Swan Creek Cemetery
aka Humphrey Cemetery

Jefferson Co Nebraska

July 2009

2008 prior to clean up

Swan Creek Cemetery is located in Section 5, Washington Precinct. From Fairbury, go Go north on Hwy 15 12-13 miles, until you reach 726th Road, which is the county line. Turn west, and continue about 2 1/4 miles. The cemetery is on the south side of the road on the Jefferson Co side. There is a sign marking the cemetery, and a field drive you can pull into.

When I visited this cemetery in 2007 & 2008, it was in poor condition. It was overgrown with heavy weeds, brush and sumac, and if it wasn't for the sign next to it, I probably would not have seen it. In July 2009 I found that the overgrown vegetation had been removed and a new sign placed. It is not currently fenced, but there were fence poles in place.

This is a listing of all stones found in July 2009. Row 1 begins in the northwest corner of the cemetery.

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All photos and information provided by Kristin Vaughn © 2009

Row #
Stone #
Aubert, Electa L. 1845 1900 wife of George 1 3
Aubert, George A. 1825 1899 same stone as Electa 1 3
Aubert, H.J.     no dates 1 1
Aubert, J.N.     no dates 1 2
Cortright, Addie M.   6 Aug 1874 infant dau of J.D. & E.A., same stone as Esther & Albina 3 1
Cortright, Albina   24 Oct 1874 69y, same stone as Esther & Addie 3 1
Cortright, Esther A.   5 May 1874 34y, wife of J.D., same stone as Albina & Addie 3 1
Hamm, Almedia   29 March 1903 39y 1m 3d, same stone as Jacob, Leroy & John 3 3
Hamm, Jacob   16 Oct 1900 47y 8m, same stone as Almedia, John & Leroy 3 3
Hamm, John L.   17 May 1902 17y 3m 28d, same stone as Almedia, Leroy & Jacob 3 3
Hamm, Leroy   7 Nov 1900 13y 22d, same stone as Almedia, John & Jacob 3 3
Humphrey, Anna   8 April 1922 85y 9m 3d, same stone as John 2 1
Humphrey, John   31 July 1900 77y 5m 4d, same stone as Anna, [Co K 47th Wisconsin Vol] 2 1
Tippin, Archable   29 Feb 1880 79y 5d 3 2
unknown     temporary marker, illegible 2 2

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