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 St Paul





The County Seat, was laid out in 1871, and has at present 400 inhabitants.


It is beautifully located on the high bottom of the South Loup, four miles above the junction of the North and South Branches, and by virtue of its commanding position at the gateway to the two valleys, must become a prominent commercial city at an early day.


 It contains a handsome court house, fine school house, two hotels, a livery stable, lumber yard, a dozen stores and shops, and two weekly newspapers, the Advocate, established by J. N. Paul, shortly after the organization of the County, and the Phonooraph, established within the past year.








Is a flourishing town located on the Sooth Loup at the month of Oak Creek.


 It was laid out in 1871, and is situated in the midst of a large Danish settlement.


 It contains several general stores and shops, a substantial brick school house, hotel,  and the best grist mill, in the County. 


 An excellent bridge spans the Loop at this point.








Is a Canadian settlement established in 1872, on the table land near the center of the County.


A Post office was established here in 1873, and during the same year a school house and Methodist Church was erected—this being the first Church in the County.









On Munson Creek, in the northwestern part of the County, was located in 1871.


A Post office, general store and school were established in 1873.







Kelso, Gage, Valley, Loup Fork and Fairdale, are small villages with Post office, general store, etc.






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