Bartel Cemetery
Jefferson Co Nebraska

Bartel Cemetery is located between Fairbury and Jansen on 715th Road. From Fairbury, go east on Hwy 136, turn north onto 571st Ave, go north about 1 1/2 miles, then turn east and go 1/2 mile. The cemetery sits on the north side of the road. It is less than a mile directly east of the Grandy Cemetery, and just over a mile directly west of the Jansen Cemetery. Section 32, Cub Creek precinct. Visited March 2007.

The only remnants of this cemetery is a concrete slab with a stone and metal plaque set in it. I do not know if the graves were unmarked, or if the original gravestones are buried under the concrete. Unfortunately, there are no dates for any of the names. If anyone has any information about what happened to this cemetery or the people buried there, please email me

** Updated November 2011 - Tom C. has provided dates and family information for the persons buried here. This information is listed in italics **

All photos provided by Kristin Vaughn © 2009

Names on the plaque:

  • Mrs. Peter S. Friesen
    Anna S. Friesen
    Born: 25 Nov 1852
    Died: 27 Aug 1896
    Daughter of David & Maria Lohrentz Flaming, wife of Peter S. Friesen, sister of Katharine Flaming Bartel
  • Elizabeth Bartel
    Born: 27 Aug 1896
    Died: 8 Sept 1899
    Daughter of Jacob F & Katharine Flaming Bartel
  • John B Bartel
    Born: 3 June 1887
    Died: 5 Feb 1899
    Son of Johann F & Maria Barkman Bartel, who later moved to Meade, KS. Johann was the brother of Jacob F Bartel
  • Andrew Bartel
    Born: 8 Aug 1898
    Died: 23 April 1901
    Son of Jacob F & Katharine Flaming Bartel

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