Jefferson County

Cemetery information for this index was taken from the following sources: local plat maps, the USGS/GNIS Geonames database, published cemetery books and personal knowledge.

These cemetery pages are a work in progress and I will add to them as time and resources permit.
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Online Status
Bartel   Cub Creek Listing of remnants
Bower   Richland Full listing & photos
Cub Creek St. Paul's Evangelical Cub Creek Full listing & photos
Daykin Eureka Eureka Full listing & photos
Diller Prairie Home Pleasant Partial listing & photos
East Gladstone Zion United Church of Christ Lincoln Overview photo & directions
Emanuel Evangelical Church   Gibson Full listing & photos
Eureka Daykin Eureka Full listing & photos
Fairbury   Fairbury Partial listing & photos
Friendship Kilpatrick Plymouth Full listing & photos
German Presbyterian Meridian Meridian Full listing & photos
Grace Lutheran Trinity Lutheran Lincoln Full listing & photos
Grandy Zion Methodist Cemetery Cub Creek Full listing & photos
Harbine   Jefferson Full listing & photos
Helvey   Meridian  
Hildebrandt   Cub Creek Full listing & photos
Hope United Church of Christ   Jefferson Full listing & photos
Huber   Buckley  
Humphrey Swan Creek Washington Full listing & photos
Immanuel Lutheran   Plymouth Full listing & photos
Immanuel Lutheran   Washington Full listing & photos
Jansen   Cub Creek Full listing & photos
Keeney Knispel, Powell Meridian Full listing & photos
Kilpatrick Friendship Plymouth Full listing & photos
Knispel Keeney, Powell Meridian Full listing & photos
Megli-Yost   Gibson Full listing & photos
Meridian German Presbyterian Meridian Full listing & photos
Moles Prairie Meridian Directions
Old Fortner Rose Hill Antelope  
Old Plymouth   Jefferson Full listing & photos
Peace Lutheran   Gibson Full listing & photos
Pleasant Hill   Lincoln Full listing & photos
Pleasant View   Washington Full listing & photos
Powell Keeney, Knispel Meridian Full listing & photos
Prairie Moles Meridian Directions
Prairie Home Diller Pleasant Partial listing & photos
Reynolds Rose Creek Thayer Co. Full listing & partial photos
Richland Center   Richland Full listing & photos
Rose Creek Reynolds Thayer Co. Full listing & partial photos
Rose Hill Old Fortner Antelope  
Silver Creek   Antelope Full listing & photos
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran   Eureka Overview photo & directions
St. Paul's Evangelical Cub Creek Cub Creek Full listing & photos
St. Paul's Lutheran   Plymouth Overview photo & directions
Steele City   Newton Partial listing & photos
Swan Creek Humphrey Washington Full listing & photos
Thiessen   Cub Creek Overview photo & directions
Trinity Lutheran Grace Lutheran Lincoln Full listing & photos
Unnamed   Cub Creek  
Unnamed   Eureka  
Woodlawn   Plymouth Overview photo & directions
Zion Lutheran   Jefferson Full listing & photos
Zion United Church of Christ East Gladstone Lincoln Overview photo & directions