Thompson, directors, has chosen teachers for the Trenton public schools for the ensuing years, as follows: W. L. French, principal, Miss Mettie Hall, grammar department; Miss Laura Coffelt, intermediate department; Miss Carrie Burton, primary department.

Professor French has served as principal of the Trenton schools since 1897, and his re-election shows his popularity as a teacher in Trenton. Miss Laura Coffelt was chosen to her position last year. Miss Hall and Miss Burton are new teachers in the school, though both have had experience in the profession. Miss Burton is this year the primary teacher in the Stratton schools. The selection gives general satisfaction.

Friday, May 12, 1899
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXIV Issue: 224   Page: 5


Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bullard of Culbertson were in the city, Monday.

Mrs. Ed Marquis returned from her visit to relatives in Hitchcock County, on 40, Sunday Evening.

Messrs. Straut, Taylor, Banks, Risley and other prominent Culbertsonians were on our streets, Tuesday.

Ed Ryan of Culbertson was in town, Monday, on business. Mr. R. informs us that he contemplates going west at an early date to look up a location for a ranch.

The McCook Tribune
November 12, 1885, Image 5

United States Mail   

The United States mail is brought here from McCook by express and from here west for forty miles as far as Binkleman, in Dundy County, it is carried by a mail carrier, who sometimes goes on the train and sometimes on a horse.

From Binkleman west to Denver there is no mail service of any kind.

Omaha Daily Bee
December 21, 1882,   Image 2

Attempted Arson On the Court House   

An attempt was made on Monday night of last week to destroy the building used by Hitchcock County as a Court House, and the records contained there in.

In view of the prominence occupied by these records, in the history of Hitchcock County, the above is not a great surprise to many.

The McCook Tribune
November 12, 1885, Image 5


Convention At Trenton   


Special Dispatch to the World Herald 

Trenton, Nebraska, August 21. --  A republican convention of Hitchcock County today made the following nominations:




Clerk, George Gallager


Treasurer, John W. Fordyce


Sheriff, John H. Brown


Superintendent of public instruction, Mrs. Murdock, Judge F. M. Flansburg


Surveyor, James Ferrier, Jr.


Coroner; Dr. A. H. Thomas


Commissioner, of First district, C. S. Owens.



The central committee of the populist and democratic parties met yesterday and called their conventions for September 14.  There is no doubt that complete fusion will be effected and that the winners will be named then.



Omaha World Herald - August 22, 1901


H. E. Locker was in town, Thursday.

H. C. Benedict of Trenton was a city visitor, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Taylor are attending the state fair.

Mrs. R. Knowles and son Davie visited in MCook, Friday.

John H. Brown of Trenton was a city visitor, Thursday.

Miss Lydia Lesser went down to Lincoln, Sunday night.

L. A. Dixon of McCook was a Culbertson visitor, Thursday.

Miss Bessie Crews returned from her trip to Illinois, Friday.

The school board has purchased a new school bell. Hurrah!

Reverend E. R. Earle will hold Episcopal service here, September 8

John R. Bender of Minden visited friends in this burg. Sunday.

Bruce Vastine is now working in a drug store at Callaway, Nebraska

Miss Ina Schumaker was a McCook visitor, Wednesday and Thursday.

Reverend T. A. Smith returned from a weeks’ visit at Bloomington, Tuesday.

Miss Stella Vennum of Palisade visited her friend, Marietta Wemple, Monday.

Miss Amnda Gaardar returned from a few days’ visit in McCook, Saturday night.

P. M. Green went down to Oregon, Mississippi, on business, the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Wray went down to Lincoln, Tuesday, for a few days’ visit at the fair.

Mrs. George G. Eisenhart and children returned from a week’s visit in Osceola, Iowa.

Miss Verna Vastine went up to Palisade, Friday, to take charge of her school, Monday.

Miss Laila Burton came down from Trenton, Monday morning, to take charge of the second grammar room.

Miss Belle Turner went down to Lincoln on No. 6, Friday night, to attend the state fair and visit old time friends.

Messrs. Carl Crews, Elmer Reynolds, D. C. Benedict, Casper Hougon, and J. H. Ross are attending the state fair.

Mrs. H. G. Phelps and daughter Miss Lona went down to McCook, Wednesday, where they will reside, this winter. Miss Lona will attend school.

Revival meetings were closed at the Baptist church, Friday evening, and Reverend Geo. P. Mitchell went up to Stratton, Saturday morning, to commence a series of meting there.

Mr. Rufus King departed, Tuesday night, for South Bend, Indians, where he will spend the winter and attend school. We are very sorry to see him go and he will be sadly missed by his young friends.

Geo. Kettle of Hayes County was here several days, last week, getting up an exhibit of agricultural and Horticultural products for an exhibit at the state fair. Hitchcock County, this year, takes some credit unto herself in furnishing material for two county exhibits at the state fair.

