Pleasant View Cemetery
aka Plainview Cemetery

Jefferson Co Nebraska

View from the northwest

View of rows on northeast side

North fence area

South fence area

View of northwest group
Left to right: footstones, Shaw, Finch

Far south and east side of cemetery
Left to right: Carlin, Stokesbary, Townsend

Pleasant View Cemetery is located in Section 14, Washington Precinct. From Fairbury, go north on Hwy 15 about 11 miles to Hwy 4 west, the Daykin road. The cemetery sits on the southeast corner of the intersection of Hwy 15 & Hwy 4.

Although this cemetery sits at the corner of two busy highways, it seems to have been neglected for many years. Some effort has been made to prop up fallen stones and repair some of the broken ones, but many of them look to have been moved from their original locations. There are several sunken areas that indicate where the stones were originally placed. At times the grass in the open areas is mown, but other times it is over knee-high. It is not fenced off from the surround fields. Be cautious when visiting as there are many sunken spots, badger holes, and gravestones hiding in the grass. On an old plat map the name is listed as Plainview Cemetery.

This is a complete listing of all stones found in the autumn of 2007. There is at least one stone missing, as a footstone with the initials "F.W.D." was found but does not match any of the gravestones, and there are quite a few gaps indicating possible graves. If you have any additional information on this cemetery or the persons buried there, please Email me

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base of stone     base only, for small stone south of NW group in open, sunken area
unknown     Metal temp marker, missing info, possibly Lillian Walkemeyer north side, 4th row, 3rd stone
unknown infant   ------? 1880 Aged 7 days, top of stone missing north side, 2nd row, 12th stone
----------, Hannah     Infant dau of ----?, bottom of stone is buried north side, 2nd row, 9th stone
Bailey, Newton   4 Dec 1880 16y 20d, son of J & ML north side, 3rd row, 2nd stone
Brenn, Peter C   24 Aug 1886 1y 11m 28d, son of CA & CA north side, 4th row, 2nd stone
Brown, Betsey E   1 July 1879 33y 2m 2?d, wife of J.L. north side, 2nd row, 1st stone
Bull, John S   1 Sept 1873 Infant son of W & R north side, 5th row, 1st stone
Carlin, Frank S   31 Aug 1881 25y, husband of N.S. south central area
Carlin, Myrtie   26 Aug 1879 dau of WC & C, age buried in base of stone, mortality census says aged 2 months north side, 2nd row, 8th stone
Decker, Cora F   2 March 1874 1y 8m, dau of J & MH , same stone as Flora Tulene north side, 3rd row, 1st stone
Dey, Abel Martin   26 Sept 1874 Infant son of RD & CM north side, 2nd row, 7th stone
Dey, Amos D   31 Oct 1879 1y 8m 11d, son of BD & CM north side, 2nd row, 6th stone
Durisch, Bertha M   11 Aug 1886 12 d, dau of FS & D inside north fence
Durisch, Delferna Jan 1859 July 1890 or 96 Wife of F.S. inside north fence
Durisch, Infant 7 May 1897 7 May 1897 Dau of FS & D inside north fence
Evans, Anna L   28 Aug 1874 1y 8m 26d, dau of CA & EL north side, 2nd row, 3rd stone
Evans, Cora A   6 Jan 1874 7y 4m, dau of CA & EL north side, 2nd row, 2nd stone
Evans, Mahala F   18 Feb 1884 26y 8m 24d, wife of F.R north side, 5th row, 2nd stone
Evans, Willie H   19 Oct 1874 3y 10m 8d, son of CA & EL north side, 2nd row, 4th stone
Finch, Belle   11 July 1878 22y 11m, child of W & MA Finch NW corner
Finch, Elzora   7 July 1873 5y 11m 10d, child of W & MA Finch NW corner
Frost, Lilly Jane   [26 Oct 1878] [7y 10m], dau of August & Nettie, age & dates from Obituary north side, 2nd row, 5th stone
Hand, Hannah   24 April 1887 38y 28d, wife of H. Hand inside south fence
Hand, James A   23 Dec 1878 2y 7m 8d, son of W & S north side, 4th row, 1st stone
Hand, Mary L.   30 April 1876 1y 2m ?d, dau of H & H inside south fence
Hand, Sarah   22 Dec 1880 72y, wife of Peter inside south fence
Karsghner, Willie L   12 June 1872 Infant son of MR & P against south fence
McManis, Susie   20 Nov 1880 20y 2m 14d, wife of O? P. north side, 1st row, 1st stone
Shaker, Mary L   16 Jan 1889 21y 1m 11d, wife of J.F. far east side, row 6
Shaw, Amos   20 Oct 1885 51y 7m 26d, same stone as Rose NW corner
Shaw, Rose A   17 Jan 1880 30y 11m 16d, wife of Amos, same stone NW corner
Stokesbary, Iva May   1 Aug 1889 9m 1d, dau of JJ & IM far south area
Stowers, John   10 Jan 1891 84y north side, 2nd row, 11th stone
Stowers, Mary M 4 Aug 1809 2 Aug 1879 Stone propped against John Stowers north side, 2nd row, 10th stone
Townsend, infant   11 Jan 1894 11m 16d, son of DM & S far southeast corner
Tulene, Flora E   26 Feb 1874 2y?, dau of G & MH, same stone as Cora Decker north side, 3rd row, 1st stone
Yantz, Yuba?   18? ----? 1875? 9m 8d, son of GH & HA north side, 1st row, 2nd stone
A.L.E     footstone, probably Anna Evans against south fence
E.F.     footstone, probably Elzora Finch, partially buried under FWD NW corner
F.E.T.     footstone, probably Flora Tulene's behind Willie Evans' stone
F.S.C.     footstone, probably Frank Carlin, near Shaw & Finch stones NW corner
F.W.D     footstone, found near Shaw & Finch stones NW corner
M.M.S     footstone, probably Mary Stowers against south fence
S.H.     footstone, probably Sarah Hand against south fence
S.M.     footstone, probably Susie McManis against south fence

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