Henry Wacker, who lives under the Riverside irrigation ditch, two miles west of Culbertson, reports the biggest yield of wheat raised in the country, this year. From a field of 70 acres 3500 bushels were threshed, an average of 50 bushels to the acre. It is claimed that some of the wheat made over 70 bushels to the acre.

The Republican representative convention was held here, Friday, and William Brennan, an old time resident of Logan precinct, was nominated for the legislature from the 67th representative district. The selection was a most excellent one. Mr. Brenan has lived here twenty years and has a host of friends who will show their appreciation of his sterling qualities by sending him to the next session of the legislature. John Christner of Hayes Center was selected chairman of the district central committee and Chas G. Crews of Culbertson, secretary.

The McCook Tribune
September 5, 1902

Culbertson News  2   

C. E. Gaardar was a Trenton pilgrim, Friday.

Ralph Solomon drove up to Trenton, Saturday.

Mrs. S. E. Solomon was in MCook, Saturday.

Miss Susie Locker of Palisade was a city visitor, Sunday.

F. M. Pfrimmer of Max as intown, Thursday on business.

J. t. Tillman went down to Wilcox, Saturday night, on a brief visit.

J. P. Wilson, the jolly liverymen of Trenton, was in town, Wednesday last.

Miss Amanda Gaardar and Bessie Crews drove to McCook, Saturday afternoon.

Dick Wilson of Straton came down, Monday morning, to visit his grandfather H. W. Daveport.

Mrs. H. H. Hogan came up from McCook, Saturday night, where she has been taking treatment for the past two weeks.

Harry Tillman who has been attending school at Wilcox, the past school year, came home for his summer vacation Sunday night.

Misses Pearl King, Nannie Cole, Isa Shoemaker, Mabel Wry and Verna Vastine witnessed the ball game at Trenton Friday.

The reception, Monday night, given to the students and teachers of the summer normal was a success inevery way and was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. Pl. M. Green returned from Superior, Friday night on 3. Her daughter, Mrs. S. H. Blum, accompanied her and will make a short visit here.

Deputy State Superintendent J. L. McBrien delivered a very interesting lecture, Thursday Afternoon, at the institute which was greatly appreciated.

Honorable W. E. Andrews gave an interesting talk to the teachers at the opera house, Wednesday night. The lecture course from the term is a most excellent one, a number of prominent public speakers are on the list.

At the Republican County Convention held at Trenton, Sturday, the following delegates to the several conventions were elected:

State – C. C. Vennum, Strattn; James E. Ferrier, Culbertson; W. O. Robinson, Trenton; John Blum, Palisade; W. G. Morten, Stratton.

Congressional – George G. Eisenhart, Culbertson; S. E. Soloman, Culbertson; Dr. A. H. Thomas, Trenton; W. V. VanPatten, Stratton; Ham Richie, Stratton.

Senatorial – Wallace Thompson, Trenton; John Fordyce, Beverly; C. B. James, Stratton; G. W. Murdock, Palisade; D. W. Benedict, Culbertson.

Representative – Charles Allen, Trenton; John Thompson, Trenton, C. G. Crews, Culbertson; John Evans, Stratton; Tim Hagerman, Stratton.

Dr. A. H. Thomas of Trenton was elected chairman of the county central committee and S. E. Solomon of Culbertson was elected secretary.

W. O. Robinson of Trenton is the Republican candidate for County Attorney. He is best fitted man for the position in the county.

L. Harrison of Cornell received the nomination for commissioner for the 2nd district at the Republican County Convention, Saturday.

The fact was again demonstrated at the county convention, Saturday, that when S. E. Solomon goes after anything he is pretty apt to get it.

The McCook Tribune
June 6, 1902

Threshing Machine is Driven By Electricity  

Palisade, Nebraska, August 31. – (Special) – For the first time in the history of the state threshing is being done by electricity.

The F. C. Knotter Company, owner of the local light plant, have extended wires into their field about a half a mile from town, and with the assistance of a motor on wheels, will thresh the entire crop of wheat and alfalfa, consisting of 400 to 500 acres by electricity.

The light plant is conducted by water power. While the threshing is going on Plaisade will have both night and day service.

Omaha Daily Bee
August 22, 1912

Public Honor at Palisade for Cross de Guerre Boy   

Palisade, Nebraska, October 30. – Private Paul Tautman of the Marine Corps has received notice of citation for the Croix de Guerr.

The ceremony will take place at Palisade November 11. Captain Miller has received orders from the War Department to make the presentation and translate the citation of the French government.

A Mass meeting was held to make arrangements for the decoration.

Omaha Daily Bee
October 31, 1919

Mrs. Arbogast   

Mrs. Arbogast, of Barley, accompanied the doctor on his visit to the county seat, Tuesday, investigating the case of the man found dead on the road between McCook and Culbertson, Monday night.

The McCook Tribune
November 16, 1906